Was It Worth It?

I don't really know where I should start. No one paid any attention to that poor little girl, she saw nothing but the ignorant side of life. Being so young and in such a tough position. Parent's gone and abandand in a big city with no one to run and cry to.

The fear that ran through her heart and entire body when they drove into the city. It was all new, she grew up in a town where there was only aborigional and caucasion person's. She thought back to all the time's that she had been told about all the shooting's and raping's in bigger city's.

All the movie's that she had watched that showed the same stuff. How could this have happened? She was 16, pregnant, all alone, and scared beyond beliefe that this was the end of her world as she knew it.

She sat in the car and thought back to all of the time that she had taken advantage of the love and support was what she knew she needed. But she decided to ignore it and pretend that she could do it all by her self. How hard could being a parent possibly be. Right? I'm sure it'll be just like getting a new puppy, and her parent's had just got a new dog, it might have been two when they got it but that's still a puppy, right?

When they pulled up to the building the tear's started to fall. The fear and anxiety had began to take it's tole. Not only did she miss her boy friend and her parent's and sister, she was living in a group home for pregnant teenage girl's. There was bound to be some sort of turmoil at all time's. And her parent's had just told her before she was shipped to the city that they were moving, also. To a city six hour's in the opposite direction of where she would be spending the last six month's of her pregnancy.

At the group home they gave her a little room, that was purple. With a huge closet, a night stand and a bed. There was a desk that was attached to the wall, with a light for homework and such. They offered a school down the road, at the local community centre, which was also affiliated with the group home. The school was based almost completely on corrispondance book's, and art's and creativity credit's. But you could bring your baby and do your work, because they had a day care on the first floor. They held alot of different course's at the community centre for everyone, if you did happen to live at "The House" (the group home) you had to attend all the program's that were required to reside at the house. And if you had and drug problem's or anxiety issue's they would have a couse for that. Or cooking course's, but with your baby.

The food was amazing, they would have a cook come in everyday and make lunch and supper, except on the weekend's, then it was fend for yourself. Life became better when she made friend's with a girl that was in a similar position as her. They would play card's at the kitchen table's until 3 or 4 in the morning's on weekend's, just because they could. There friendship was beautiful, it wasn't based on anything unpure, they didn't judge each other. Because based on there predicament's they were in no place to be judging anyone else.

To be continued....

The End

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