wastepaper basket

We live in a small land locked town called  Whistler you may think our lives are quiet and undramatic but it isn't where you live that determines that, its the people. thus i tell you, clearly, life isn't weird, its the people in it, 

I'll start with my own family. my mum and dad went overseas because they wanted to invest their money in a vegemite company. They are, at this moment, saving up to come back in Nepal which surprised me because i'm pretty sure vegemite is an australian brand but apparently my parents stopped on the way to buy somosas. they told us it would take a few years and even longer because of the shipping payment they had to pay for the letter that told us that. Tommy my little bro, loves eating mayonaise by itself. he is truly addicted and eats a whole litre of mayo each week. he can play the piano with his toes because they are extra long (inherited from our great grandfather my dad claims) and he also has an extra toe on his left foot. even though the only thing Tommy can play is "the teddy bear's picnic" nursery rhyme. he also has a passion for drawing giraffes with comical expressions. Tommy is extremely annoying and always in my way. my brother always wears dirty green overalls the color of snot and massive gumboots that he clomps around in like a sleepy elephant. he has tiny green eyes the same color as his overalls my older brother, Hamish, differs between the main emotions of a zombie and a jellyfish. i do not know what it means, but thats what i heard the kid next door say. 

The End

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