Warriors: Star and Moon

I do not own Warrior cats, it rightfully belongs to Erin Hunter. This is fanmade, the only thing i own is the cats!


Two cats slid silently through the bushes. “Still no luck.” A tabby tom was leading. The second was a fluffy ginger cat. “Where is she…” The tabby spat. “Give her time Sorrowpaw…” The ginger she-cat puured. “You can talk Joypaw.” Sorrowpaw rolled his eyes. Suddenly a white cat with silver spots and a brown cat slid from under a bush. “Holeheart, Hedgefur.” Joypaw mewed. Suddenly another black kit jumped from behind them. “And Shadekit.” Holeheart added. The five cats slid silently through the night. “Any luck?” Holeheart asked. “Nope, we can’t find Fishpaw anywhere.” Joypaw answered. Sorrowpaw stared at his paws. “Why….Spottedmask should be here…I’m gonna kill Rosestar for killing her…” He spat. Holeheart stood up. “We all want to kill him.” Reminded Holeheart.


Leader: Scarstar- Golden tabby she-cat.

Deputy: Swifttalon-Pale ginger tom.

Medicine cat: Flowerpath-Small white she-cat.


Thornhead-Jet black she-cat with a white spot.

Clawnose-Tabby tom with a scared nose.

Rainfire-Small ginger tom with a silver tail.

Mudface-Brown she-cat.

Sandbelly-White she-cat with a ginger belly.

Woodclaw-Brown tom.

Darkpelt-Black she-cat.

Quickclaw-Silver she-cat.

Stingpool-Small grey tabby tom.

Nightclaw-Mystrious black tom.

Beesting-Bee striped tom.

Mossfur-White tom.

Holeheart-Young brown tom, formally of Stormclan.

Twilightpool-Pure white she-cat.

Midnightpelt-Black she-cat with silver paws and tail tip and Twilightpools sister.

Barrelheart-Small brown she-cat with a darker brown head.


Meadowpaw-Black she-cat.

Fishpaw-A brown tom.

Mistpaw-Smokey grey she-cat

Fangpaw-Ginger tom.

Sorrowpaw-Moody tabby tom.

Joypaw-Ginger she-cat with amber eyes.


Hedgefur-White she-cat with silver spots.

Icewing-Light grey she-cat.

Lilytail-Pale ginger she-cat.


Shadekit-Dark grey tom. (Hedgefur)

Daffodilkit-Bright yellow she-cat. (Lilytail)

Stealthkit-Ginger tabby with a white stripe going down her chin to the tip of her tail. (Icewing)


Loudlegs-Black and white tom. Very bad hunter.

Rumble-eye-Silver she-cat with a eye that dosen

t stop blinking.

Chaffichpelt-White and brown tom who in his younger days ate only Chaffichs. Oldest cat in Thunderclan.

Riverscar-Blind ginger tom.

Batfur-Black half death she-cat.

Growlbelly-Huge white she-cat.


Leader: Rockstar- Strong light brown she-cat with a hint of white on her ears.

Deputy: Raggedheart- Huge grey tom.

Medicine Cat: Violetleaf-Small white cat.


Leader: Stormstar-Black tom.

Deputy:Flame-eye-Silver she-cat with fire red yet gentle eyes.

Medicine cat-Silverleaf-Sleek grey she-cat.


Leader: Rosestar-Black tom with red eyes.

Deputy:Lightpelt-Golden she-cat.

Medicine cat: Veggieleaf-Black she-cat.


Leader: Whirlstar-Grey she-cat.

Deputy: Mythpelt- Tortoiseshell tom.

Medicine cat: Cottonleaf-White tom.


Morningfrost-White she cat with silver patches.


Chapter 1

After Spottedmasks tradic death of being killed after her kitting by Rosestar, her kits had been raised by Barrelheart. Now they were apprentices, and knew all about Rosestar.

