~The APC had pulled up on top of a large mound, there was a decayed building in the shape of a semi circle rising from the sand to their right and a large communications type tower with a crumbling building behind it to the left. The marines had already set up and the hunt teams were gearing up when the APC opened its rear hatch.

                I stepped out onto to mound and the first thing I did was grab a handful of earth. Earth fresh from the surface, Q and Veii would never believe it. I was getting used to the heat by now, which was lucky considering it was overwhelmingly hot again outside of the APC. If this is what I came out to first, I would have resigned.

                I got tapped on the shoulder; it was Dirt trying to tell me I was being called, with the eye-pod up full-blast it did a good job of drowning people out. I pushed the stop button and was showered in liquid. Before I could get angry I realised it was red, I looked up at Dirt clutching at his neck. The sounds of the world around me came flooding in as the music stopped.

                “Sniper!” Yelled one Marine.

                “In the tower” Yelled another.

                “Everyone take cover” Yelled the first again.

                I was frozen in fear looking at the life fade from young Dirt’s face. Suddenly I was jerked to the left, a bullet whizzing past the back of my head narrowly missing me, it impacted in the dirt where I was just kneeling. I looked up at Kai who had pulled me out of the way.

                “Stay down kid!” She yelled at me as we both scurried over to the APC. We were on the right-hand side of the vehicle. Which was now the only thing between us and the sniper. My team was over the other side of the hill, safely tucked out of sight. I was now huddled behind the APC with Alpha team. Jon quickly came over to us.

                “You guys alright?” he whispered, I nodded my head and Kai sat back holding her right arm, the bullet had grazed her arm while she was saving my ass. Jon noticed but Kai let him know she was ok, Jon was about to argue when I heard a muffled phwip sound followed by Jon jumping straight up and losing his footing, falling flat to the ground on his chest, there was a growing red circle in the middle of his left bum cheek.

                I quickly pulled out my standard issue ASMC light fire side arm and immediately spotted the man, he had crept the flank while everyone was trying to hide from the sniper. He pointed his silenced pistol towards me, I lined him up and pulled the trigger, the bullet soared through the air and collected the baggy dressed waster right between the eyes. He dropped dead as Kai was looking at me in astonishment. I heard something in the distance and looked out from the APC towards the tower, there was a platform at the top which was home to three wasters one had a sniper rifle, one had a pair of binoculars and the other had...

                “Run!” I yelled as I grabbed Jon’s shirt and tried to pull him away from the APC, Kai instinctively grabbed the other side and we took off towards the embankment. Lia was not far behind. I could hear the whistle of the incoming rocket and before I knew it the APC exploded into a massive fireball, we were thrown the few extra feet to the other side of the embankment.

                The Hunt teams had loaded up the automatic rifles and were returning fire on the tower. Stray flurries of bullets clanging off the metal girders, and the creaking stress of the demolished APC was drowning out my hearing.

~The Hunt teams turned their focus to more ground wasters trying to flank Bravo sweep team, they cut them down quickly but gave the tower time to reload the rocket launcher. The waster with the launcher took aim at the hum vee but before he could fire the hum vee launched forward and sped straight towards the tower crashing through one leg then continuing through to the other, the unstable tower creaked and moaned before collapsing the direction of its missing legs. It brought the tower down right near Alpha teams bunker and the three waster came spewing out.  

Kai acted quickly when the tower dropped, she moved in and shot the waster that was getting to his feet, she kicked away the rocket launcher and clocked the second with the butt of her gun. The sniper had got to his feet behind her, he took aim and then a shot. I was a little shocked at first I thought he had just shot Kai. But the sniper had dropped his weapon and grabbed his butt cheek.

“God damn waster piece of garbage, how’s it feel with a bullet in your ass? Doesn’t feel nice does it?” Jon said as he hobbled over to the waster and punched him in the face knocking him out cold. “What the hell happened here?” Jon yelled.

“It was the new tech” said the ASMC captain who was walking towards us with his automatic rifle held against his chest and smoking barrel pointed at the ground “He messed up the scan, dropped us in a hot zone”

“What the hell Keegan, are you deliberately finding incompetent people just to make our life harder!” Jon said becoming more annoyed.

“Well actually it was a software glitch designed by the ASMC not me” Said the Tech stepping out from behind Keegan. I could hardly believe my eyes when I seen him, unable to control myself I ran forward and wrapped my arms around him.

The End

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