~The battle was raging on at level five. The almost mindless wasters outside ran straight to their deaths. Keegan thought it weird that they wouldn’t take cover and work their way to the building, the fight was a little too easy. A deafening shriek came from up the hall, interrupting Keegan’s concentration, it sounded like Maes. Keegan dropped his position and ran into the hallway, to his horror the hallway was crawling with savage wasters’ one in particular was holding Maes’ decapitated head. Keegan unleashed a volley of fire into the pack.

                I heard the fire now more pronounced echoing through the shaft, they must have found the rest of them. I hoped everyone was ok. I got to my feet, my knee was a little shaky at first but the pain seemed to dull after a few seconds. I looked down each direction from the shaft, if this floor was the same as the others the stairs should be just down the hall to the right, or was it left? Dammit forgive me for getting all turned around when I fell down five floors landing on a human airbag and dislocating my shoulder. I guess I’m just such a girly girl!

                “Sheky, Rico get back here, they’re in the elevator shafts” Keegan shouts through the shortwave which I quickly shut off about a second too late. I could hear commotion in the distance, the wasters’ knew I was here.

                I guess on the bright side I knew where they were too. So normal human reaction, I turned and ran the other way. But normal human reaction is to flee from danger, I somehow manage to flee into danger. After turned a corner I was confronted with a massive bear like waster, his arms were twice the size of my waist, shoulders built like a tank. Amongst all that twisted contortion of muscle there was a face that would scare a ghost, his long crooked sword kind of matched in with his whole crooked appearance. The sword had a kink on the end, most likely used to hook in prey.

He gave me a degenerate stupid smile and swung his massive cleaver at my head. Thankfully for me his shoulders were not only built like a tank but they moved like one too. His big uncoordinated swipe clearly missed as I had the time to duck underneath, he brought it back at me with the hook end and I ducked again and the big doofus swung it straight into the wall.

I took the advantage and used my good arm to try and smash the big guy in the face, amazingly the big brute caught my hand. Crumpets! He twisted me around and pulled me into his chest as he struggled trying to pull his sword out of the wall. I quickly brought my knee up and pulled out my combat knife from my shin holster, using my sore left shoulder I plunged the knife up towards his head and managed to stab the giant in the eye.

We both screamed in agony as he let me go, I quickly twisted around and stepped back not a moment too soon as a machete comes spearing through the brutes chest stopping an inch from my nose. I freaked out and stepped back further as the next waster kicked the giant off his machete and snarled at me.

The second waster ran at me swinging the machete left and right, I managed to duck under each time. He lunged at my waist as I jumped to the side sucking in my gut narrowly dodging the strike. he swiped again at my head, but still I managed to duck each strike, he drew back and lunged at my head with the machete, I saw an opportunity and let the strike come close to my head as I stepped in with the blade against my neck, reaching out with my right arm I grabbed the wasters attacking arm and ducked underneath it holding tight onto his wrist bringing it up behind his back hyper extending the shoulder. The waster dropped the machete and I instantly let go to catch it, he spun around with a big haymaker which I seen early, and anticipating the punch I rolled the opposite direction so his fist narrowly missed my head. I continued spinning with the machete in hand and sliced it across his neck. He fumbled a couple of steps clutching at his neck before collapsing to the ground.

I felt kind of invincible at the moment as I looked up in time to see another small ugly waster holding an old hunting rifle pointed at my head... Crumpets again! I heard two quick gun shots and the waster dropped dead. There was a fourth waster in the thirds wake with a smoking barrel. Either I’m lucky or these guys enjoy killing each other.

Just as I noticed he didn’t quite look like the others he spoke “Quick, they’re right behind you, we need to hurry” I took half a second to glance behind me and that was all the motivation I needed as the hallway was filled with savage cannibalistic wasters’ charging at me with a variety of deadly weapons.

I didn’t know who this guy was or why he was helping me, but following him was better than the alternative of becoming a skull mattress for a robot jaw yokel child waster.

The End

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