Part 3: Mapletail

Chapter 3

Mapletail waited patiently for the fresh kill pile to fill. Winterpaw padded up to it and put a fresh robin on the pile. Mapletail grabbed it and headed towards the warrior den. Pondkit tumbled into her. “Ow, sorry!” He meowed chasing his tail. Mapletail laughed and tucked into her robin. Yowls of worry rose as a huge Eagle appeared from above. “No! Pondkit! Oakkit!” Meadowfur called as the eagle swooped. Mapletail grabbed Pondkit protecively. Oakkit ran towards her, but he was too late. The eagle grabbed him. Mapletail flang Ponkit towards Floralear and through herself at the eagle, digging her claws into it. The eagle screeched and dropped Oakkit. Midnightpelt grabbed him and ran for Meadowfur. Mapletail clang on, dragging the eagle to the ground. She slashed it, killing it. Meadowfur and Oakit ran to her, meowing thanks. All the cats calmed down and headed for there dens. Stealthclaw could be heard meowing pain as Daffodillpelt helped her to give birth to her kits. Mapletail ran into the nursery just in time to see a small white tom and a calico tom being licked by Daffodillpelt. Daffodillpelt looked at her. “Fallenkits blind and Groundkits deaf.” She meowed. Mapletail turned sadly to the kits. How could they ever become true warriors? Stealthclaw looked into Daffodillpelts eyes. “Please, when one of them becomes an apprentice, make them a medicine cat apprentice.” Daffodillpelt nodded and stalked out of the den with Mapletail. Hedgefur rushed from the hunting patrol to speak with them. Her kits, Streamkit and Windkit, had been sucsessfully donated to Stormclan. Joystar called a meeting and the cats gathered. “Thornhead, Clawnose, Nightclaw and Mudface have joined Starclan.” She meowed sadly. Cats began meowing sadness. “Sandbelly, Stingpool and Barrelheart have joined the elder den. Therefore, the new mentor of Troutpaw is Twilightpool and the new mentor of Winterpaw is Hedgefur.” The cats nodded as the new elders butted there apprentices for the final time. The meeting ended and cats went left and right. Mapletail went over to Joystar. “Hey, who’s going to tonights gathering?” She asked. Joystar looked at her, confused. “Ach, of course! Shadetail, Myself, You, Winterpaw and Floralear.”

The cats all sat down, waiting for Lavaclan. Rosestar appeared, his clan trailing behind him. The new deputy, Robinfur, sat beside Shadetail, clearly worried. Rosestar stepped forward, his fur on end. “About quarter of a moon ago our old deputy Lightpelt was found dead on the border between Lavaclan and Mossclan. Did one of your clan kill Lightpelt?” He spat, facing Joystar. Mapletails heart sank. Joystar knew about Hedgefur and that nights journey. Would she betray Beesting? Beesting looked up anxiously. Joystar looked at her paws as the other leaders asked for the truth. “Not one of my warriors killed Lightpelt.” She lied. Rosestar turned away, his fur settling. Mythstar stepped forward, his tortoiseshell fur gleaming in the night sky. All the cats talked about was how good prey was. Mapletail padded over to where Floralear was. She looked at her, and saw something she didn’t reconigse in her eyes. Floralear turned away, clearly hiding something. “Whats up?” Mapletail asked. Floralear looked at her. “Its Clifftail. He’s caught Greencough. I’m worried about him…” She meowed. Mapletail smiled. So Floralear had chosen Clifftail as a mate. She noticed Beesting walk up to her, and Floralear headed off. Beesting looked fondly at her. Mapletail looked into his blue eyes, suddenly feeling a bit weak. Beesting looked at the stars and back at her. “Mapletail. When I was an apprentice, I wondered about being a warrior every day. Yet I didn’t try hard when it came to being kind to elders. It was because of Icewing. Now, I can’t seem to focus on hunting. Because of……you.” Mapletail put her muzzle to Beestings. “Same here.” The two cats followed Mossclan back to the camp.

The End

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