Wednesdays Sporting Headlines.

 We were the first out of RS, not because we were leaving in a hurry, just we sat closest to the door. That and the fact that our teacher liked to wait for us to pack up before saying that we could leave, but him and Bob were quite good friends and liked teasing each other so she would leave before he had said the magic words, just to annoy him.

 Me and Janet headed off down the corridor that took us the inside way to get to the benches. It wasn’t cold outside or anything, we just liked the inside way more, at least I did. Bob went the other way though. I thought maybe she just wanted to walk outside to the bench, I thought it was slightly longer but I knew how she liked to be outside more than cramped into the small hallways at school.

 “See you at the bench then.” I half laughed to her. It took me a while to figure out that I was going to say that. I had to first decide if I was going to just follow her. If I did then Janet would probably still go the inside way, but if Janet followed Bob I would have gone with them.

 “I’m not going to the benches. I’m going to the sports hall to meet Kenny. We’re allowed in the fitness room for lunch. See ya in science though.” And so she left, without saying anything else.

 I didn’t much feel like talking after she had left. All I wanted to talk about was why she was upset in the first place, but with Bob not here I couldn’t talk about that. Janet wouldn’t tell me, there was no way she ever would because she was closer to Bob than she was to me. And now apparently Bob was close to Janet as well. 

The End

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