Warriors: Tooth and Claw

Joystars kits have become warriors and all seems well for the clan. But Mapletail discovers a dark secret about her family, and all she's ever known will change. Does her farthers loyalty lay with her mother, or his clan?

Chapter 1

Mapletail stared up at the five leaders, listening intently. Something about Rosestar was famaliar. “Im afraid to say Ivorytooth was killed by a badger recently.” He stated, backing away. Next Mythstar stepped forward, and talked about how well prey was going for summer. After he’d finished speaking, the cats split up to talk. Mapletail went over to Ebonyfur, who was speaking to Beesting. Beesting spotted Mapletail and purred. “Hey Mapletail!” Beesting was the clown of the clan, always joking. It was only in battle that he showed his true skill. His daughter, Stealthclaw, was a noble warrior. His mate Icewing was another noble cat, making the family a great part of the clan. The senior warrior looked into Mapletails zoned out eyes. “Uh…HELLO?” Mapletail woke up from her trance. Beesting was noble to Icewing, she reminded herself. “Hey Beesting, Ebonyfur.” She nodded to them. Her brother nodded to her before engaging in coversation to Beesting. Mapletail stalked off toward Clifftail, sulking.

Her brother looked at her warmly. Joystar called for Mossclan to leave. Mapletail pulled into pace with Shadetail. Shadetail acknoledged her with a flick of his tail. Mapletail looked at her mother, who was gracefully leading the clan. They reached the camp, cats going in all directions to they’re dens. Mapletail headed to the warriors den. Newleaf was treating the cats well. Prey was rich, and there’d been no trouble for a long time. Mapletail settled into her den, and drifted into a comfortable sleep.

Mapletail’s dream confused her. The woods seemed empty, but she could sense the presence of a cat nearby. Mapletail turned to the scent, confused. A black tom was sitting in a tree, staring out into a river. The cat turned to Mapletail, hissing. Mapletail awoke with a start. Shadetail was prodding her with his paws. “Wake up Mapletail!” He meowed. Mapletail stretched and began cleaning herself. Shadetail smiled and walked out of the den, Mapletail following. Joystar was calling a meeting. Cats gathered left and right. Mapletail sat next to Ebonyfur. “Today I’d like to share some news. Stealthclaw will now go to the nursery!” Mapletail turned to Stealthclaw, who was purring contentment. Beesting and Icewing sat next to her, glowing with pride. Daffodillpelt and Mistflower took her to the nursery as the cats disbanded. Mapletail could suddenly sense fear cling to the atmosphere, as if the forest were waiting for disaster. As quick as the thought accured, Lavaclan cats were bursting through the clearing. Joystar was bemused. “W-what…Attack!” She called. Mapletail flang herself at the nearest Lavaclan cat. It was the deputy, Lightpelt. Lightpelt was a strong and bold cat. She was a lot older than Mapletail, so she knew she would lose. Mapletail backed away, heading towards Ebonyfur. He was staring up at the oak. Rosestar and Joystar were staring at eacthother, worried. “My loyalty is to you Joystar, not your clan!” Joystar backed away, stammering. “R-Rosestar…what about our kits? What about Mapletail and Ebonyfur!” Mapletail opened her eyes wide. Her farther was Rosestar, one of the most feared cats in the forest.

The End

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