First thing Thursday.

 This was my most hated day. First thing in the morning, Pe. Could life get any worse?

  I hadn’t seen Bob or Janet in the changing room, I think they had been in early to get changed and were probably already waiting in the sports hall. Normally we’d get changed at the same time, but today they had gone ahead without me. I suppose I was very late after talking with two other people in my form before coming over here. Plus I had had to go to my locker before Pe.  I should have gone before registration in the morning to get my kit out, but I hadn’t thought to, and now I was late because of it.

  I changed as quickly as I could, but by the time I had finished the masses of girls in the changing room had already left and gone into the sports hall.

 Bob and Kenny and Janet had already picked which activities they would be doing today. They had all opted for the fitness room.

  The forty five minutes of Pe was nearly enough to kill me. While all my friends in my half of the year had chosen sports that I could not do even if I had wanted to, I took part in table tennis. Not really a sport to most proper sporting people, but the easiest thing that the school offered. And I was still no good at it. Luckily for me the only people taking table tennis were the people who thought that not caring was cool and that by doing the easiest sport everyone would think that they are ‘just so random’ or something else to that effect.

 I met Bob and Janet in the changing rooms; they were loud but somehow went unnoticed anyway. A few more of our friends were in there, but they always changed in the showers, I'm not sure why though, I think they think it will give them more privacy or something, but it doesn’t really. 

The End

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