Holeheart mentored Sorrowpaw, and Hedgefur mentored Joypaw. Now the four were out on a hunting patrol. A small breeze ruffled there fur as they walked just past the stream that is the border between them and Whirlpoolclan. A place where there 5 brothers and sisters had tragicly been killed, and Swiftalon had one eye ripped out, leaving him horribly scarred. Burningstar, was the one who caused this. Joypaw and Sorrowpaw hung there heads down. This was also the place there mother had died. Holeheart stepped forward, his brown fur sleek and shiny. “…I was here when your brothers and sisters died…when Swiftalon was hurt…and when your mother died…” He sighed, and chose his next words carefully. “Swiftalon told me something. He’s your farther. Spottedmask didn’t want to tell anyone, because no-one except Thornhead and her actully trusted him.” He looked down at the stream as the two apprentices and Hedgefur looked at him in disbelief. “Ever wondered where you got such Ginger fur from Joypaw? You get it from him.” Joypaw examined her fluffy ginger coat. Sorrowpaw looked at his mentor. “I…nobody knows why you look like that.” Holeheart answered. Sorrowpaw rolled his eyes and stared at the stream. When they got back it was time for dinner. Joypaw picked up a chaffinch while Sorrowpaw chose a robin. They sat by the high tree that was the apprentice den. When they had finished, they sprung into the den, Fishpaw, Fangpaw and Mistpaw were fast asleep. Soon they were too. Sorrowpaws dream was like his mothers. Sorrowpaw and Joypaw were sitting on a boulder looking at a tom. It was black and white with a silver tail. It looked at them. “I’m Moontail. Your uncle.” He mewed. They looked at him, shocked. Suddenly more cats filled the clearing. There was him, Thistlestar, Burningheart, Spottedmask and her dead kits, Scarskys kits, Vixenpelt, Dragonstar and Tinypaw. Moontail stepped forward. “ We are Your Starclan. You are waking up. Goobye-” Sorrowpaw and Joypaws eyes flung awake. “Same dream?” Asked Joypaw. Sorrowpaw nodded. They noticed Fishpaw, Mistpaw and Fangpaw weren’t in the nest. “Dawn Patrol.” Joypaw said. Sorrowpaw nodded, and the two jumped out of the tree. Swiftalon was sitting by the fresh kill pile, his one good eye seemed nervous, or like he was waiting for something. Flowerpath ran over to Mistpaw who was actully by the boulder. Mistpaw, was a medicine cat apprentice, not a warrior one. Swiftalon looked at them as Flowerpath showed Mistpaw how to mix two herbs together. Fishpaw and Fangpaw were rolling over eachover playfighting. Woodclaw, Nightpelt, Thornhead and Rainfire were heading out on a patrol. Scarstar called over Swiftalon to her den. Sorrowpaw and Joypaw walked over to Fishpaw and Fangpaw. Fangpaw jumped on Sorrowpaw, but he was ready, he jumped to the side and Fangpaw hit the ground with a Pffft… Fishpaw tutted at his brothers tecnicue and threw himself at Joypaw. Joypaw was also ready, and Fishpaw fell by his brother. Mistpaw and Flowerpath noticed them and laughed. Mistpaw chuckled. “Hee hee! Am I the only decent one of my kin!” Flowerpath couldn’t help giggling as the two slided into the den.


Chapter 2

Swiftalon reappeared and looked at his kin again. He finaly walked up to them. Joypaw looked at him. He looked at her. Sorrowpaw looked at them both. Suddenly the patrol returned, with Lavaclan after them! Thornhead screamed. “Ambush!” The whole clan finished what they were doing and attacked. Joypaw, Sorrowpaw and Swiftalon broke up. That’s when they saw him. Rosestar was fighting Holeheart. Holehearts green eyes were on fire with hate. “Traitor! Your blood will spill!” Rosestar hissed back. “You fight like a Kittypet!” Suddenly Silverwing and Honeydrop appeared followed by there clans. They were all fighting eachover! Spottedmask had once been told about a prothecy..now it was coming true! “The storm warriors meet in battle, their blood spilt over a great rock. The rose rules over.

” Holeheart flew himself at Rosestar as the other two ran into the main fight. Sorrowpaw, Joypaw and Hedgefur suddenly rushed to help Holeheart. Rosestar glared at them. “Stupid.” And he bit right down into Holehearts tail, only to be bitten by Shadekit who sank his small teeth into his neck. Hedgefur picked the kit up and ran to the nursery. Sorrowpaw and Joypaw bit either side of his neck. He had lost his first life. Holeheart, Rosestar, Silverwing and Honeydrop bounded over to a big boulder known as Ice boulder. Then it happened. Each of there blood spilt on it. Swiftalon was fighting Lightpelt fiercely. Scarstar had lost a life and was throwing herself at Whirlstar. Joypaw stood still and Sorrowpaw followed her gaze. In a bloody heap, was Swiftalon. Thornhead was rasping weakly at his coat. The apprentices ran to him. “Kits….as you know..I am your farther….the other kits your mother had also belonged to me….take care young ones…I must leave now…pfft…” His last breath wasn’t quite there. “I love you.” He flumped down. The three cats licked him. Scarstar appeared and licked franticly. “The new deputy shall be Holeheart!” She called.

