Warriors Cats: Shadow And Light

A time of great mystery has taken hold of the cats in the forest. Mapletails daughter Icepaw struggles as she watches her family become warriors, as she has to cope with being an apprentice to a young medicine cat. Wishtail, Mapletails other daughter, is beggining to wonder who the father of her grandmothers new kits really is...


The two cats slid gently into the night. One was ginger, her fur glowing in the moonlight. The second cat was a brown tom, who’s battle hardened coat was glossy in the night. They looked solemnly into the sky. “Its over, Holestar. The end has begun.” The ginger cat mewed. Holestar’s eye’s didn’t even drift from the sky. “If Starclan has spoken, it’s true, Joystar.” He meowed. Joystar’s face grew bitter. “I’ll fight for my kits, even if you won’t.” Holestars face seemed to get confident. “All your kits? Even your newborns?” Joystar’s amber eyes glistened. “Yes.” Holestar purred. “Hmmm…tell me, do you think both my sons will make good leaders one day?” He asked. Joystar seemed shocked. “Both Shadetail and Streamleap will be more than capable, Holestar. Why do you ask?” Holestar’s gaze dropped. “I haven’t got much time left. Neither have you, Joystar. I want both of our clans to be safe.” Joystar turned away for a second. “I know that, Holestar. I should have been an Elder a long time ago. My clan have developed more than I ever could have dreamed. All my children are fine warriors.” She closed her eyes, and whispered: “Even Ebonyfur, once.” Holestar shot her a glance. “Of course Ebonyfur is a strong, courageous warrior. But his hunger for power is too strong, Joystar. His father lives within him now.” Joystar sighed and began to open her eyes. Holestar looked sympathetic. “No mother should go through this.” He realised the mistake just as he was clawed on the head.

“My mother did, my daughter did, my great grandmother did once! They all got through it, didn’t they? For Starclans sake, your mother and sister did Holestar!” Holestar dodged a second swipe to the ear. “Y-your right. But Seafang is just as dangerous as Ebonystar….my two nephews…” Holestar closed his eyes tight. Joystar looked at the sky once again. “Its easy to forget who are, in this business of these woods.” She muttered. Holestar simply sighed. “Icepaw…Wishpaw..Smokepaw…its up to them now.”

Chapter 1

Icepaw picked up the spicy herbs, her tounge burning at the flavour. Yuck.. She thought. Daffodillpelt was carefully instructing Magmakit to eat sour herbs. Icepaw purred as her auntie Murkykit dashed into her. Hard to think Murkykit, Relickit and Herbkit were her grandmothers kits. Leaving the nursery, she turned her gaze at Smokepaw and Wishpaw, who were playfighting happily. Hailpaw, Blackpaw and Cloverpaw were chatting happily about training with mentors. Icepaws thoughts filled with images of her murderous and traitourous uncle Ebonystar and his deputy Seafang. Icepaw snapped her eyes open from her day dream as Oaktooth began calling her name. She admired the young warrior. His broad shouldered look oftem scared young kits, but he was kind and strong. She padded up to him. He looked geuinily worried. “Springflower is unwell…” He muttered. Icepaw grinned. Oaktooth liked Springflower! Icepaw nodded and headed to the warriors den. Mossclan was terribly short on warriors. The senior warriors, Fishriver, Stargrove and Moonfeather were busily grooming eacthothers fur. Springflower, Troutflap and Falleneye lay fast asleep. Her mother Mapletail sat with her head held high, gaze unseeing. Icepaw mewed and the senior warriors and Mapletail turned to her. Mapletail smiled. “Whats up darling?” She meowed happily. Icepaw nodded to Springflower. “Oaktooth tells me she’s unwell.” Springflower moved at the sound of her name. The pretty queen indeed looked sleepless. Her silver tabby pelt was messy and covered with blood. Mapletail slit her eyes. “Take her to Daffodillpelt.” Icepaw instructed the senior warriors. They nodded, and began carrying her to Daffodillpelt. Icepaw blinked, and headed out of the den. She shook her fur. Newleaf was great. Icepaw wondered for a second what she should be doing. Then it popped into her mind: She needed to check with Daffodillpelt about Meadowfur, who was suffering from Greencough. She dashed to the medicine cats den, where Daffodillpelt was happily giving Springflower herbs. Meadowfur lay in a corner, breathing hoarsely. Icepaw prodded Daffodillpelt with her paw. Springflower looked up, eyes gleaming. “I’m having kits! Icepaw can you believe it!” She meowed. Icepaw purred. “Awww so sweet! Do you know how many, Daffodillpelt?” Daffodillpelt nodded. “She’s having four! Go and tell Shadetail, and then ask him who will take over Cloverpaws apprenticeship.” Icepaw nodded and rushed over to Shadetail. Shadetail listened and smiled. “I’ll anounce it to the clan. All cats old enough to catch there own prey, gather here under the fallen tree!” Icepaw stood back as lots of cats arrived. “Springflower is having kits! Cloverpaw’s apprenticeship will now be taken over by Stargrove. I would also like to announce that Smokepaw and Wishpaw are going to become warriors!” Everyone gasped. Icepaw’s gaze dropped. Not long… She reminded herself. She watched as her brother and sister climbed onto the tree. “Smokepaw, from this day on, you shall be known as Smokefeather!” Smokefeather stepped forward, smirking. “Wishpaw, from this day on, you shall be known as Wishtail!” Wishtail stepped forward, glee pouring out from her pelt. “Also, Hailpaw, step forward. From this day on you shall be known as Hailwing.” Hailwing stepped into the sunlight, smiling.

The End

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