Sensory Amplification GenomeMature

~The year 2089 saw the first development of the sensory amplification genome, a rare DNA strand that could give the host extraordinarily advanced senses. Believed to be effects of exposure to the element Sydium that was introduced into the Earths soil as a direct result of Dashkovs impact. Typically a host would receive one enhanced perception but over time certain individuals inherited more and more advanced senses. These people were dubbed Sensics.

~The order was determined to control these individuals and enlisted each perception enhanced citizen as a Warden to the Order, with control of the Wardens came control over the alliance, and the Orders stranglehold on the allied shelters became paramount with the birth of Warden Gago Tate a sensic with all five sensory perceptions fully enhanced, added with an unexplainable extra sensory perception, a sixth sense, a knowing. Warden Tate had an ability to sense things just before they happened, an ability which helped heighten his reaction time, improve his reflexes and perfect his current heightened senses. Warden Tate was simply known as the most dangerous person on the planet.

Ok so maybe Cameron wasn’t leading us totally awry, perhaps there was even a sewer tunnel, and perhaps it did lead us to the other side of the road, and perhaps even when we got there the coast was clear. That still doesn’t mean he was right.

Cameron kept low and crept over to the ledge of a shattered window peering over towards the Bellagio in the distance, he waved me over. I casually walked to the edge and looked at the Bellagio before he pulled me down onto my knees.

“Jezz take it easy Wupo”

“Why don’t you pretend I’m the experienced wastelander for a second” Cameron peeked over the edge of the crumbling half-wall then quickly ducked back “Stay low, there‘s snipers up and down the Strip” Cameron smoothed some sand out and traced a line down the middle “This is the strip” he traced another line intersecting it “This is Tropicana avenue, although now it’s under thirty feet of desert” Cameron then proceeded to trace a long swirling line down and around to the left “We’re going to track through the MGM where my bike is parked, then hit Tropicana away from the strip, that will take straight onto the I-515 which will lead us to the Nevada highway. From there it’s pretty smooth sailing all the way to the dam” Cameron finished and dug up a bag he must have buried in the sand earlier, he pulled a pistol out then checked the mag and proceeded to load a bullet into the barrel “Ready”

“Oh no I’m not going with you” I replied with a facetious smile.

“Wha- you, huh?” Cameron didn’t quite know how to react, finally throwing his arms out waiting for my explanation.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, that sounds like a genius plan. But I made a promise to a friend and I don’t break my promises”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well A. One of my best friends is back there, B. I promised Tink I wouldn’t let anything happen to her, C. Kai kind of saved my life, and D. Dusty gave me this cool little eye-pod, so at the very least have to get those four back alive.” I demanded.

“Are you taking the piss?” Cameron queried seemingly confused.

“I, er, that’s disgusting! Who would take piss”

“Oh god, bloody Alliance, sometimes it’s like you’re all from another planet” Cameron took in a deep breath looking toward the strip, he exhaled over his top lip lifting his fringe with the excess air. His fringe lightly touched back down against his glistening forehead, he wiped sweat from his jutting chiselled chin and then reached into his back pocket pulling out some small black thing. I was too busy still watching where he got it fro.... whoa hey wow. I was totally perving on Wupo.

My sudden realisation made me visibly stiffen and Cameron noticed the change looking at me questionably. Thank god he didn’t see me check out that nice... whoa I’m doing it again, I fidgeted and turned the other way.

“Are you ok?” He asked as a series of hums and beeps emanated from his small black plastic thing.

“Ah, yeah, just you know, w-worried, you know. About my friends” I could almost feel his eyes burning a hole in the back of my head. I turned around and noticed he actually had his head buried into that tiny device. That made me feel quite insulted, I was acting irrationally, he should have been staring at me, what the hell am I saying!

“Ok, I don’t hear anymore gunfire and according to thermal imaging there’s still a lot of warm bodies around the area. So either your friends are dead or they are captured. Either way it will be too dangerous to go inside the Bellagio, I’ve been staking it out for months it’s the sixth largest Barren contingent in the west. So it’s suicide” Cameron stated ever so matter-of-factly tucking away his little black thingy, I was inclined to disagree with his assessment. Not because it didn’t make sense but because he was talking about my friends here. I wasn’t so eager to write them off.

“That’s nice Wupo, have fun fleeing the scene like a coward” I politely said and turned to leave the area.

“What, you, didn’t you just hear a word I said” Cameron said grabbing my arm and turning me back towards him.

“I’m not going to argue with you Wupo”

“Stop calling me Wupo!” Cameron interjected.

“But it doesn’t matter what you and your little machine says, if I at least don’t try and save my friends then what kind of person does that make me” I tried to leave and again Cameron grabbed my arm. I grabbed his middle finger with my blistering speed and twisted it around and up forcing Cameron down onto his knee’s.

“It’s not polite to grab a lady Wupo” Cameron grabbed my wrist with his other hand and twisted it around. He was quite fast himself, the pain reflex forced my involuntary reaction to turn to alleviate the pain and now I found myself with my back faced towards him, I tried to elbow him with my free arm and he grabbed that too and under hooked both my arms behind my back. The bad thing about being a sensic is that it doesn’t come with super human strength which is what Cameron seemingly had. He pulled me close to his chest his head leaning over my shoulder.

“Just listen for a sec”

“How bout you let me go and I’ll show you how good I can listen”

“Look would you just relax for five minutes” I found my hand pressed against a pistol holder, I drew his gun and conveniently had it pointed directly at his, ah, little privates! He immediately recognised the situation and gave a worried grunt.

“Ok, ok, look. I can get you to your friends, you just have to promise me one thing”

“I don’t think you’re in a position to be negotiating deals Wupo” Cameron let go and pushed me off slightly

“Look, I’m not your enemy here, I can help you. I just need one thing in return” Cameron said. I gave him a raised eyebrow as if to impatiently wait to hear his condition. “You come with me to the Hoover Dam and meet somebody”

“Somebody?” My hands met my hips and my left eyebrow raised further, I had seen this expression in the old archives, couldn’t believe I was imitating the please explain look.

“A very important man”

“Ohh important” I sarcastically shook with joy “What about my friends?”

“Trust me, after they hear what I’ve got to say none of them will want to go back to the alliance.” Cameron finished and there was something in his blue eyes that I felt I could trust. Yeah I know that sounds all corny and lovey type crap but I couldn’t explain it. So I reacted the only way I knew how.

“Fine but I still get to call you Wupo”

“Ugh, fine. But what do I call you? Do you even have a name?”

“Myra. But right now you can call me boss!”

~ Myra smiled as she believed she had won this argument and was on her way to rescue her friends, whilst her back was turned Cameron didn’t hesitate to demonstrate his frustration rolling his eyes as he picks back up his bag and leads the way to the alternate safe route back towards the Bellagio.

The End

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