Warriors: Joystar Part 2

Chapter 4

It had been two moons since the warrior ceremony. Joyheart was in the new nursery, pregnant with Fishrivers kits. Meadowfur was also, with Sorrowfurs kits. Lilytail was coping with a 3 moon year old kit. Daffodilkit liked jumping a lot. Sorrowfur and Fishriver crept in. “Everything ok? Were going out with Runningshadow to the river. He says its urgent.” Sorrowfur mutterd. It was clear he cared just as much about his nephews and nieces as he did his own kits. The she-cats nodded and the two toms crept out. Scarstar followed them out. Runningshadow seemed to have a smirk on his face. Is he planning something? Wondered Joyheart. Suddenly a blast of pain shot down Joyhearts belly. Meadowfur screamed. “Mistflower! Joyhearts kits are coming!” Mistflower shot in, herbs dangling from her mouth. One kit had already came out. “Daffodilkit! Lick this kit! Pump its blood!” Daffodilkit nodded and began licking. The kit was a black and white tom. The next one came out. “Lilytail! Lick!” Lilytail licked this one. This one was a silver she-cat. “One more…” Mutterd Joyheart. The final one came out. Meadowfur began licking without orders. The last one was a ginger tom like his mother. When the kits had been licked, they squirmed for there mothers belly. Mistflower nodded and crept out. Joyheart fell asleep for a heartbeat. Scarstar and Fishriver burst in, there fur matted with blood. Scarstars face was a mix of shock, anger and sorrow. “Runningshadow killed Sorrowfur!” She screamed. Fishriver looked more angry. “Then we killed him! He took one of Scarstars lives! But all of Sorrowfurs…” All the cats scowled and had shocked impressions. “Once a traitor, always a traitor!” Called Loudlegs. Joyhearts heart filled with sorrow. Meadowfurs ear drooped. The whole clan was mourning. “We buried him…” Sighed Scarstar. “Well at least Spottedmasks dream was fufilled. Her and Moontail…they have a generation now. As you know, both of there first litters died. Moontail died, so he could have no kin. Spottedmask had Sorrowfur and Joyheart. Now they both have kits don’t they? So we can just..hope.” The cats nodded, and Joyheart realised she hadn’t named the kits. She looked at the black and white one. But then she looked at Meadowfur. “Promise me. You will name your first kit after Sorrowfur.” Meadowfur nodded without even looking at her. Joyheart looked at the black and white one again. “Cliffkit.” Next she looked at the silver one. “Moonkit, after my uncle.” Last she looked at the ginger kit. “Sunkit.” She sank down into her bedding. I wonder what Meadowfur shall call her kits… She was woken by a squeal of terror. Mistflower was helping Meadowfur with her kitting. A tiny black tom was out and Joyheart licked. The next was a fluffy tabby she-cat. Daffodilkit licked. The last was a pure white tom. Lilytail licked. Meadowfur pointed to the black one with her nose. “Sorrowkit.” She had kept her