Laying by the pond.Mature

A brief story about how the underwater world.

Laying next to the Basildon bush I remember thinking, is this what my life is? A complete and utter useless existence. I have nothing to show for the last thirty two years apart from an STI. Is that what my life is? A fucking STI, wow I understand now that I'm the human equivalent to Aids. Well it's better than nothing. I can at least think I'm some sort of super hero. I'm a bit like Freddie Mercury in a way. I think a queen song should be my theme. I can just imagine it now, “Oh help that man stole my purse!” -Killer Queen starts playing- “Don't worry I'll save you” I would say, dressed as a infected penis. “Thank you AidsMan!” Yeah I'm starting to like this, I then run through the streets looking for this mugger. I get him and attach a gun to my forehead and squirt out of date cum.  My catch phrase would be “If it's to big don't suck it” It wouldn't make sense in almost every context I can think of, but that's why I like it. I would then present the retrieved purse back, although it would be drenched by out of date sperm I don't think she'll mind.

The End

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