Warriors: Joystar-Part 3

Chapter 8

Joystar looked at the clearing. It was a time of the gathering. Joystar had brought Fangpelt, Sunpaw, Icewing and Shadetail. Joystar jumped onto the rock. Whirlstar, Rosestar and Rockstar were the only ones with Joystar. The scent of Stormclan approached. Holestar jumped next to her. “Hey Joystar.” He mewed in a friendly way. Joystar purred contentment and turned to Rosestar. He was purring happily. In a whisper he mewed: “How are the kits?” Joystar purred in response. The gathering started suddenly. First to speak was Whirlstar. “Cottonleaf has retired, and our new medicine cat is Morningfrost.” Everyone mewed praise to Morningfrost. She mewed to herself. Rockstar spoke next. It was simply that she would retire soon. Holestar stepped forward. Many had heard his tale already, but he repeated it anyway. He backed away. Rosestar spoke next. He said he’d given up his ways, and he would restore his clan. Next Joystar moved forward. “I have taken over as clan leader. My deputy is Fangpelt. Batfur and Chaffinchpelt have joined Starclan. We have two new queens. Finaly, we now have more elders.” Next she told her tale. Many cats listened intently. Smiling, she backed away. She went to talk to Whirlstar. “Congrats on the new medicine cat!” She meowed. Whirlstar smiled. “Gee, thanks! I’m getting a bit old myself. Mythpelt will make a fine leader one day.” The two cats gossiped intently.


It was time for Ebonykit and Maplekit to become apprentices. All the cats were gathered excitedly. Joystar was beaming at her kits. “Maplekit. Today you shall now be known as Maplepaw, your mentor shall be Midnightpelt!” Maplepaw jumped exitedly to her mentor. Midnightpelt looked like it was her own kits. Joystar breathed unevenly. She had many doubts about Ebonykits mentor…but now she new this had to be done. “Ebontkit. From this day on you will be known as Ebonypaw, your mentor will be…Fishriver!” Ebonypaw nodded, and padded to his mentor. Fishriver seemed very shocked. Then he smiled and nodded. The cats all disbanded. Joystar stared at the sky. She was interupted by a howl of terror. Mistflower and Daffodillpaw rushed into the nursery, Joystar close behind. Quickclaw was squirming. A huge river of blood lay in front of her. A kit lay by Sandbelly, she was licking it alive. Three other kits lay in the pool of blood. “N-no! Daffodillpaw, lick that one! Joystar call for help then lick that one!” Mistflower called. Joystar ran outside. “Please! Someone, anyone, come! Quickclaw’s kitting has gone wrong!” She dashed back inside and began licking. A heartbeat later Maplepaw was inside. “Lick the last kit!” Called Mistflower. Maplepaw licked. Mistflowers face fell. “I was too late…she’s dead. Quickclaw died in her kitting…” She mewed. All the cats hung there heads. “Quickclaw knew she was having four kits….she even told me what she wanted to call them.” Sandbelly mewed sadly. Joystar looked at her. “Go on.” Sandbelly pointed to a silver tabby she-cat. “Springkit.” The kit squirmed for Sandbelly. Next she pointed to a ginger tabby she-cat. “Summerkit.” The kitten also went for Sandbelly. She pointed to a smokey grey tom. “Autumnkit.” The kitten did the same. Lastly, she pointed to a silver tom. “Winterkit.” The last kit joined the others. Mistflower nodded. “Sandbelly. Can you care for these kits aswell as your own unborn kits?” She asked. Sandbelly looked at the kits. “By the word of Starclan, these kits will be looked after.”


Chapter 9

Joystar sniffed the air for any scent of prey. Fangpelt, Floralpaw, Midnightpelt and Maplepaw were with her on morning patrol. She caught the scent of mouse close by. Fangpelt smelt it to. “Floralpaw, can you smell anything?” Floralpaw sniffed the air

then shook her head. Fangpelt sighed and flicked his tail. “I’m going to take her for seprate practise.” He said, leading Floralpaw away from the group. Midnightpelt glanced at Maplepaw. “You go too.” Joystar meowed. The two cats stalked off. Joystar stared at the sky for awhile, unmoving, until she was interupted by Daffodillpaw. She was carrying herbs in her mouth. She put them down and sat next to Joystar. Joystar looked at the cat. She looked determined as she stared at the sky. “Um…Joystar. While you were away, Sandbelly had her kits. Crystalkit and Troutkit. That’s a total of six kits! ….I don’t think she’ll manage” Daffodillpaw meowed. Joystar stared at her, understanding. “She’ll make it.” Daffodillpaw stared at her paws. “You know, ive never regreted being a medicine cat apprentice.” Joystar licked her shoulder. “Im going to get my name today. Mistflower told me she’ll think hard.” Daffodillpaw meowed. Finnaly, Joystar spoke. “You won’t be a medicine cat for a long time, but I know you’ll be a great one.” Daffodillpaw looked at her, appriciating her support.


Two moons later, life was good for Mossclan. Cliffpaw had become Clifftail, Moonpaw had become Moonfeather, Sunkit had become Sunfur, Daffodillpaw had become Daffodillpelt, Starpaw had become Stargrove, Floralpaw had become Floralear and Sorrowpaw had become Sorrowfoot. Rainfire, Mudface, Woodclaw and Darkpelt had became elders. Louldlegs, Rumble-Eye, Riverscar And Growlbelly had joined Starclan. Whirlstar had lost her final life, and Mythstar was the new leader of Whirlpoolclan. Rockstar had also died, making Raggedstar leader. Meadowfur had been made a queen, kitting two healthy toms, Oakkit and Pondkit. Winterkit had been made Winterpaw, Autumkit was Autumpaw, Springkit was Springpaw, Summerkit was Summerpaw, Crystalkit was Crystalpaw, and Troutkit was Troutpaw. Maplepaw was now Mapletail, and Ebonypaw was Ebonyfur

The End

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