Warriors: Spottedmask's Story

You've all heard of Spottedstar, the once fierce leader of Mossclan. But i bet you haven't heard her backstory. As Lavaclan grows stronger, Spottedmask must find a way to save her clan from the hardships of the forest.

Spottedkit and Moonkit tumbled playfully, ignoring complaints from their mother, Growlbelly. The two other nursery queens, Batfur and Rumble-Eye, were watching they’re own kits tumble. Scarkit was playing with Batfur’s kits, Darkit and Stingkit. Spottedkit landed a blow to Moontails ear, who cowered and hit her back. Growbelly sighed, and led the cats into the clearing. Duskstar was busy talking to her deputy, Thistlefur. Blazepaw, Clawpaw and Rainpaw were seeing to the elders. Mudpaw and Sandpaw were collecting moss and taking it to the elders den. Woodpaw was cleaning his fur. Flowerpaw was nodding to everything Wishheart was telling her. Scarkit, Quickit, Darkit and Stingkit followed their own mothers into the clearing. Nightpaw, Thornpaw and Swiftpaw nodded to them as they passed by. All of the kits mewed to eachthother exitedly. “We’ll become apprentices today!” Darkit meowed exitedly, jumping up and down. “First, all the current apprentices are going to be warriors!” Growlbelly reminded. Duskstar called a meeting and all the cats gathered. The apprentices were lined along the log, all bremming with exitement. “I now make these apprentices warriors! Blazepaw, from this day on, you shall be known as Blazeheart!” Blazeheart nodded and jumped off the log. “Flowerpaw, Wishheart has told me its his time to retire. You are the new medicine cat, Flowerpath!” Flowerpath jumped so high she nearly fell off the log. “Thornpaw. From this day on you shall be know as Thornhead!” Thornhead ducked her head and got off the log. “Clawpaw! From this day on, you shall be known as Clawnose! Rainpaw, you shall be known as Rainfire! Sandpaw, from this day on, you shall be known as Sandbelly! Woodpaw, you shall now be known as Woodclaw!” All the cats joined the crowd as the kits clambered on. Twilightpaw, Midnightpaw and Barrelpaw watched on, waiting anxiously to see the new apprentices. Swiftpaw and Nightpaw also watched seprately. “Spottedkit, from this day on, you shall be known as Spottedpaw! Your mentor shall be Clawnose!” Spottedpaw jumped for glee and threw herself at Clawnose. Moonkit, from this day on you shall be known as Moonpaw, Mentor, Blazeheart! Scarkit, from this day on, you shall be known as Scarpaw! Quickkit, from this day on, you shall be known as Quickpaw! Darkit is now Darkpaw! Stingkit is now Stingpaw!” She backed away as all the cats jumped off. “Batfur is pregnant with another litter, along with Streamfur.” The two cats headed for the nursery.

The End

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