Chapter 3 - The Adventure

"That all fine 'n' dandy, but what about us!?"

All right. The actual story. The meaty bit, the good bit. I hope. Enjoy, fear, and most of all, buy the sequel!*

"Load the Spinners!" That's what the octopus-like things were called. "Get ready boys! We're going for Britain!" This was speech-length for the Boys, they were used to things like "ARRG!" and "FOR GLORY!" directly before they died. Another famous one was "WE'RE INVINCI-" cut off short by a cannonball straight to the stomach. That's how great leaders should always go, shouting something heroic while standing with both hands out at their sides and their body completely exposed.

We got inside one of the Spinners, the Autolycus, and the magnetic crane that held it up above the water deactivated, and it plunged into the cold water below. The drop felt like the longest fall of my life. I know the water's cold because I'd often dip my feet in, the numbing water helping me drive all the little difficulties of life away. It's not a worrying life, just -


Acht. Once in the water and a little down into the deep, the Autolycus scurried away with its tentacles. I had never heard the engine because the Spinners were too deep to hear before it started. It was a soft sort of purring which didn't annoy, but if you noticed it, it would break your concentration. Right now, I'm writing in the Spinner, which is on it's way to Britain. Britain is in the southern hemisphere, just above where you would have Australia on the map. It is quite a nice ship, but that's all you can really say about it. Countries really are just very big ships. With lots of people. An' a hull fer drillin'! I'm sorry, Sharkbait stole the pen. Sharkbait and Killifish are on the Spinner along with me. An average Spinner's body won't be big enough for more than two people with loot, but this Spinner isn't going for loot. If you haven't guessed, which you should have (read the previous chapters!), we were going to invade Britain, try to keep it as unaffected as possible, and as many people alive as possible for slaves or selling. Then we can sail the one sea, terrorising as we go. An' well become the gratest pyrates ever! I've tried to teach the Boys reading and writing, but the idea didn't seem to stick so well.

*I'd like it to be known that I'm not going to write a sequel, and certainly not going to publish one.

The End

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