promise. Next she looked at the tabby. “Floralkit.” Last she looked at the white kit. “Starkit.” Joyheart and Meadowfur fell soundly asleep as Mistflower left. Joyheart dreamt. Moontail was sitting by her. Suddenly something occurred to Joyheart. “How come I can only ever see…you when I’m here.” Moontail looked taken aback. “Oh! I suppose everyone wants someone else…I was chosen that’s all. Anyway I have something more important too tell you. Starclan says the old prothecy was a lie. This is the real one: Moon and Star hold up the night, while the rest bring down the rose. Water and Fire fight once more.” Joyheart blinked. “Oh I didn’t mean to offend you! A new prophecy…sigh…Starclan like alarming us that’s for sure.” She woke up all of a sudden. A black cloud was crossing the sky. In the clearing, Scarstar was staring at the morning sun intently. Mistflower was preparing some herbs. Rainfire and Quickclaw were talking about the fresh kill. The two apprentices were taking moss to the elders. Joyheart looked at her kits. Cliffkit was squirming nearer his mothers belly. Moonkit and Sunkits eyes were open, and they were staring outside. Joyheart giggled. “Decided to open your eyes?” The two kits mewed and began playfighting. She looked at Cliffkit. He opened his eyes and joined in. Suddenly Mistflower crept in. “Joyheart…well none of the apprentices wan’t to be a medicine cat apprentice so I was wondering…whenever one of your kits become apprentices…well..” She mutterd. Cliffkit stood up. “Me! I wan’t to be a medicine cat!” Joyheart nodded as they touched noses. “Good kit. Um you are?” “Cliffkit.” He answered. Mistflower nodded and crept out. Meadowfur was awake, and now her kits were open eyed and playing with her kits. “Ahhh…so cute. I hope they get good mentors.” Meadowfur sighed. “I know they will.” Nodded Joyheart. Scarstar came in. “Right queens and kits. We decided nows the time to get back to the woods. Joyhearts ears pricked. “What if Rosestar is there…w-what if he kills my kits!” Meadowfurs face said she was thinking the same. “We’ll kill him first.” Said Scarstar slyly. They sighed and picked up there kits. Outisde, there was a line of cats in pairs. Scarstar and Holeheart, Mistflower and Flowerpath, Thornhead and Clawnose, Rainfire and Mudface, Sandbelly and Woodclaw, Darkpelt and Quickclaw, Stingpool and Nightclaw, Beesting and Icewing and Stealthpaw, Mossfur and Lilytail and Daffodilkit, Twilightpool and Midnightpelt, Barrelheart and Fangpelt, Hedgefur and Shadepaw, Meadowfur and her kits, Fishriver and Joyheart and there kits, Loudlegs and Rumble-eye, Chaffinchpelt and Riverscar, and at the end was Batfur and Growlbelly. Scarstar started moving, and then everyone was on the move. Cliffkit was beaming with pride walking by his dad, Moonkit seemed to be in another world. Sunkit was staying close to Joyheart. They passed the stream and stopped dead. In front of them lay a moitionless body.

