Wednesday avoidance.

At break I was first to the bench again, of course. I didn’t mind though because it was just how life went and I liked how life went.

 Kenny was there next, he wasn’t normally. I must have given him an odd look because when he sat down, in Bob’s space, he just sat looking at me. I wanted to tell him that he was in Bob’s seat, but I figured he would move when she got here.

 “What’s up?” It seemed like a logical question to get him to stop looking at me, but I tried to ignore him.

 “You seen Bob?” He shot back at me immediately, like he was trying to accuse me of something.

 I didn’t have to think about my answer. “Not since I first got to school. She was with Janet, but I didn’t talk to them.” I opened my bacon salad, trying to force it to distract me from Kenny’s stare. “Didn’t you just have two lessons with her?” I could have sworn they just had history and graphics. I knew Bob’s timetable like it was my own. She could never remember it so I did. Then she would get to her lessons.

 “Ur… yeah. English and history…” Kenny looked away from me then, probably sensing Janet and Bob walking from the second building over to where we were. “I just wondered if you had seen her today.”

 I nodded in response, trying to imagine how I had gotten her timetable wrong. I knew she had just had graphics. I was so annoyed that I didn’t know she had English instead of graphics, maybe her timetable had changed, but then why hadn’t she told me? Maybe that was why Kenny was wondering if I had talked to her this morning.

Bob sat on the other side of Kenny when they came over to us, it was odd. The bench was only really good for three, but we could squash four on, it wasn’t desirable to have four on the bench but I knew Kathy would try to get on the bench with us too.

 It didn’t only annoy me that I would be uncomfortable all break, but also because Bob wasn’t sitting next to me, resting her head on my shoulder, or her arm pressed against mine. She was next to Kenny. Resting her head on his shoulder, and holding his hand.

 Janet broke me out of my annoyed trance. Or her underwear did.

“You know Janet, I think we’re going to have to take you underwear shopping and get you some pretty stuff to wear if you keep insisting on showing us…” Bob’s voice echoed to me from the other side of Kenny.

 “So what lessons did you just have?” I tried to make it subtle, but Janet gave me an odd look when I talked in her place. She was obviously going to retort to Bob but I just needed to know why I was wrong about Bob’s timetable.

 “History.” All three of them replied to me, they all were in the same history class. Whereas I had been put in the other class. Sure I had friends in my class, but I would have preferred to be in their class. It was a higher set; it wasn’t official or anything but all the people in that class got higher grades than everyone in my class. It was just a known concept that one class was always filled with people with more potential.

 “Nice. I had to sit through history and german. Not a good combination.” I still felt really unsubtle saying it, but I really wanted to know why Bob hadn’t had graphics like I expected.

 “You’re lucky. We had to sit though English and history. Now that’s two hours of boring.” Bob rolled her eyes, now leaning forwards so she could look out for other people coming to sit with us, it was already half way through break but no one was there.

 “I don’t get it. Why did you have English instead of graphics?”  Maybe just being up front about it would get me a proper answer, it was obvious that they realised I was being unsubtle about something.

 “They pulled us out of Graphics to go to some lecture thing. It would have been okies if every time I asked a question I didn’t get the death look from my teacher though.” She leaned back, obviously not caring anymore if anyone came to sit with us. They were probably just late out of whatever class they had just had. “I suppose you’ll get pulled outta one o’ your classes later to do it as well. I think it’s every set that’s doing it. Hope you get to miss something worth it.” She knew that I wouldn’t. The last three lessons of the day were RS, science and IT. The three lessons I had with her, so I wouldn’t want to miss any of them. Although I didn’t actually get to sit next to her in any of the lesson we still talked. I hated having only three lessons with my best friend, it meant that the only time we got to hang out was at break and lunch and normally Bob was doing something like working or just talking to other people so I never got the chance to just talk to her like myself. I felt like she was the only person I could tell certain things to and if I was never alone with her then I never got the chance to tell her. It was all very annoying to me.

 The worst thing was I could have more with her. We both took history but she was in a higher set, and it was the same with English and Math. She was in a higher set, we had always joked that if I was more clever or if she tried to fail tests then we could be in the same sets and have more lessons together, but I wasn’t good at being more clever and she was always convinced she had failed a test until she got the results back and found she was top in the class. There was Pe that we had together as well, but she was more sporty than me. I picked the Pe option that required the least amount of exercise and she picked something that would challenge her, so usually the hardest thing to do. So there was no way we could be in the same classes. I didn’t like it.

 The bell rang and I realised that the other three had been talking while I was having a sulk about having to miss one of my few lessons with Bob.

 Janet jumped up of the floor first, giving Bob a kind of smile that said the lesson would be fun. I didn’t know why she did that smile, I wanted to and I was annoyed that Janet and Kenny knew but I didn’t. It must have been why Kenny asked if I had seen Bob yet, but if they both knew then why didn’t she just tell me there and then? Perhaps that’s why she was looking around to see if anyone else was going to come sit with us. Maybe that’s why no one did sit with us, they probably knew that she wanted to tell me something but wouldn’t if everyone else was there, so they stayed away. It seemed pointless of them to do that now…

 “Have fun in RS.” Kenny squeezed Bob and Janet into one hug before lugging his massive bag for Pe towards the sports hall. For some reason he took full course Pe, which meant doing a lot more physical activities and learning some Pe related biology. I thought he was crazy for picking it, but Bob and Janet both liked that he had taken it because then he would relay the information to them. Janet liked the biology side of it whereas Bob liked learning new ways to exercise. They were all crazy.

 Janet and Bob linked hands before starting off for RS. I followed them. They didn’t have to wait for me because I knew they knew I would be right behind them the whole way. I thought maybe I would overhear them talking about what was getting to Bob, but they just talked about normal things, well as normal as any of us get. I didn’t join in because I didn’t think I would be able to put into the conversation as much as I would get out of it, not really. It was good hearing them debate each other because Bob had major arguing skills and the knowledge to back her up, but Janet just said the most ridiculous things that made it hard for even Bob to give a reasonable response. I couldn’t do either of those things. I wasn’t very good at backing up the points that I made and I couldn’t relate the topic to other important issues. I couldn’t even think of a good point to make in the first place. I just tended to say the obvious answer, but I didn’t feel like that was good enough even though Bob and Janet acted like it was a good point and then argued my suggestion for me to save me the hardship of then having to try to back up my point. They were good like that. In my opinion they both should have taken drama or something because they were just so good at portraying things that I knew wasn’t really how the felt. Like now, I knew there was something bothering Bob, no one else would have noticed it, not a chance in hell, it was just because I knew her so well that I knew and I was convinced than Janet and Kenny only knew because she had told them. 

The End

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