Water World

Our world's surface is 80% water. But what about 100%? What would life be like then?

Imagine a world. Much like your own, in fact. Except I hear you have land. Imagine living on a conglomeration of rocks! I couldn't think of what it would be like, but then again, it must be the same for you imagining here. I hear your world is called Earth, after the... ground. We call ours Aqua, mainly because the surface is entirely water. There probably are other reasons, named after some ancient god or something. This world has people living on it. But they don't live on... land. They live in boats, some fast and flashy, some slow; for merchants wishing to trade. Some are pirates, they're pretty bad people, I would watch out for those. And some, some are children. Just a group of boys, lost in the sea of the world.

"Hurry up!" Sharkbait shouted, "We haven't got all day!"

"Yes sir! Sorry sir!" They all chorused. There was only ten or twelve of them, all about 12 or 13 years old. They were moving about barrels of gunpowder, ready for priming the cannons. A ship was coming.

The Boys in this place don't like other ships invading their space. Any ship which did get in range would not be in range for very long, by either running away, or sinking away. It was a speeder, built for the rich, and only to impress. The real fast boats were the ones which didn't have all their production money going into spoilers and polish.

It might make sense to explain now where the Boys' Hideout is. I can't give exact lats and longs, or else they'll kill me, but I can say that it lies in the upturned hull of a Country - one of the massive vessels used to carry huge groups of people, usually they formed their own governments and gave their ships stupid names, like America - and the only way in was by going from under water. Already Sharkbait, the leader of the Boys, is looking at what I'm writing in an odd way, so I had better get on.

They piled the barrels high against the walls, near where they put holes in the hull to stick cannons out of (Sharkbait has left with a look of satisfaction on his face now, I think I'm in the clear), and on Sharkbait's orders, which mainly consisted of "FIRE!" and "KILL THEM ALL!", they fired and killed them all.

But on that ship one survived. He looked rather tired, as though he had just wakened up. Turns out he had. He was holding onto a broken piece of wood, finely shaped to look good, but not use the water very well. As the Boys loaded the cannons again, ready to aim and fire at the boy stranded out to sea - 'Take no survivors, they only cause trouble' was the Boys' motto - the boy said:

"Wait, I can help you, you are the Boys, correct? Well I am a writer and I'm sure you'd really like your story to be told the world over."

"Yes, we would. Then everyone can fear us for who we really are!" The one the boy would soon learn was called Sharkbait said, to an uproar from the other boys.

"Well then, surely you can let me in, and I shall be your slave, writing a story as you go. Obviously there will be fees - " At this the boy heard clicks of cannons being primed. "For other people! But for you, no charge at all! I only ask to be spared. I could make the story even more exciting than I'm sure your everyday lives are already. I could make the whole world fear you, and respect you."

The boy could hear whispers of "Hmm, it would be good for our reputation," and "But what if he's working with Britain?" and "Belay that talk, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!"

It certainly was for the boy. But at last, he was taken on board, and began to write. At the end of the adventure, he learned that the world is not the only world, that there are many others, some with... land. And so, he started his story with the words: "Imagine a world. Much like your own, in fact. Except I hear you have land."

The End

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