Stormstar was dead.


Chapter 5

Scarstar gasped. “The strongest warrior in the woods…is dead!” Holeheart jumped the stream in one leap. “Dad no!” Holeheart leant over him crying. Shadepaw stepped forward. “My grandfarther…is Stormstar!” Hedgefur pulled him back. “I realise…he looks a bit like Rosestar.” Sunkit mewed. “I’m gonna be the new strongest warrior!” Joyheart hushed him. Holeheart came back in tears. “He had one last breath left in him. He told me who killed him. His own son…Rosestar.” Scarstar was furios. “What! Holeheart and Shadepaw. Bury him by that stream. Meet us at our old camp.” The cats nodded, and the rest of the clan set off. Joyheart hung her head. I wonder if this is apart of Moontails prophecy? Suddenly Sunkit toppled into her. Sunkit looked up, her big round yellow eyes focused on Joyhearts blue ones. “Sorrow mama.” Joyheart bent down. “Hmm I wonder if mama was like that as a kit?” Sunkit laughed. “Let me tell you a story. My mother Spottedmask, she was a leader once. Her mother was Rumble-eye, and her farther was Loudlegs. When Rumble-eye, who was called Rumblepelt at the time had Moontail, your great uncle, and Spottedmask, it was said she was always walking in to other cats. Even once she had bumped into a Stormclan warrior.” Joyheart’s heart sank. It was painfull thinking of her mother. “And they say that Quickclaw could also be related to her. But no-one knows. Quickclaw simply says her littermates were “fun” and “cool” and that her mother was a great warrior.” She countinued. Sunkits eyes grew wider. “Oooo!” Cliffkit had been listening and was looking. Moonkit was to busy listening to his farther talk about Sorrowfur. Moonkit turned to Joyheart. “Were you really close to your brother mama?” Joyheart was filled with sorrow. They had indeed done everything together. From becoming apprentices, accidently calling Stormstar “Wormstar” and from being warriors, wittnesing there mother and farthers death… “Yes.” Joyheart nodded. Fishriver looked away. “Very close.” He whispered. Joyheart countinued without another word. It hurt bad to see how many cats were dying. She laughed at her self. She was acting like a kittypet! “Mroooooow!” Joyhearts ears pricked up. All the cats were looking at the fourtrees in front of them. Rockstar was meowing greeting. They had to pass her territory to get home. Cliffkit played dead. Rockstar bounded forward. They noticed Whirlstar and Flamestar bounding behind her. She stopped dead in front of Scarstar. Scarstar bowed her head. “We found Stormstars body..” She mewed. The other cats sighed. “Rosestar…he killed many cats. But he had lost his second from last life.” All the cats gasped. “He only has one more-” Scarstar was cut off. Rosestar had pounced at her. Joyheart gasped. She saw what had killed so many leaders. Rosestar moved from leg to leg, snapping every bone. Then he broke the rest of Scarstar. Scarstar, had gone to hunt with Starclan. All the cats were gasping. No one dared move. Rosestar was smirking. “I lost them, just to regain them.” He laughed a small laugh. All the cats stayed motionless. Joyheart realised with a pang of guilt that Rosestar was gorgeous. He had the most silky fur she had ever seen. His smirk was amazing, and his eyes blazed with the power of lava. She put these thoughts to the back of her mind. Then Rosestar looked at Holeheart. “Well brother? I ordered Runningshadow to kill Sorrowfur. So….surely your leader now. To everyones surprise he cringed. “N-no…I have thought about this for a long time…I wish to lead my birth clan, Stormclan!” He mewed. All of the cats were stunned, except Flamestar. She purred. “That is my decision. And I would love nothing more. I’ve yet to go to mothermouth.” Holeheart nodded. Mossclan howled protest. “We need a leader! We need a deputy!” Holeheart nodded. “Joyheart, I wish for you to become leader. Deputy is your choice.” He sighed and walked over to Flame-eye. Hedgefur and Shadepaw pulled her way to the front. “But!” Holeheart cringed. Both of them understood, and moved back. Joyheart stood, shocked. “I have kits!” She protested. Meadowfur moved forward. “Joyheart..I shall take care of them..” She mewed. Joyheart was almost torn. Thens she sighed. “Kits, do you accept? Mama needs to protect her clan.” The kits nodded and walked over to Meadowfur. Rosestar simply grumbled. “Get it over with….” Joyheart moved forward. “I wish for my deputy to be…” She scanned Mossclan. “Fangpelt!” She called. Many cats nodded. Even Fishriver. Fangpelt moved forward purring. Barrelheart was very proud. “I will now make the move to Mothemouth. Rosestar, surely even you understand-” She was interupted. “Yeah, yeah. No killing, I get it.” He rolled his eyes. “Okay…Fangpelt, take the clan back home. Mistflower? Do you have the herbs?” Mistflower nodded. “Then off we go.” All of the cats jumped off, except Rosestar and Mistflower. Mistflower looked at Joyheart. “I need to fretch something from camp.” She mewed, and padded off. For some reason Joyheart felt safe by Rosestar. “Leader eh…” She sighed. Rosestar chuckled. “Nice postion if I say so myself. I worked hard!” For some reason Joyheart laughed. Rosestar seemed a bit shocked. “My, my! You’re the first cat not to try and kill me!” Joyheart laughed again, then returned to what she should currently be feeling. “Go back.” She spat. Rosestar cringed, and left.


