Wasted Dreams

Robert, a young struggling musician, is about to give up on life. His girlfriend left him, his parents are disappointed and his career is going nowhere. That is until his faith is restored by the blonde haired, blue eyed Lanni, a happy go lucky girl with a positive attitude towards life. Will Rob get the life he wanted or does fate have other ideas....

She stood in front of the vast window, her body turned away from him, already a strong sense of dread ran through his body. Rob's worried eyes glanced anxiously between her dark glossy hair, the hair he knew he would miss, and the grim grey suitcases he never wanted to see again. She was leaving him, he was sure of it, but why? His mind raced through a dozen memories and thoughts to find a reason. He found nothing. Maybe she just wanted a break, maybe she was surprising his with an unexpected holiday, or perhaps her mother was ill again and she was going to visit her? However, his thoughts lacked conviction and he was unable to convince himself, to rid the thoughts of her leaving from his head. She was leaving him and she wasn't coming back. A new emotion, desperation, flooded through him.

"Helen," his voice rushed from him, a small desperate plea breaking free in a timid whisper.

"I can't do this anymore," her voice was calm, not a hint of emotion touched her words. "I'm getting out."

Silence once again filled the air creating a tense, delicate atmosphere. He didn't understand her. His mind couldn't give him an answer to the single question that dominated his life at this moment. Why? He reached a weak clammy hand in her direction but she moved, finally breaking her statue like pose. her deep chocolate eyes avoided his. She shouldn't feel guilty about this, after all it was his fault. Rob was the one out of work, with the unreliable dreams. It was hard to believe that he couldn't see this. That he was wasting his life pursuing a pointless goal.

He watched her as she bent down and gripped the handles of the repulsive bags and closed the gap between them.

"Don't do this." His quite voice full of agony, pain. He stared down at her hands as she handed him his bags.

The End

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