Kevin Harlow.

Classically handsome with his flawless features.

Brown eyes that couldn’t hide a secret if their very existence depended on it but held everything in them anyway.

 A slightly rounded face making him look like a child when he lost concentration or when he was sleeping.

A long nose slightly turning up at the end, just enough to make him look like perfection, which fit perfectly in the centre of his long face. Despite his smooth profile his features are decidable angular.

 Shaggy light brown hair with hints of dark blond that he insists isn’t highlighted, but is merely annoyingly tinted falls around his face until someone pushes it back to see his face better. The world is better when it can see his face, like just by knowing that there is someone, somewhere, in the world that’s face can hold that much truth could alter every beings reality.

 Kelvin Harlow. Known by us as Kenny. April 14th 1999-the end of time. He would never change.

The End

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