Part 7: Mapletail

Chapter 7

“Twilightpool and Midnightpelt have decided its there time to join the elders den. The new mentor of Troutpaw will be Lilytail.” Joystar announced, leaping of the highrock. It had been quarter of a moon since the killing of Groundpaw, and Mossfur was yet to return. Joystar called Mapletail and her kits to her den. The kits entered with exited mews. Joystar settled down, a worried look on her face. “I think you need to know the truth. Not long ago, I was told of a prophecy by my uncle. When Beesting was born, he was chosen to be the mate of you Mapletail, even though you, and me, weren’t even born then. But Icewing and him fell in love with eacthover, much to the dismay of Starclan. They had a kit, Stealthclaw. It was around that time that Icewing was sent a prophecy. She had made a mistake in falling in love with Beesting. She was told that her grandchildren would be disabled, and that she herself would be murdered. Icewing accepted this, and knew she’d made a mistake. How could Starclan expect any cat to not fall in love?” She meowed. Mapletail and the kits looked shocked. “Y-your telling me, Groundpaw and Fallenpaw were….Curses?” Icekit mewed. Joystar nodded. “And the reason for Sorrowfoots anger is because he was in love with you Mapletail, he lost it when he found out you were having Beesting’s kits.” Mapletail drooped. “Poor cat….” “You may leave now. But first, I think I know some of the meaning of the prophecy ‘Ice and Smoke shall fufill the forests destiny. Wish and Hail shall defeat the greatest threat.Joystar shall defeat Sorrowfoot,and Ebony shall betray Maple.Beesting and Moss shall perish, leaving the forest.” Joystar meowed as the cats left the den. Joystar looked at the sky. So that was the reason for everything. “Kits, go play somewhere safe. I’m going hunting.” Meowed Mapletail. The kits nodded and headed to the apprentice den where Crystalpaw and Troutpaw were wrestling. Mapletail left the camp and headed for the Whirlpoolclan border. Whirlpoolclan had always been a peacefull clan. They could swim with ease and fed mainly on fish. She stopped dead as she saw a motionless white body. Mossfur lay dead on the border. A small grey tabby she-cat stood shocked above him. “This cat….he’s from Mossclan! What’s his name?” She asked. Mapletail drooped her tail. “This was our brave warrior Mossfur. He left in search of Seafang a quarter of a moon ago…” The cat looked up sadly. “My name is Silverwing. I’m your auntie. Seafang is my only kit. I was his mentor. Ever since he was young he dreamed of leading a clan. He’s just that type of cat. He’s been sneaking off lately, coming back stinking of blood. I knew from the first time I looked at him that he was infectided with evil.” Silverwing meowed sadly. Mapletail gasped. “Y-you poor cat! Seafang snuck into our camp and killed Groundpaw, our medicine cat apprentice, not long ago. Mossfur chased him away but…I guess he failed.” Mapletail meowed. Silverwing looked her in the eye. “He already killed two cats. Spottedmask and Tinypaw.” She meowed. Mapletail remembered stories of her Starclan cousion Tinypaw. “But….Rosestar killed Tinypaw!” Silverwing shook her head. “Rosestar was about to, but Seafang leapt in and took the kill.” She mewed. Mapletail stared in disbelief. “I see….T-that’s terrible.” Mapletail meowed running back into the safety of the deeper forest. Ebonyfur stood in front of her, wiping his tounge over his paw. He turned to her as she meowed to him. “Mapletail, I need to speak to you. Now that our farther is dead, Lavaclan is weak again. Robinstar is no leader. Me and Seafang have plans you see. We’re going to use my farthers mounuvere, and we’ll kill Robinstar and Shiningheart. I shall become leader of Lavaclan, with Seafang as my deputy. You could become medicine cat, and your kits-” Ebonyfur began. Mapletail gasped. “W-what? I will never join Lavaclan! I have kits, and neither will you!” Ebonyfur scowled. “You always were weak. There are few cats left in the forest with this power. I plan to use it to control the forest. Shall I start by killing you?” Ebonyfur taunted. Mapletail gasped and unsheathed her claws. “Whats gotten into you?” She meowed. Ebonyfur chuckled. “Rosestar has.”

The End

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