You getting a funny green lawnmower

You were a teenager. It was your dad’s old lawnmower, hideous to look at, but a great joke among the family… They laughed at the lawnmower because it was as green as the lawn itself and small enough to get hidden in large clumps of grass.

You remember the occasion well because it was another moment, like this one, where you were close to death. The lawnmower, shaped like a disk, came spinning at your ankles like a crazed dog. You had tripped over a log that was hidden behind you, and suddenly the lawnmower was gnashing at your face. Your mum had managed to grab the little thing before you had got hurt, but its sharp spikes remind you of the ninjas’ throwing spikes.

So, your life flashes through your eyes. And then you begin to wonder about…

The End

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