Water is coming

In the story the characters are faced, with something the hardest thing they've had to do. Survive. When having to survive will they learn to work together, or get each other killed?

April 1, 2016


 That day, is the day the world started to crumble, we just didn’t know it yet. That day, we lost control. At first when the floods came we didn’t think much of of, then it started to be a regular thing for us. As normal as brushing your teeth. People started to go crazy, calling it the end of the world. People started drowning when the floods came at night, the first of my friends to die was William, he drowned in his sleep. This was only the beginning.


April 2,2016

 The floods are getting stronger, I don’t know how much longer people can hold. We started having to huddle together, right now we have a camp to try to keep the water out. In our camp we have Corbin the engineer. Lacee she needs a daily dose of coffee to even stay awake. Weston who is always trying to solve why the water keeps coming., Wade who seems to never know what's going on, Kay she always worries about the school and how people are still there or not, and Trinity, she wants to go out looking for Adam her boyfriend who got lost in the waves, for trying to run away. Trinity doesn’t know yet but Adam is really in love with Corbin. Right now we are trying to figure out how to keep ourselves together.


(First Floor)

April 3, 2016

 It’s still raining, we can’t seem to get it to stop. Weston is losing his mind because he can’t seem to figure out why the water won’t stop. The water is starting to rise, we’ve moved into the Empire State building, to try to escape the water. Not knowing how fast the water would come the second floor is starting to fill. The elevators stop working so now we are going up the stairs.


April 4, 2016

 Corbin took some debri from other buildings the other day, and he’s been constructing something that he says that will help move water. The device will force the water to certain areas, making it easy for us to travel. Corbin, and Weston tested it out today, it worked for the most part, but the device broke. The water came over and took Weston away. When Corbin came back to tell the others what has happened he sees us fighting over what to do. Lacee, is saying that we need to stay and wait for help. Shane went out a different way than Corbin and Weston, and found Zak and Wade trying to get across a gap. He helps them, and brings them back to our safe zone. In the middle of all the arguments a alarm goes off, and a man comes on saying that the large amounts of water is caused by Global Warming, the ice that evaporates into the atmosphere, to Earth and it couldn’t take all the water anymore. So now we’re suffering for it.  


(Second Floor)

April 8, 2016

 I lost my journal into the water so I’ve spent awhile trying to find a new one. Everyone's starting to lose there minds. The water has filled the first floor, we needed to move up. Now we are trapped here, we can’t get out. Kay died in the water when the water came in our sleep. Trinity is saying she wants to go find Adam, and bring him here. She says he would do the same if she was lost, that’s when Corbin stood, and said “No he wouldn’t he loved me not you!” Corbin showed everyone a note that Adam wrote before he left explaining to Corbin that he always wanted to be with him, but he needed some time to think, the note also gave a location, but we were unable to find a way out early so there was no point. Trinity distraught goes back to another room and doesn’t come out for the rest of the day.

(Second to Third floor)

April 9, 2016

 The next day things were stale between us we didn’t know what to do, and were trapped by the water, Wade left leaving a note saying that he was going to look for Adam, and try to solve the problem. Trinity had still not come out of the room, so we decided to check on Corbin. Corbin was gone, there was no note left, and the one Adam left was gone as well we think Corbin went to find Adam. Sadly Corbin and Wade will most likely die from the coldness of the water. Zak and me go to open Trinity’s door, we were shocked to find that she committed suicide. She took a piece of broken glass, and took her own life. “ I don’t think were are going to make it Zak.” I said “At least we tried.” said Zak “ I want  to spend my last days alone I think.”, so he left I don’t know where and that was the point. Alone never to be heard from again, I don’t blame him.Knowing the world is over I wanted to do the same. Something that I always wanted to do was watch the sunrise, I’ve never done it. As I sat there watching the Sun I can feel the water rising under me. The same water that took my friends.  I can feel the water take me away from the buildings, i'm feeling cold maybe I am feeling Hypothermia. I am fixing to go, I can feel it all over. A prickly feeling, like pins and needles. I’m feeling sleepy. As I close my eyes, I can feel the rain hitting my face. like the water is dancing. I can't wait to see my friends again. I open my eyes  to them all here, we finally got away from the water.

The End

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