Part 8: Mapletail

Chapter 8

Ebonyfur launched at Mapletail. Mapletail dodged, swiping over his ear. Ebonyfur hissed as a scar cut into his ear. “Gragh!” Ebonyfur ran into the forest, heading in the direction of the Lavaclan border. Mapletail headed for camp. She wasn’t about to let this cat, her brother, rule Lavaclan. She burst into the camp. Face’s turned at her loud entrance. “Ebonyfur and Seafang are planning to kill Robinstar and Shiningheart!” She screeched. Cats gasped everywhere. Icekit, Wishkit and Smokekit unsheathed they’re claws. “He’s gonna be dead!” Wishkit meowed. Floralear shook her head and grabbed them. “I’ll stay here and look after the kits with the elders.” She meowed. Joystar nodded. “We go now. We’ll need help if we are to win. Crystalpaw, go and fretch Mountainclan. Troutpaw, get Whirlpoolclan. Oakpaw, find Stormclan. Everyone else, head for Lavaclan camp!” Mapletail glanced at her kits. Would they be ok? She charged after Mossclan, pulling into the same speed as Joystar. Joystar’s eye’s were slit, her claws unsheathed. They burst into the camp, and stopped dead. Ebonyfur and Seafang stood over the dead bodies of Robinstar and Shiningheart. Ebonyfur looked up, his amber eyes filled with evil. Lavaclan cats bowed everywhere. They had no choice but to expect this cat to be there leader. The other clans burst into the clearing, the leaders heading for Joystar. “Whats going on here?” Hissed Holestar. Raggedstar nodded. “Your messengers told us the story, so what do we do? Do we kill Ebonyfur and Seafang or let them live?” Joystar sighed. “I don’t know…” She meowed. Mythstar turned to Seafang. “Traitor!” Ebonyfur scowled. “Lets just get it over with.” Joystar sighed and turned to the other leaders. They nodded and flicked they’re ears in unison. The cats attacked on there leaders command. Mapletail headed towards Ebonyfur. “Traitor!” She hissed, flinging herself at him. She knocked him to the ground. She knew how easy it would be for her to kill him. Just bite a leg, then the tail. Something told her that it wasn’t her who was to kill this cat. Hesitating, she hit him across the face with unsheathed claws. He hissed and threw himself onto her back. She shook him off and he landed with a thud on the ground. She saw Fallenpaw approach him. “Some mentor!” He meowed, clawing his ear. Mapletail left them alone. Fallenpaw could fight for himself. She headed towards a scrawny Lavaclan apprentice who was cowering at the sight of Shadetail. Suddenly a cry from Flame-Eye made everyone turn. She lay dead on the floor, Seafang above her. He was chuckling darkly. Holestar was the first to speak. “You killed my deputy! The new deputy of Stormclan is Streamleap!” Called Holestar as the cats began fighting again. Mapletail followed the scent of Joystar. She was fighting with the medicine cat, Birchleaf. Birchleaf dodged a blow to head and fled. Mapletail noticed all the other clans had fled, and most of the Lavaclan cats had retreated to they’re dens. Joystar called for Mossclan to retreat. Cats began fleeing. As she approached the border, Mapletail turned around. She could still hear the dark chuckling of Ebonyfur.


Mapletail watched as her kits meowed horror. “That sounded like a great fight!” Meowed Icekit. Smokekit nudged her. “I thought you were going to become a medicine cat!” He teased. Mapletail laughed and jumped as a screech came from Floralear. “Kits, stay here. I’m getting Daffodillpelt.” She meowed, rushing out of the den. Many cats had heard the cry and were desprately searching. “Daffodillpelts out getting herbs!” Called Crystalpaw. “I’ll get her!” Meowed Fallenpaw. Mapletail dashed back inside. Floralear could die if she didn’t have help. Icekit was gently nudging her. “Keep going, that’s it. Just keep going, think about the sweet kittens…” Mapletail gasped. Icekit was doing as well as any medicine cat. Mapletail began licking a tortoiseshell tom. Icekit meowed to Smokekit as a silver she-cat came. Daffodillpelt entered the den with herbs. “Wow. Floralear, your done! Who helped you?” She asked, giving herbs to Floralear and placing the kits by her tummy. “Icekit did! She was brilliant!” Meowed Wishkit. “Yes, she did everything!” Smokekit mewed. Mapletail and Floralear nodded. Daffodillpelt turned to to Icekit. “How about when your made an apprentice, you become my apprentice?” She asked. Icekit’s eyes widenend. “Yes, Please!” She meowed exitedly. Daffodillpelt nodded and left the den. Mapletail settled down. “What are they’re names?” She asked. Floralear licked the tortoiseshell. “Hailkit.” Then she licked the silver she-cat. “Wildkit.” She purred, settling down. Mapletail licked Icekit. “You were a real hero.” She meowed. Icekit meowed in embarresment.

The End

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