Chapter 6

Joyheart gazed at the huge moonstone. She wasn’t allowed to talk to Mistflower during the ceremony. She touched her nose to the rock, and visions filled her head. She was standing in a huge field. The grass was the colour of twilight. She stared at the nine cats in front of her. She could name each one. Spottedmask, Scarstar, Moontail, Sorrowfur, Tinypaw, Burningheart, Thistlestar, Dragonstar and Stormstar. Stormstar was the first to walk forward and touch noses with Joyheart. “With this life I give you courage. Use it in the defence of your clan.” Joyheart saw what Stormstar had witnessed at his death. A slash of blood as every life was sucked out of him. Rosestar chuckling in front of him. Stormstar returned to the circle. Next as Dragonstar. He butted noses with Joyheart. “With this life I give you justice. Use it well as you judge the actions of others.” A huge spasm rippled through Joyheart. She saw very little. Just blood. Dragonstar returned to the clearing. Next to move forward was Thistlestar. “With this life I give you loyalty to what you know to be right. Use it well to guide your clan in times of trouble.” This time it was a soft sensation. Joyheart saw Thistlestars fur blowing in the wind, purched apon the fallen oak. Talking to his clan. He backed away. Burningheart walked forwards next. “With this life I give you tireless energy. Use it well to carry out the duties of a leader.” The life reminded her of running on the ground, in the best part of the hunt. Burningheart returned to the clearing. Tinypaw moved forward. Joyhearts cousions face was sorrowfull. “With this life I give you protection. Use it well to care for your clan as a mother cares for her kits.” Joyheart didn’t feel anything in this, simply like she was relaxing in the sun. Then a jolt as powerfull as the ancient clans surged through her body. Sorrowfur stepped forward. Joyheart winced. “Sorrowfur…” She mutterd. He didn’t reply. “With this life I give you mentoring. Use it to train the young cats of the clan.” She felt power as strong as boulders surge through her. Then a feeling softer than a feather. Sorrowfur didn’t walk back. He simply stared. Then he returned to the clearing. Moontail stepped forward. He was smiling slightly. Unlike the other cats, he seemed happy. “With this life I give you compassion. Use it for the elders, the sick, and all those weaker than yourself.” This time it was a soft feeling again. Like lapping up water gently. Next Scarstar came forward. “With this life I give you love. Use it well, for all the cats inwich you care for- especcialy Rosestar.” Joyheart gasped. “What?” She asked. She ignored the beautiful feeling inside her. Scarstar simply slit her eyes. Spottedmask stepped forward. “With this life I give you nobility, certainty and faith. Use it to lead your clan in the ways of Starclan and the warrior code.” A feeling of pain tore through her. Spottedmask moved away, but didn’t join the others. “Rosestar is part of a future prophecy. Trust your instincts, not other cats judgement.” She meowed. Then sighing, she added. “Your new name shall be Joystar! Uphold the traditions, and enjoy your power!” The other cats were chanting her name. Trust my instincts? Gasped Joystar. Then the dream faded. She awoke to see Mistflower watching her with awe. They sprinted outside to the clearing. Joystar wasn’t aloud to tell anyone about the dream. But she couldn’t belive what she had been told…. Sighing she looked at Mistflower. Mistflower looked back at her, concern in her eyes. “A cat by the name of Gingerpelt spoke to me in a dream I had. I fell asleep you see….Gingerpelt told me about Rosestar…and the prothecy you share.” She mewed. Joystar cringed. “So…..you guessed I did?” Mistflower nodded. She didn’t seem angry with her choice. She looked at Joystar warmly. It was quite clear she was fine with it. Joystars heart sank. “But Cliffkit….Sunkit…Moonkit? Fishriver…” Mistflower purred. “Its okay. I have sorted it.” She sighed. “Don’t ask any questions alright? Also…during your kitting, when I give you the signal, you tell your clan you’ll be away on an errand for awhile, and then me and you leave. We head for where we stayed with Runningshadow. But this is the hard part..are you prepared to allow your kits to grow up in Lavaclan?” Joystar gasped. “M-my kits! …..If its for the best, I agree with your plan….But who will be medicine cat be?” Mistflower looked at the sky. “Daffodilkit. She’ll be made a apprentice today remember?” Joystar nodded. “Cliffkits gonna have to wait!” She purred in amusement.


The two cats slid into the clearing. Joystar sighed, and her and Mistflower leaped onto the fallen oak. “May all cats old enough to catch there own prey gather here!” She announced shakily. The cats were there in seconds, and Daffodillkit bounded on without prompting. Joystar sighed with heavy breath. “Daffodillkit, today you will be made Daffodillpaw! Your mentor shall be…” She purred happily. “Daffodilpaw? Do you wish to train as a medicine cat?” Joystar asked hesitently. Daffodillpaw gasped, then nodded. “Yeah yeah yeah yeah!” She bounded up and down. Joystar nodded. “Mentor, Mistflower!” Mistflower touched noses with the apprentice. Joystar jumped off to her den. “Oh my…I hope Rosestar brings my kits up well!”


