Wasteland 2187Mature

In the year 2187 the world has drastically changed. A large meteorite impacted Earth in the year 2058 killing almost every living thing on the planet. Thirty years after the impact the fallout shelters were opened, and the occupants were met with a whole new set of obstacles. Follow the protagonist Myra Longwood in her quest to discover the world outside the shelter and the trials she encounters on her way to find the truth about the Allied Shelters.

~The last digit on the red illuminated alarm clock hit eight, it made the time 6:58, every minute that passed was like the sound of a mallet bashing against a giant suspended gong. And the ring seemed the stay in her head for just about as long. The waking brown eyed teen tossed about her messy long hair, which would be all the comb it would get that morning. It was the first day at training and Myra wasn’t really a morning person. She especially wasn’t a morning after a big piss up person either. Myra’s mind starts to disrelish the past nights drunken exploits.

Oh my god, that’s the last time I let Q and Veii take me out drinking, my head felt like a giant wrecking ball. Perhaps I can swing it around today and drop a couple of pompous Vic’s. I giggled to myself, the Civics in ‘shelter 567’ were particularly nasty people, even hated the commons. Wouldn’t even let common fire’ies in if they house was on fire. Wouldn’t mind smacking a few of them upside the head teach ‘em a little lesson, nah probably only draw unwanted attention from the Wardens.

~The clock ticks over to 6:59, Myra’s jaw clenches, fighting the urge to give alarm clock a one way ticket out the window straight into the D-wing lobby of Shelter 567. That’s right home to some 3,560 citizens USFS567 or United States Fallout Shelter 567 was once a state of the art facility built in the year 2045 as a part of a global initiative to ensure the survival of the human race after the predicted impact of the global killing meteorite Dashkov. It was also considered one of the more successful shelters in the apocalypse. But now an overpopulated degenerate underground city with an upper class inner sanctum S567 was quickly becoming an image of the wasteland.

I do swear if that clock hits 7:00 it’s going out the window; my throbbing head brought me back down to earth quickly. I looked at my uniform neatly folded in a crinkled lump on the sofa. Yeah, I like to keep my room an organised mess; organised in the way where I can find anything I want. But messed in a way no one could break in and send me a message. Besides the smell is desensitising which is kinda perfect for me...

7:00 there goes the alarm clock! Hmm should have thought that one through a little better, not because I now have to buy a new alarm clock, nor due to the fact that it could have hit someone below. But mainly because the window wasn’t actually open.

“What the hell Myra?” said a male voice off to my right, I nearly jumped out of my skin in fright. I never bring people back to my apartment. I looked down at the confused familiar face as I pulled the sheets up over my chest, I was wearing a top (don’t be a perve!) I just didn’t want this chump seeing my super white shoulders.

“Hammer?” I recognised the blonde tall stupid flunky from corps prep “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked a little upset with myself. I let my frown show my distaste for his presence in my room.

“Hey baby you were all over me last night” he replied and I visibly cringed, I suddenly needed a shower, and the sterilisation of my carpet would also be a must. He had no shirt on and his stupid hard abs were dirtying my perfectly filthy carpet. I thought about that chiselled chest tainting the rotting fibres on my multi coloured wall-to-wall matting... What the hell, hard abs, chiselled chest. What am I fifteen? Well actually in my defence I’m only seventeen, but still I didn’t crush on the first bit of meat with a hot body, that’s not my style. I had to get Hammer the hell out of my apartment, so I thought of the only thing a self respected civilian in my position should say.

“Whatever pencil dick, you know better you ass eating donkey crap!” All class baby, I’m like a ninja with words. First I hit you with a pencil dick chop then finish you off with a donkey crap round house, everybody claps, bow to opponent, fight over, hit Chen’s for some garlic prawns, pounding headache, lay off rice wine! “Ugh what the hell did I drink last night?” I rubbed my temples, blurry images flashed from the night before. I smell the corruption of Veii playing games with me here, pushing Hammer at me telling me to take them poor kid home. He had nowhere else to go after flunking the final. Hammer got to his feet and retrieved his shirt and threw it over his shoulders hastily. “Oh and by the way ass face, tell anyone at the ‘pit’ and I’ll literally cut off your fingers!”

“Like I’m proud bitch. Half the guys at the pit think you’re a man anyway”

“Oh that’s funny because half the guys at the pit think you’re a man too”

“If I weren’t, you wouldn’t have taken me home last night” Hammer replied with a cocky grin. I could have smacked that stupid grin off his face right there and then, but I knew nothing happened. I’m not the kind of stupid girl that falls into the traps of society’s sexual tension peer pressure bullshit. Even shit faced, blind and incoherent I believe I have the skills to break anyone’s arm who tries anything. Besides I would feel different... wouldn’t I?

“Yeah well maybe I only brought you here because I felt sorry for the only loser to flunk the ASMELE” Hammers face instantly dropped to the floor; I actually felt really shitty right about now. Before I could apologise Hammer had his shoes and was out the door, politely pulling it shut quietly enough to shake the apartment and send my wall hangings crashing to the ground. More broken glass, this was a great start to the morning. Ok so I probably did have time to say sorry but apologies aren’t really my strong suit. I sighed and climbed out of bed grabbing my uniform. This was it, today I started as a Sweeper for the Alliance Shelter Marine Corps, today I would be going into the wasteland.

~Myra ran her hand over the embroidered badge on the left hand side of the uniform, she desperately wanted to get out of the shelter. To do that you needed clearance, to get clearance you either had to be extremely wealthy or on mission for the ASMC or ‘The Order’ but The Order was the last place Myra wanted to be.

The End

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