Part 2: Mapletail

Chapter 2

Mapletail yowled defiance. “Rosestar is our farther?” Joystar and Rosestar turned, shock written all over them. “You were spying!” Spat Rosestar. Then he shook his head. “Retreat Lavaclan!” The Lavaclan cats filed out of the clearing, hardly a scratch on them. Cats were yowling all over. They all stopped dead as they saw three motionless bodies. Icewing, Fangpelt and Mistflower, were dead. Joystar bowed her head. “We’ll have a burying tonight.” Then her eyes blazed with the power of Starclan. “I say these words before Fangpelt so he may understand and accept my choice. The new deputy of Mossclan shall be Shadetail!” Shadetail stepped forward, his dark fur looked like twilight. Cats congratulated him, still clearly shocked. “The new medicine cat of Mossclan is Daffodillpelt!” More congratulating. “The new mentor of Springpaw is Lilytail. With that, cats headed to mourn the bodies of the cats. Mapletail pressed her muzzle into Fangepelts flank. He’d been a great deputy. Fangpelt was Barrelhearts kit, and Fishrivers brother. Mistflower was also Barrelhearts kit. Mapletail could only imagine the pain Barrelheart and Fishriver must be feeling. She pressed her muzzle into Mistflower. The medicine cat had served her clan well, and died young. Finally, she pressed her muzzle into the beautiful queen Icewing. She looked broken, laying their with her eyes glazed. She felt the presence of Stealthclaw and Beesting next to her. Mapletail backed away, letting close relatives mourn them. Mapletail felt distant, like she witnessing the birth of a Starclan warrior. She headed to the warriors den, tail dropping. Stargrove looked at her, amazement crossing his eyes. Mapletail curled up in her den. How short had this day gone? She couldn’t settle, so she headed outside. Beesting was the only cat awake, sitting with his head down in the middle of the clearing. Mapletail went up to him, digging her muzzle into his furry flank. Beesting turned to her, sorrow in his eyes. “I’m so sorry for you Beesting…” The two cats turned as they saw Hedgefur appear from in her den. She turned to them, defiance in her eyes. “My… must help me.” Beesting and Mapletail turned to her as Daffodillpelt followed her. She sighed and turned to them. “Hedgefur is going to have kits. Holestars kits. They’ve been seeing eacthother for awhile. Hedgefur wishes to give her kits to Stormclan. Herringfur said she will adopt them, and tell Holestar and the kit’s the truth. Will you help us to take her to the cliffs?” Mapletail nodded along with Beesting. The four cats silently padded outside the camp. Midnight had fallen upon the forest. They stopped as they scented Lavaclan near the stream. Lightpelt appeared from the bracken. All of the cats hissed. Lightpelt looked up. “What do we have here? Are you here to raid Lavaclans border?” With that, she through herself at Beesting. “You killed Icewing! I know that scent anywhere!” Beesting through himself back at Lightpelt, clawing open her soft underbelly. Lightpelt screeched pain and hit the floor. Her eyes were glazed with pain. Beesting stood infront of her, breathing hard. Mapletail turned to Daffodillpelt. “She’s dead.” Daffodillpelt sighed with relief. “Imagine what would of happened if she became leader!” Hedgefur hissed. The cats reached the cliffs. Beesting nodded to Daffodillpelt. “But, your clan needs you!” He meowed. Mapletail nodded. Daffodillpelt looked down. “I-I was hoping….that maybe….Mapletail, can you tell them we’re going away to collect herbs?” Mapetail nodded and turned to Hedgefur. “Any idea how many?” She asked. Hedgfur settled comfortably. “Two kits.” Beesting purred happily. “Aw, sweet.”

The End

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