Holeheart stopped dead. Then nodded and pounced at Rosestar. Suddenly Beesting was knocked out of the croud by Blackfur. He toppled on Sorrowpaw and Joypaw. Icewing and Stealthkit looked anixiously at him from the nursery. He got up and smiled at them before heading back into battle. Flowerpath and Mistpaw were dashing cat to cat. Scarsky jumped onto the boulder. “Stealthkit! Shadekit! Daffodilkit! You are 6 moons old tommorow correct? Well I make you apprentices today! Stealthkit, you shall now be know as Stealthpaw, mentor Beesting!” Stealthpaw rushed into battle. “Shadekit now Shadepaw mentor…Thornhead!” Shadepaw ran in. Then Lilytail stepped forward. “Mouse-brain! My kit has only just opened her eyes this morning!” With that she pushed her kit back into the nursery. Joypaw threw herself at Echofur. Mistpaw ran to Fangpaw and dragged him into the den. Suddenly all the cats pricked there ears. Rosestar and Scarsky were on the boulder. “Listen! I Bring your clan blood! To show how weak they are! Peh, you lost that pitiful exuse for a deputy anyway. Now we will kill you all! It is up to me and my clan to fufill Burningstars dream!” Rosestar spat flinging himself at Scarstar. The cats countinued battling. Stealthpaw barely missed a killer blow. Scarsky and Holeheart came up to them. “Gather the queens, and the kits. Gather the elders. We flee to the stream. Keep going past it to a old barren meadow. Theres somewhere we could hide there.” She whispered. They nodded and did as they were told. When they were ready, every cat fleed.

They got to the meadow. A small bump in two cliffs was where they rested. Joypaw and Sorrowpaw dreamt. Moontail was there, looking at them. He stepped forward, his Domino black and white coat and silver tipped tail seemed to glow in the pale moonlight. “A new procthecy: The rose has finaly won. Four kin of the magic ones kin must fight it, the storm warrior makes the blood to quell the night.”


Chapter 3

When they woke, Joypaw and Sorrowpaw noticed that a strange cat is talking with Scarsky. “Runningshadow. Named after your black fur dispapeering as you ran away as a apprentice.” Scarstar hissed. “Meh. I offerd you my home didn’t I? Now tell me, where is my brother Swiftalon!” Runningshadow snapped. “He..he died.” Scarstar sighed. Icewing was nudging Stealthpaw like she was a tiny kit. Suddenly both of them screeched as a tiny young ball of fur dashed into them. “Daffodilkit!” Lilytail scolded. Joypaw sat up. “Oh don’t worry!” Sorrowpaw on the other hand was furious. “I hate kits!” Scarstar went over to them. “You two, its time you were made warriors.” The two cats nodded and Scarstar called everyones attention. “These two cats! Are ready too become warriors. I was made a warrior at the same time as there mother, and it’s a honour to make warriors of her kits! Joypaw, from now on you shall be known as Joyheart!” Joyheart stepped forward, the morning sun beaming on her ginger fur as she held her head high. “Sorrowpaw, from now on, you shall be known as Sorrowfur!” Sorrowfur bounded forward. His tabby fur seemed to glow. “Oh! And of course the older cats. Mistpaw, Flowerpath has told me it is time for her too retire to the elders den. You shall be our new medicine cat, Mistflower!” Mistflower stepped forward. She seemed very content. “Fangpaw! You shall now be known as Fangpelt!” Fangpelt stepped forward beaming. “Fishpaw, you shall be known as Fishriver!” Fishriver stepped forward. Joyheart noticed for the first time he was quite a handsome tom. “Meadowpaw, you shall be known as Meadowfur!” Meadowfur happily stepped forward. Her cousion, Hedgefur smiled happily. Sorrowfur noticed that Meadowfur was quite pretty. Scarstar nodded, and walked away. Joyheart called to Fishriver, Sorrowfur, Fangpelt and Meadowfur. “Uh Scarstar! Since we’ll be here for awhile…were gonna go look for the best places to hunt!” She called. Runningshadow stepped forward. “I’ll show you.” With that they left. Joyheart kept close to Fishriver and Sorrowfur kept near Meadowfur. Runningshadow was talking aloud. “The river down theres great for fishing….over there is a lot of rabbit holes…over there you’ll find mice….” Joyheart sighed quietly. 

The End

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