Chapter 7

“So, me and Mistflower will be gone awhile.” Joystar repeated. She was glad no cat questioned her. Daffodillpaw breathed unevenly. “I’ll take care of everyone Mistflower!” She mewed. “Fangpelt, take care off Mossclan while I’m gone.” Joystar mewed. Fangpelt nodded. Mistflower picked up the wrapped herbs. Joystar watched each cat cautiously. She looked at her kits. 5 moons old. They’d be back in a moon. The two cats slid into the forest. They came to the meadow where the two cliffs met. Joystar layed down. Her whole body felt weary. Rosestar had also had a dream about the prophecy. So they’d met in secret many times. Mistflower layed down some herbs on the floor. “I will stay by your side, alright?” She mewed. The two cats fell soundly asleep.


“MROOOOOWWWW!” Joystar screamed. Mistflower woke up with a start, gathering herbs from left and right. Joystar had given one healthy kit so far. Mistflower had licked it already. The second and last one finally came. Mistflower licked as the first kit began suckling. It was a perfectly jet black tom. It had Joystars amber eyes. “Ebonykit.” She named it. The other cat began suckling. This one was a beautiful ginger tabby. It had darker brown specks and red eyes like its farther. This one was a she-cat. She thought carefully about the name. Something that works with Lavaclan…and Stormclan! Then it hit her. “Maplekit!” Her flecks were the colour of the leaves in leaf-fall! Mistflower purred gently. “Both healthy and beautifull.” Joystar meowed thanks. “Mistflower, your amazing. I thought any cat would kill me for this…” Then the pain hit her. These cats would be raised in Lavaclan. By a cat she didn’t know. Mistflower sensed her worry and purred amusement. “I won’t let that happen. I spoke with Midnightpelt. She says that no cat should ever endure such pain. We have made up a story it was accidental, leftover from the last litter. That we left because you wanted to keep them safe. Midnightpool is probably telling them this now. No cat can blame you now!” Joystar wanted to nuzzle Mistflower so bad. “Your such good friends!” She meowed, and fell soundly asleep.”


They returned later in the moon. The kits were already walking. When they arrived, all the cats mewed happily. They all gathered by the oak tree where Joystar, Ebonykit, Maplekit and Mistflower sat. Cliffkit, Sunkit and Moonkit were pleased. They hopped onto the log. Joystar gave them the rundown. “Who is the farther?” Spat Fishriver. Joystar cringed. Many cats gasped. “Who? Its not you?” Thornhead gasped. Mistflower stepped forward in defiance. “None of your buissness!” She spat. All the cats were quiet. “Cliffkit. You shall now be known as Cliffpaw, your mentor shall be Lilytail!” Cliffpaw didn’t seemed disapointed he wasn’t a medicine cat. The cats touched noses and sat down. “Sunkit, you shall now be known as Sunpaw. Your mentor shall be….” She was about to say Holeheart, but she winced. “First. Shadepaw, your shall now be known as Shadetail!” Shadetail stepped forward. “You shall mentor Sunpaw.” The two cats touched noses and sat down. “Stealthpaw. You shall now be known as Stealthclaw. You shall mentor Moonpaw!” The two cats touched noses and sat down. “Starkit, you shall now be known as Starpaw! Your mentor will be…Hedgefur!” The two cats touched noses and sat down. “Floralkit, you shall now be known as Floralpaw! Your mentor shall be…Fangpelt!” The cats all did the butting of noses. “Sorrowkit. You shall now be known as Sorrowpaw, your mentor will be Beesting!” She mewoed. Then Fangpelt hopped on. “I’m afraid to say that Batfur and Chaffinchpelt have joined Starclan.” All the cats bowed there heads. “Also. Thornhead, Clawnose and Nightclaw have become elders.” Joystar was impressed at Fangpelts abilitys. “We also have two…no three new queens. Quickclaw and Sandbelly are now in the nursery! And you’ve all heard of Joystars kits. We’ve decided Sandbelly will look after them. There already 4 moons old.” The kits joined Sandbelly. “That’s all the major buisness I guess.” Fangpelt nodded to Joystar and jumped off. “Thank you very much Fangpelt.” She ignored Fishriver snarling at her. All the cats retreated to there dens. Joystar went to the nursery. Quickclaw welcomed her. “Welcome.” She mewed. Sandbelly mewed her greeting aswell. The kits scrambled to Joystar. “Two more moons, two more moons!” They chanted. All three she-cats laughed. Joystar licked them both, and jumped happily into her own den.

The End

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