Part 9: Mapletail

Chapter 9

A whole moon had past since the battle. Mapletail watched in awe at her kits. Today was the day of their apprentice ceremony. But first, some other things had to be done. “I’m afraid to say Rainfire, Sandbelly and Stingpool have joined Starclan.” Joystar meowed. Cats bowed theyre heads. “Hedgefur says its time for her to retire to the elders den. Also, Its time Troutpaw and Crystalpaw became warriors.” Cats let out exited mews as the two apprentices stepped forward. “Crystalpaw, from this day on you shall be known as Crystaltail.” Crystaltail stepped forward, her black fur blowing in the wind. “Troutpaw, from this day on you shall be known as Troutflap.” Joystar meowed. She nodded to Icekit, Wishkit and Smokekit. “Icekit, from this day on you shall be known as Icepaw. You will be the new medicine cat apprentice, and your mentor will be Daffodillpelt.” Icepaw stepped forward and touched noses with her mentor. “Smokekit, from this day on you shall be known as Smokepaw. Your mentor will be Sunfur.” Smokepaw happily skipped forward and butted noses with Sunfur. “Wishkit, from this day on you shall be known as Wishpaw. Your mentor will be Stealthclaw.” Joystar meowed. Wishpaw butted noses with Stealthclaw. “We also have a new queen, Moonfeather.” Joystar announced. Cats congratulated her as Icepaw led her to the nursery. Cats split up. Mapletail turned at a meow from Daffodillpelt. “I still cannot belive Icepaw! She’s amazing! I gurantee her sucsess.” She meowed exitedly. Mapletail nodded and headed to Shadetail who was calling her. “You, Meadowfur, Autumnclaw and Crystaltail are the hunting patrol.” He meowed as the named cats arrived. Mapletail let Meadowfur lead. They headed to the Mountainclan border. Food often lurked in the rocks that was just in front of the border. Mapletail got into a hunting crouch as the scent of rabbit filled her ears. She pounced on a rock, squishing the rabbit beneath it. She dragged it out. “Well done!” Praised Meadowfur. Mapletail flicked her ear in embarresment.

Moontail looked at Mapletail. “Your kits are cute.” He commented, shuffling his paws. Mapletail looked at the floor. “Moontail, can you belive Midnightpelts an elder? She’s still looks so young-” “Don’t remind me..” Moontail scolded. Mapletail laughed. “Hehe. Anyway, hows the Starclan prey going?” Moontail rolled his eyes. “Well thanks. So, can you guess who Crystalpaw and Troutpaw’s farther was?” He asked. Mapletail was confused. “No.” Moontail smirked. “Ebonystar.” Mapletail gasped. “I….see. Wait, he got his nine lives? Who would dare give him nine lives!” Moontail slit his eyes. “Emberstar, Burningstar, Rosestar, Dragonstar, Lightpelt….those are the only ones a remember.” He meowed. Mapletail awoke with a start. The clan smelt of morning. The warriors den was empty. Mapletail realised she’d overslept. She shook herself awake and left the den. Wishpaw and Smokepaw were play fighting as Icepaw and Daffodillpelt talked about herbs. The dawn patrol, made of Stargrove, Shadetail, Oakpaw, Fishriver and Pondpaw, were just leaving. The elders were chatting about the old times. Joystar was talking to the hunting patrol, which was made of Lilytail, Meadowfur, Stealthclaw, Wishpaw and Summerfall. The border patrol, Clifftail, Fallenpaw, Sunfur, Smokepaw and Springflower left after the dawn patrol. Stargrove was taking Pondpaw for training. Autumclaw, Winterpelt, Crystaltail and Troutflap were chatting about the next gathering. Floralear and Moonfeather were teasing Hailkit and Wildkit with there tails. Mapletail smiled. It was like any ordinary clan day. Mapletail wondered what she should do as the hunting patrol left. Daffodillpelt and Icepaw called her over to the elders den. “I just thought you looked bored, and the elders were planning a story. So, who is this Gingerpelt?” Daffodillpelt meowed as they all settled down. Barrelheart cleared her throat. “She was a warrior when I was a kit. She was a strong cat, the mother of Twilightpool and Midnightpelt here. Swiftalon to. She also had two other kits, Herbkit and Butteflykit. At that time Emberstar was leader of Lavaclan. He stole Midnightpelt, Twilightpool, Swiftalon, Herbkit and Butteflykit away. Even though Midnightpelt, Twilightpool and Swiftalon escaped, Herbkit and Butteflykit weren’t so lucky. He killed them both. Gingerpelt grew mad, and as soon as her kits were apprentices, went to get revenge. Emberstar only had one life left, and she killed him. A cat named Miserytail killed her to avenge her farther. At the death of they’re mother, Midnightpelt, Twilightpool and Swiftalon killed Miserytail. Gingerpelt knew what true pain was. Before Emberstar stole her kits away, he’d killed her mother Duskstar. He then killed Thornpelt, her farther. Finnaly he killed her mate Soakedpelt. He said Gingerpelt would walk in the shadows for eternity. How wrong he was eh?” Barrelheart meowed delightfully. The three cats listened intently. Twilightpool nodded to Barrelheart. “Tell them about Moontail!” Midnightpelt purred at the name of her Starclan mate. “Of course! Moontail is Joystars uncle. He was Spottedmask’s brother and deputy to Mossclan. His mate was Midnightpelt here, and they had one kit named Tinypaw…YAWN. Im tired.” Purred Barrelheart. Daffodillpelt nudged Icepaw. “We’ll leave you alone now then.” The three cats left the shelter of the elders den. Mapletail stared into the sky. Rain was clinging to the clouds. Mapletail shuffled her paws. The clouds told the story of a new begginging.

The End

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