Water World!

Water World!

Chapter 1

Once there was a boy called Jack who was going to the beach with his Mum. 

"Have you got your swimming trunks?" asked Jack's Mum.

"Yes Mum." Jack replied. Jack and his Mum got into the car and went off to the beach. In the car Jack was playing with his iPod Touch. 5 minutes later Jack's Mum shouted "We're here!" 

"Woo hoo!" said Jack. He got out of the car and put on his swimming trunks while his Mum sat on the sand. Jack ran into the sea as the lightly crashing waves splashed up onto his legs. Jack noticed the water was going outwards a bit. He followed it deeper and deeper until the water was just above his knees. Jack could hear a sucking noise under the water. He looked down and saw something unusual but what he didn't know, was that it was in fact a whirlpool.

The End

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