Water Lily

Once upon a time, in a beautiful valley sat a little village. Everybody that lived there was happy. The children would run about the streets, morning 'til night, while the men would hunt and the women would cook. Everything was good and everyone was happy, until the day that the Water Lily came.

The Water Lily was a beautiful young woman. Her silky copper hair flowed down her back in long ringlets, like little ripples as cherry blossom lands on a stream. She had two royal blue wings, shaped as pointed leaves, on her back. Around her body she wore a tea green dress made of a light material, that fell at her ankles.

One morning, while the men were hunting, a young man was walking past a lake when he saw tiny droplets dripping onto the water. At first he thought that it was raining but as he went closer he saw a magical woman floating above the lake. He gasped. He turned frantically to find his fellow hunters. He was about to shout for them but the woman, the Water Lily, flew down to him and gently put her finger to his lips. His eyes looked upon the face of the beautiful creature before him. Her jade eyes were glowing as she looked back at him.

"Come with me." She whispered. Her voice was sweet, it automaticly tempted the man. She took his hand and together they walked into the lake. He was never seen again.

Each time a group of hunters went out past he lake, one would see the girl and he would always go with her. They were never seen afterwards. On one ever went out to look for them, until Jake, a married man went out to find his younger brother. As with all of the other missing hunters, the Water Lily appeared to him.

He loved his wife very much and did not wish to go with her. Silently, she slipped into the lake for a moment and retieved a soul. It was the soul of Jake's brother. The brother cryed and screamed as he was dragged from the water. The Water Lily taunted him with the soul until him followed them down, so that he could be with his brother.

Tatiana, Jake's wife, follow closely behind him while he was on the search and watched the woman steal her husband. She was angery and longed to seek revenge. She returned home that evening to think up a plan to kill the monster. She thought all og the day and all of the night and yet she could not think of anything. The next morning she heard crying from out on the streets. It was a funeral. Suddenly an idea hatched in her mind.

She went into the kitchen and retrieved a silver knife. She took it in both hands and plunged it through her heart. After a moment of pain and darkness she saw a light. She walked towards it, but she stopped as standing in her way was a towering black figue with a pair of burning red eyes. It was death.

She begged death to rescue her husband and the souls of the other hunters, and to destroy the Water Lily forever.

"And in return??" Death asked.

"My soul." Tatiana replied. Death agreed and started his work. He gave power to the sun, making it shine hotter and brighter. This made the lake dry up, allowing the souls to escape, and starving the woman of power. It took less than a day for a magical powers to completely disappear, leaving her a mortal human. A large mobb of village woman captured the girl and tortured her. As a kind favour, Death allowed Tatiana to return to earth to kill the Water Lily and to say goodbye to Jake before returning to the afterlife.


The End

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