Part 6: Mapletail

Chapter 6

“Today is the naming ceremony of Pondkit and Oakkit. Pondkit, from this day on you shall be known as Pondpaw. Your mentor shall be Stargrove. Oakkit, you shall be known as Oakpaw. Your mentor shall be Fishriver.” The two apprentices touched noses with their mentors. Mapletail curled her tail around her body. The cats broke up as she let out a scream of terror. Daffodillpelt rushed towards her. “Her kits are coming! Crystalpaw, fretch all my herbs, Troutpaw, I want you to help her.” The apprentices nodded and fled. All cats watched in terror as Mapletails crys filled the air. The first kit came out. It was a black and white tom with ice blue eyes. Joystar began licking it. The second was a calico she-cat with amber eyes. Fishriver stepped forward and licked. The final kit was sandy brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Crystalpaw licked it. The cats crawled to Mapletail but cats picked her and the kits up and placed them in the nursery. The cats scrambled into her belly. Mapletail looked at them affectionetly as Stealthclaw asked her what their names were. Mapletail nodded to the black and white tom. “Smokekit” Next she nodded to the calico she-cat. “Wishkit” Finnaly, she nodded to the sandy brown tabby. “Icekit.” Stealthclaw nodded. “Cute.” Mapletail almost fell asleep as the clan settled into their dens. Daffodillpelt entered the nursery, Floralear behind her. “Floralears pregnant!” She announced. The queens congratulated her. Floralear smiled and settled down.

Mapletail woke up and led her kits out of the nursery, they’d opened their eyes early. Fallenkit and Groundkit weakly struggled to follow their mothers scent. It was the time of their apprentice ceremony. Mapletail could sense Stealthclaw’s worry. These cats weren’t perfectly healthy. Groundkit shuffled his paws on the ground before looking at Mapletail and giving a weak mew. Fallenkit bounced up and down happily. “C’mon mama! What does the fallen oak look like? Is my mentor strong? What coulour is our leader again?” Stealthclaw licked her paw. “The fallen oak is very big, its brown and green. I don’t know who your mentor is. Our leader is a ginger cat.” She answered. Mapletail settled comfortably next to Floralear. “It is time for these kits to become apprentices. These cats are not as well as us. Fallenkit is blind and will need a amazing tutor if he is to have any hope of learning to be a warrior. Groundkit is deaf and will need the strength of the whole clan to guide his path. Fallenkit, please step forward.” Began Joystar. Fallenkit weakly took a wobbly step forward. “You will become a warrior. Your mentor’s name is Ebonyfur. He is a black cat. Your new name is Fallenpaw” Ebonyfur rubbed his scent on the young cat. Fallenpaw nodded. “I’ll remember his scent.” He meowed stepping back. “Groundkit please step forward.” Joystar nodded to Stealthclaw who poked the kit forward. Groundkit stared up, defiance fighting in his eyes. “You will become a medicine cat apprentice. Your mentor is the brave and beautiful medicine cat Daffodillpelt. Your new name is Groundpaw.” Daffodillpelt rubbed herself against Groundpaw as the young cat nodded, even though he couldn’t of heard a word. All the cats broke up. “Woah! The camp is HUGE!” Meowed Wishkit. Mapletail laughed and wrapped her tail around the young kits. “It is isn’t it.” Suddenly a huge Whirlpoolclan warrior burst through the trees. It was a smokey grey tom. It was Seafang. Seafang meowed a high pitched cry into the air before throwing himself at Groundpaw. Groundpaw squealed pain as Seafang sank his teeth into the young cats neck. Groundpaw screeched and fell to the ground. Seafang chuckled to himself as cats gasped everywhere. Seafang ran into the forest before any cat could reach him. Stealthclaw and Fallenpaw ran towards the motionless body of Groundpaw. Mossfur’s fur stood up. “That idiotic…” He ran into the forest, ignoring shouts from Joystar telling all cats to stay in there dens. Elders grabbed Groundpaw as cats began mourning. Joystar looked into the sky. Mapletail tried to calm her wailing kits. Icekit put a weak paw onto Mapletails. “We’ll be ok, right mama?” Mapletail looked into the kits eyes. If only she knew…..

The End

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