The continuous buzzing of my phone next to me was really beginning to get on my nerves. So much for a lie in. Feeling blindly around in the dark, I managed to grab hold of the little bugger and flipped open the screen.

"Ah you bitch!" I whisper as the bright screen stings my eyes. Six new messages, all from people I barely remember even speaking too asking if I'm going to the party tonight. Looks like it's gonna be pretty packed. I reply yes to all, and tell them to bring their friends. More the merrier after all. Plus, they may have fit friends and that's always a good thing. Although I suppose I should really focus more on finding Dakota a guy than myself, after Jay left her she's been nothing but a fun sponge and after a year and a half it's getting boring.

I slide out of bed and head downstairs to be greeted by my Dad and his girlfriend Jade heaving suitcases into the hall.

"Well good morning sweetie!" Dad coos as he ruffles my hair. "Didn't think you'd be up in time to see us leave, usually you never emerge from bed before midday on weekends!" 

"Yes well trust me I'm awake against my own will."  I laugh and smile sweetly.

"Now kiddo, remember everything we talked about last night. Money is in the bottom cupboard along with our numbers, the hotel number, Grandma's number and I put a little extra cash underneath the sink in case of an emergency okay?" Dad finishes hauling his bag to the front door and turns around to look at me. "Now we come home a week today, I'll ring you from the airport when we're back in good old Great Britain as long as it's not too late so don't wait up for us. Just stay safe and be sensible okay kiddo?"

"Yes Dad, I promise." I smile again. "Now go before you miss your flight!" I usher him and Jade out the door and towards the waiting taxi. 

"Goodbye sweetie. I love you!" 

"I love you too, have fun!" I wave at  Jade and manage to get a meek smile from her in return. Bitch never liked me but she could at least say bye. Rude.

As the taxi pulls away, I cheer to myself. I have a free house for a whole week, and it's going to be carnage.

I close the door and start making breakfast. I even light up a cheeky cigarette whilst doing so, because hey, there's no snobby Jade here to tell me it's a filthy habit! Perfection.

After eating I go back to my room and check my phone again. Five more messages. Holy crap there are a lot of people going tonight. I don't even know the person who's having it. Someone called Drake I think, I just got invited by a few of the boys and who am I to turn down a party?!

I get dressed and made up and by the time I'm finished I get another text through from Dakota telling me she's on her way. Brilliant. The sooner she gets here the sooner we can get cracking. 



The End

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