Tight SpacesMature

                “Hurry up!” The man called back at me. Easy for him to say, he didn’t just fall five floors landing directly on a knee. He led me through corridor after corridor, it seemed the further you go underground the bigger this city extends. There was custom dirt tunnels made that linked buildings together, and I was sure after we ran for a while ducking in and out corridors and tunnels that we were no longer anywhere near the Bellagio. I could no longer hear the gunfire; either that or it was being drowned out by the crazy cannibalistic savages running after us.

                The waster pulled out a small circular object from his belt (ok I don’t like calling him a waster, he was helping me after all, so let’s call him Wupo... yeah W-U-P-O = Waster Until Proven Otherwise. I amaze myself sometimes) anyway he threw the small round thingy back to me and I caught it, I really didn’t know what he wanted me to do with it. I examined it a little closer whilst trying to remain at a full paced sprint. On the underside was a little rectangle jutting part with a pin in... holy crumpets he threw a grenade at me. I quickly tossed it over my shoulder towards the bad guys.

                He momentarily looked back then continued running for a split second before turning back again with a somewhat angered expression, I don’t know what he’s so angry about. He’s not the one who just had a grenade thrown at him.

                “Did you pull the pin?” he shouted.

Crumpets! “Umm” I stuttered, how the hell am I supposed to react when people throw grenades at me. To tell the truth I kind of freaked out, but I wasn’t going to admit that to Wupo.

                “Jesus, I thought you were Alliance Corps” Wupo said on the run, I turned back just in time to see one of the damn wasters pick up the grenade. Wupo jerked me to the left, I missed his turn whilst I was looking back at the waster. We started down a twisting staircase which shot into a custom built tunnel again, surrounded by support beams and dirt walls.

                “What kind of marines is the alliance training these days?” Wupo said. Which kind of made me mad. Mad enough to make a snap decision to prove to this stupid Wupo waster that I’m twice the marine he’ll ever be.

                “For God’s sake!” I snapped, reached out and grabbed Wupo’s pistol from his belt holster and stopped running. I turned back to the clumsy cannibals’ who were falling over each other at the bottom of the stairs and waited for the one with the grenade to emerge. I caught a glimpse of him and immediately fired, the bullet flew through the air destined above the wasters hand, he was peeling it back for a throw, his arm shot forward ready to launch, he brought the grenade straight into line with the bullet... maybe I didn’t think this one fully through.

                “No” was the last cry I heard from Wupo until the ear splitting explosion from the grenade rocked my eardrums to the core, fortunately I wouldn’t have to worry about my eardrums for long, because it seems when you explode a grenade inside a dirt corridor deep underground, there isn’t much direction for the impact to blow except in the two directions of the tunnel.

                Wupo pulled me into his chest and turned around copping the full force of the explosion, we were propelled up the corridor by the force. The intense heat felt like it instantly blistered my skin, the oxygen was sucked from the corridor and to make things ever-so more pleasant the ground started to shake. Crumpets!

                I looked up the corridor there was just smoke and bodies, the roof was crumbling and the support pillars were shattered, I grabbed Wupo’s collar and dragged him with all of my might. Scampering along the ground as fast as I could with a not so light Wupo pulling at my every last fibre in my left shoulder, the pain was excruciating but I couldn’t leave him here, the whole roof started caving in up the corridor, the wall of earth crumbling to the ground was making its way towards us like an inverted wave of destruction.

                My shoulder ached, acid burned in my chest and the pain from the puncture wound was intensifying. I just kept pulling as hard as I could; the wall of earth was getting closer and closer. With no time to look back I gave it my all on one last excruciating tug as the collapsing roof was at Wupo’s feet. I was flung three feet down into a concrete room. And if anyone else knows the comforting cushion that is concrete, you would know how my butt felt right about now.

                The remaining roof crumbled inside the corridor sealing it shut. I quickly made my way back to Wupo and turned him over to look at his back. He looked in pretty bad condition with dozens of tiny little shards digging into his back, I grabbed my field med pack from my belt and did the best I could to remove the sharp objects in the man’s back, I patched them up took my breast plat armour off then removed my shirt balling it up and placing it under his head. I put the breast plate back on over my singlet and looked around the room.

                It was a dead end. I can’t believe this was Wupo’s big plan. Where the hell did he plan on going next? Fight to the death inside a five meter cubed concrete den of horror. This was redunkulous how the hell was I going to get out of here. Oh my shortwave!

                “Keegan” I spoke into it with no reply “Tink? Anyone? Hello” crap, this was not good. I walked over to the part of the dirt mound that flooded into the room and plonked into the middle of it, quickly remembering my bruised butt from the drop to the concrete death trap. I sighed sitting in darkness and pulled out my eye-pod.

The End

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