Part 4: Mapletail

Chapter 4

Mapletail returned to her den, joyfull. Mossfur was a little while away, anxious. He turned to her and motioned with his head for them to leave the den. Midnight had fallen upon the camp once more, and all the dens were quiet. Mossfur looked her straight in the eye. “Meadowfur’s kits are not mine. They belong to the a Whirlpoolclan warrior, Seafang. Seafang is the true killer of Spottedmask.” Mapletail turned, shocked. “Y-your joking! No, Rosestar killed Spottedmask!” Mossfur sighed and looked at the ground. “I saw something I wasn’t meant to see. I crept out of the camp one night and found Spottedmask. I asked her why she wasn’t with her kits and she told me Starclan had chosen her destiny. She turned to me and told me a prophecy Starclan had shared with her ‘Ice and Smoke shall fufill the forests destiny. Wish and Hail shall defeat the greatest threat. Joy shall defeat Sorrow, and Ebony shall betray Maple. Bee and Moss shall perish, leaving the forest.’ I didn’t know what to do. Then Seafang appeared, killing Spottedmask. I tried to kill him but I failed….” Mapletail suddenly felt sorry for Mossfur. “What could that prophecy mean?” She asked. Mossfur looked at the sky. “I’m no medicine cat. I-I just wish I could’ve done something….A few days ago, I saw Meadowfur creep out of camp. I followed her. She met up with Seafang.” He cringed and looked at the floor. “I think its over. I think the time of blood has come…” Mapletail sighed and walked away, feeling distant. She was determind to kill her Grandmothers murderer. Seafang was the true danger of the forest. Was Rosestar not the only terrible cat lurking in the shadows? She noticed dawn appear on the horizon as cats came out from their dens. Mapletail stared at the sky, a million miles away. She decided to tell Joystar about the terrible happenings of all those moons ago. But she saw Shadetail follow her out of the den and head for Joystar. Too late. Daffodillpelt appeared from her den, heading for Mapletail. Daffodillpelt butted her with affection. “Your pregnant Mapletail!” She meowed happily. Mapletail gasped. “R-really! W-wow!” She felt like jumping for joy, but she knew she was far to heavy. Daffodillpelt helped her into the nursery as the queens welcomed her. She turned shyly to Oakkit and Pondkit, the children of the murderous cat Seafang. She settled down in an unclaimed den. “Daffodillpelts already told everyone. Well, those who weren’t at the gathering. She’ll probally be telling the ones who went now!” Stealthclaw meowed happily. Mapletail remembered that these would be Stealthclaws half brothers and sisters. Mapletail meowed happily as Beesting entered, clearly happy. “Awwwwww!” He meowed as Oakkit and Pondkit came up to him. He looked at Mapletail happily. Without saying anything, he left.

Mapletail felt dreams clinging to her. Spottedmask turned to her, her starry pelt gleaming. She touched noses with Mapletail. “Congratulations.” She meowed, backing away. Mapletail looked at the floor. “I know this isn’t the time, but is Seafang really your murderer?” She asked. Spottedmask looked taken aback. “Yes. So I suppose Mossfur told you? Anyway, I need a favour. You must tell my daughter about Mossfur’s tale. It will cause an nessecry death.” Mapletail began washing her paw. “Who’s gonna die?” She asked. Spottedmask turned away from her. “That is something I am unable to share. You will find out soon enough.” With that, she disappeared into the night. Mapletail woke up and wearily left the nursery. Mossfur looked up at Joystar, shaking. “Lavalan are coming!” Joystar looked at him angrily. “Those stupid….prepare yourselves! Queens, kits and elders are to stay where they are!” Mapletail dashed back inside and huddled close to the two terrified queens. Oakkit and Pondkit were hiding under Meadowfur, Fallenkit and Groundkit were weakly mewling as Stealthclaw pulled them close. Mapletail could hear the squealing of cats outside. She peaked out of the hole in the den to see Joystar panting over a dead body. Rosestar, the most vicious cat in the forest and her farther, was dead.

The End

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