Behind Enemy LinesMature

                ~Most of the communications gear was damaged in the hummer, Veii managed to rig an emergency beacon to transmit a series of pulses back to S567 using binary code as a platform. They wouldn’t know if it worked as it was a one way transmission device. But they still had the use of their shortwave. Razor had made his way to the top of the Bellagio to look out for more wasters. Rico and Sheky were clearing out floor by floor to eliminate possible hostiles within the building. Dusty, Maes and Lia were following them doing a short sweep just in case they found something useful.

                ~Back in the lobby Kaz and Ham were at the barricade chatting, to the left of them Jon was talking to Kai and even further left Keegan was telling Veii what to say on the transmission. That left Myra and Harper alone with nothing to do, Myra had switched on her eye-pod and Harper found a metallic cylinder with a whole lot of electrics inside, she was having the time of her life tinkering around with.

                Razors voice came over the shortwave “Alright people, we have company, looks like the wasters have found their friends. HK you sure you covered our tracks?”

                “Do we look like amateurs to you Razor!” Kaz replied. They had indeed covered our footsteps through the sand by dragging the grill of the hummer behind them, that’s why we had to travel in a single line. Brilliant idea, well at least I thought it was.

                “Alright everyone be on alert. Shek, Rico, I want you two to take up positions about two floors up ready to fire on anyone who approaches this building. Razor you take out who you think is leading them if they discover us. Everyone else be alert” Keegan announced.

                “Aww damn Boss” Razor come through again “They are digging up Dirt, Nester and Fún”

                “Stay calm Razor, we don’t need any unnecessary attention”

                I switched the eye-pod off, I wanted to see what was going on so whilst no one was looking I slipped out the room hit the stairs and entered the first room I came to on the second floor (which was really the seventh floor but the first five floors were buried under sand), I found a window and ripped off the hanging curtains, light flooded the room forcing me to instantly squint. We had been in the Bellagio for a couple of hours now and my eyes had adjusted to the dim glow of the chem-lights.

                I turned away from the window trying to adjust my eyes, and the newly lit room revealed a rather daunting surprise. I nearly jumped out of my skin and wondered how I missed it when I walked in, but there on the bed was a whole host of skulls and in the middle of them was a small waster child fast asleep.

                “Boss they’re coming this way” Razor shot through the shortwave, unbelievably bad timing as the waster child woke immediately. It looked at me curiously for a second (I say ‘it’ because I couldn’t tell whether it was a boy or a girl) and then it leapt onto its feet and snarled at me showing its sharp decayed rotting teeth. Something told me that the skulls were not decoration or relatives but more food scraps, and then of course the best thing possibly happened. The child shrieked a deafening raspy howl, I stepped in quickly and clobbered it as hard as I could to knock it out... I thought that would be easy but the child shook off my most powerful blow and jumped on me jamming its jaw around my shoulder plate, which thankfully was solid steel.

                The child’s jaw cracked and snapped under my shoulder plate but the ridiculous thing was that it actually indented the plate, I could feel the little suckers’ indentation on my shoulder, it released its grip and I fell backwards using my momentum to flip the child off. The little sucker maybe tough but it was also light, I flung it so hard it smashed out the window and dropped two floors to the ground.

                “What the hell’s going on down there?” Razor shouted through the short wave “Dammit, boss we have company, they all heard!”

                Crumpets! I ran to the window and looked out seeing all the wasters running at full pace towards the Bellagio. The first one dropped from a precision shot from Razor, then Rico and Sheky must have joined as the automatic fire started cutting down the large group. I looked down and the little bastard was gone, probably on its way back up here to snack on my head.

                Something suddenly occurred to me, I hit my shortwave “Keegan” I said trying to get the captains attention.

                “Who the hell is this?” He replied.

                “It’s Myra, When you swept this floor did you find anything?”

                “Listen kid I don’t know where you are but you have just jeopardised this whole mission, get back here immediately” Keegan snapped ignoring my question.

                “I think we are in their home” I shouted in the shortwave trying to overpower the automatic fire.

                “For Christ sake kid, we know how to do our jobs. The floor is clear, we were starting the sweep up!” Keegan replies, I almost didn’t hear him, as he must have been firing at the same time.

                “What if they are not up, What if they are down!”

                “We got trip wires on the stair cases, if you don’t get back here now I’ll shoot you myself”

                Well that actually made me feel a little better at least we would know when they came, if there was any of them below us. I hurried back out of the room then hit the staircase back down to the ground floor (level five) and raced up the hallway and instantly stopped. Something was different, I looked at the dark shaft to my left. Yes that was it, before there was two solid steel doors right here.

                I instinctively ducked and a machete sliced into the wall where my head just was, I spun out drawing my pistol from its holster and shooting the waster in the eye as he wrenched free his machete, he dropped dead before he could swing it again. A second waster crash tackled me from the side into the dark shaft, we started falling as it was yelling at me, I pulled the waster towards me and spun him as we were falling a split second later we hit the ground.

                The dead waster absorbed most of the impact and I impacted onto his relatively soft body, one of his ribs protruded through his chest and stabbed half an inch into my side. There was an incredible surge of pain shooting through my left shoulder and my right knee had hit the bottom pretty hard. The ground was moist earth, there was the glow of some kind of light in the distance. I hate it when I’m right. But this was indeed their home, and these shafts were an unguarded entrance to the fifth floor.

The End

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