Part 5: Mapletail

Chapter 5

All around, cats stopped fighting. All of them were staring at the dead body of Rosestar, and of the weeping cat above him. Joystar collapsed on the floor in pain. They’re were only two cats who knew of the reason for that pain. Ebonyfur stood a little while away from the warriors den, panting heavily. The deputy, Robinfur backed away. “Retreat Lavaclan! Rosestar is dead! Our reighn of terror is over!” With that, the cats fled. Joystar didn’t move a muscle as Robinfur and Cottonleaf dragged away Rosestars body. Sorrowfoot was the first cat to say anything. “Why are you sad Joystar? Shouldn’t we be happy?” Joystar shook her head and got up, the usual power of Starclan burning in her eyes. “Rosestar was my second mate. When I went to get my nine lives I was told of a prophecy about me and Rosestar. Mapletail and Ebonyfur are Rosestars kits. No matter how much Rosestar meant to me, I couldn’t let my clan suffer.” Many cats gasped, and Mapletail emerged from the nursery. Daffodillpelt went up to Joystar. “They don’t care Joystar. Your there leader no matter what your choice.” Daffodillpelt led Joystar back into her den. Mapletail stared at the sky. How could a time of blood be coming when Rosestar was dead? Was Seafang planning the time of blood? Or was someone else responsible? Suddeny there was a yowl of defiance from Sorrowfoot. “Gragh! Rosestar is Mapletail and Ebonyfur’s farther! What are we waiting for? Are you ready to kill them?” He challenged. Cats hissed at him. “What are you on about?” Scowled Stargrove. “It was their destiny!” Scolded Lilytail. “Yeah, we’re not going to kill them!” Protested Autumpaw. Sorrowfoot scowled. “Your all idiots! This clan is a place of idiots! I shall kill them if no-one else will! Starting with Mapletail!” He hissed, flinging himself at Mapletail. Beesting crashed into Sorrowfoot before he could reach her. Sorrowfoot hissed and slashed at Beestings ear. Beesting dodged and clawed Sorrowfoot’s leg. Sorrowfur spat and slashed at Beestings throat, a killer blow. Beesting fell to the ground. Mapletail gasped. “No! Beesting!” Beesting lay half dead. “Icewing….your coming….I-I’m sorry….I should’ve lived longer…I should’ve fufilled my destiny…” Beesting closed his eyes. Mapletail could almost see his spirit soar into the skies. Cats were hissing all over. “Dad!” Called Stealthclaw. Joystar erupted from her den, spitting. “Is there no decent cat?” She threw herself at Sorrowfoot. “You never should have been named after my brother, you’re a murderer! Not a hero! I shall send you to the place of no stars!” Joystar slashed at Sorrowfoots throat. Sorrowfoot fell to the ground. Joystar sighed and returned to her den. The elders grabbed the dead bodies for the burial. Mapletail struggled to stop herself from losing all sense. She had to be strong for the kits. She felt Stealthclaw huddle close to her, Groundkit and Fallenkit with her. Meadowfur, Oakkit and Pondkit also came close. The whole clan was mourning. Meadowfur had lost one of her kits, Stealthclaw had lost her farther, and Mapletail had lost her mate. Daffodillpelt appeared from the leaders den. She looked at all the cats injuries. “Its times like these I need an apprentice..” She sighed, calling certain cats to her den. The queens stayed where they were. Joystar jumped onto the fallenoak and called a meeting. The dazed cats appeared below the fallenoak. “Its time Winterpaw, Springpaw, Autumnpaw and Summerpaw were made apprentices. Summerpaw from now on you shall be known as Summerfall. Springpaw, from now on you shall be known as Springflower. Autumnpaw, from this day on, you shall be known as Autumnclaw. Winterpaw, from this day on, you shall be known as Winterpelt.” Joystar announced. The new warriors held their heads high. “In that fight, we lost the brave warrior Beesting. We also lost the loyalty and life of Sorrowfoot. Two elders were also killed, Woodclaw and Darkpelt.” Cats drooped everywhere. Joystar looked at the stars and lept off the highrock. Mossfur had told her of the events of many moons ago. Was the death of Sorrowfoot a necessery death?

The End

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