Part 10: Mapletail

Chapter 10

Joystar licked her paws. “I’m happy to announce that I’m having another litter of kits.” She meowed. Cats congratulated her. “But I wish to stay leader.” She added. The cats nodded as she headed to the nursery. Mapletail flicked her tail. She was glad to see her mother was happy. She glanced at Fishriver, who was anxiously shuffling his paws. Mapletail wondered if he was the farther. Mapletail turned around to see Wishpaw trotting up to her, a fresh crow in her mouth. “Its my treat.” She meowed, dropping it at Mapletails paws. “Thanks.” She meowed, tucking in. A noise from the entrance startled her. A skinny brown apprentice stood covered in blood. Joystar appeared from the nursery. “W-who the….” She mutterd. The apprentice looked panackily into Mapletails eyes. “Our clan…Mountainclan…is being attacked…by Lavaclan!” He hissed, falling to the ground. Cats nodded. They knew what they had to do. Mapletail knew if they suceeded in helping rid of Lavaclan, the forest would be peacefull. The cat roared out of the camp, Mapletail could see the pain in her mothers eyes. She’d have to stay behind. They reached the mountain ledge which was the Mountainclan camp. Cats were fighting with the strength of Starclan. Raggedstar fell to the floor. “I can’t take this anymore….” He meowed, falling dead at Ebonystar’s paws. Cats gasped everywhere. Tumbletail stepped forward. “We give in….we’ll go to the cliff place….have our terrotory…untill we’re strong enough to return.” He called as the Lavaclan cats headed back to their camp.

Mossclan silently retreated to their dens. Mapletail could feel Starclan’s worry. Time was running out. Lavaclan we’re becoming stronger, and the other clans failed to cope. Mapletail settled down. With her mother in the nursery, their was no way Mossclan could win. They needed a miracle, and little did the clan know that miracle was coming, now. Moonfeather let out a painfull screech as Mapletail followed Icepaw and Daffodillpelt into the nursery. A tiny kit lay on the floor, Joystar licking it. “That’s not the only one, Moonfeather.” Comforted Daffodillpelt. Mapletail watched as the final one came. The kits struggled weakly towards their mother. Moonfeather sighed. She nudged a small midnight black tom. “Blackkit.” Next she nudged a small ginger she-cat with white and darker ginger on her. “Cloverkit.” Daffodillpelt, Icepaw and Mapletail nodded as they left the nursery. Darkness fell across the forest. Mapletail slowly looked up. The sky was lined with warriors. She wondered for a second who might be up there. She closed her eyes as the wind blew her fur. She turned as she felt a nudge in her side. Fallenpaw was prodding her with his paw. “Stupid Rock, move it or lose it!” He hissed. Mapletail sighed. “Can’t you smell me? It’s Mapletail.” She meowed. Fallenpaw bowed his head. “S-sorry……” He muttered, heading to the apprentice den. Mapletail turned her gaze to where Summerfall was gazing at the stars intently. Summerfall looked at her, her ginger pelt looked like fire. Mapletail headed towards the warrior den. Fishriver was cleaning his white paws while Sunfur was sprawled across his den. Mapletail settled down. Times were harder than ever, she realised. Daffodillpelt had been talking about how Winterpelt, Pondpaw, Wildkit, Barrelheart and Midnightpelt had all caught greencough. It was most likely they were all going to die.


Winterpelt, Pondpaw, Wildkit, Barrelheart and Midnightpelt had all died of the greencough. Lilytail and Meadowfur had retired to the elders den. Oakpaw and Fallenpaw had been made warriors, Oaktooth and Falleneye. Hailkit, Blackkit and Cloverkit had all been made apprentices. Hailpaws mentor was Troutflap, Blackpaws mentor was Moonfeather and Cloverpaws was Springflower. Joystar had kits, Relickit, Murkykit and Herbkit. Summerfall had become a queen and had three kits, Souldkit, Magmakit and Goldkit. Twilightpool and Hedgefur had died. Crystaltail had also become a queen. Mythstar had also died, making Weedstar leader of Whirlpoolclan. The new deputy was Sparkclaw. Clifftail, Sunfur, Stealthclaw, Floralear and Autumnclaw had been killed by Ebonystar on a patrol. The clan was low on cats.

The End

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