Warriors: Spottedmask Part 4

Spottedstar fell asleep in a matter of seconds when Holekit had left, the usual dream. “Moontail….” Began Spottedstar. “It’s ok Spottedstar….I know how hard it must be…….to lose all your kits…” Moontail mewed. “But you must promise me, Holekit…he must one day..he must one day fight Rosekit…..” Moontail continued. “Also….its Swiftalon…his scar across his eye is deep; and it gave Starclan a vision. He shall kill Burningstar..and a terrible fate shall cross his path.” Moontail mewed. “Of course…” Spottedstar could not find the right words. “Tinykit…todays the day…he becomes a apprentice along with Holekit. Who do you want to mentor him?” Asked Spottedstar. Moontail looked thoughtful for a mintue. “…Swiftalon…” Moontail finaly mewed. “Any reason?” Asked Spottedstar. “Starclan says that together they face a destiny like no other….” Mewed Moontail. Spottedstar nodded. “…I have no idea who should mentor Hedgekit..she’ll be tommorow too.” Admitted Spottedstar. “Lucky you got me eh? Right then! Sandbelly.” Meowed Moontail. “Why?” Asked Spottedstar. “Sandbelly…is Thistlestars daughter….” Meowed Moontail. “Oh yeah, Scarnose, Swiftalon and Sandbelly are…” Mewed Spottedstar.

When she awoke and crawled out of the den she saw the clan was gatherd in a circle as Icepaw and Beepaw were talking loudly. “You freak! I do not fancy you and never will!” Icepaw hissed. “You know you love the stripes!” Beepaw puured happily. “Stop this at once!” Spottedstar jumped in the circle. “Beepaw! Leave Icepaw alone! She can choose her own mate!” She hissed. He nodded and walked off.

She jumped onto the log and the cats gathered. Midnightpelt and Twilightpool carried there kits and jumped on the log. Spottedstar felt a great pain as she rememberd Scarsky and her kits and her and her kits on the log. “Cats of Mossclan! I bring you these 3 kits who have turned 6 moons old and may be apprentices!” She mewed. “Tinykit, step forward!” Meowed Spottedstar. The kit stepped forward proudly. Are you watching Moontail? Thought Spottedstar. “Tinykit, Your new name shall be Tinypaw! Your mentor shall be Swiftalon!” She meowed. Tinypaw looked pleased as they touched noses. “Holekit, Step forward! Your new name shall be Holepaw..and I shall be your mentor!” She called. Holepaw grinned as they touched noses and hopped down. “Hedgekit! Step forward! Your new name shall be Hedgepaw! Your mentor shall be Sandbelly!” The cats touched noses. “Now that the nursery is empty-” Spottedstar was cut off. “No Spottedstar! I’m having kits!” The mew was from Barrelheart. “Oh sorry! Yes you are…” Meowed Spottedstar feeling Guilty. The cats separated and Spottedstar went to see Barrelheart. “How long?” She asked. “NOW!” Screamed Barrelheart. She was having her kits…now!


Chapter 7

“Flowerpath!” The medicine cat roared in. When she saw the pain she nodded and mewed: “Somethings wrong!” Barrelheart let out another horrible spasm. Eventurly one little kit came out. It was brown and looked a lot like Holepaw. “Lick it!” Flowerpath padded the kit to Spottedstar and she began licking. “Its ok two more to go!” Mewed Flowerpath. A second kit popped out, it was black like its farther Nightclaw.The brown kit was breathing and sleeping so Spottedstar began licking the next kit. Finaly the last kit popped out. This one was ginger. The black kit was sleeping and so she licked the final one. Barrelheart mewed: “Thank you both. I’ll call the brown kit, Fishkit, the black one, Mistkit and the ginger one…. Fangkit!” Barrelkit looked exhausted as Flowerpath nodded to her to lay down and the blind kits drank her milk. Spottedstar left to get some dinner. She chose a small Raven. It stunk of Holepaw. “Ha, his 1st catch!” Praised Spottedstar. Suddenly a scrawny black cat appeared at the entrance to the camp. He was bleeding badly and had deep green eyes. Spottedstar got up at once. “Who-” Then she reconised it. Velvetclaw. It was a Lavaclan elder. “Burningstar..he’s dead!” It spat. “What?” Scarsky asked. “He lost two lives! That’s all he had left. That savage Swiftalon must have taken both!” It countinued. Spottedstar stood shocked to the core. “Swiftalon is a noble warrior, and even with Burningstars countless crimes, he would not of killed him. Plus he is terribly wounded. He’s lost his left eye you know.” Spottedstar defended. Swiftalon burst from the entrence. Scarred, and with some new wounds. Flowerpath sighed. “More work..” “Swiftalon! Is this true? You killed Burningstar? To my den, now!” Spottedstar hissed. Velvetclaw hissed at Swiftalon. “You killed my leader!” The elder sprang at Swiftalon. He dodged and followed Spottedstar into her den. “Scarsky, send this Elder back to her den!” She hissed. She jumped into the den. Swiftalon was sitting, head down. He put his head up as Spottedstar nodded. “I killed him. But it was weird.. I landed a blow to the head, and poof, he was dead! Honestly, I only knocked out one life.” Swiftalon protested. “I belive you. But…did you know who knocked out the other one?” Spottedstar asked. “Y-yes…but..no I can’t say.” Swiftalon meowed. Spottedstar nodded and Swiftalon left the den. Spottedstar sighed and fell asleep. What a long..long day.


Chapter 8

Soon after it was the day of the gathering. Spottedstar had chosen Holepaw, Tinypaw, Rainfire, Swiftalon, Woodclaw and Scarsky. She jumped on the highrock. She looked around anxiously, wondering where Lightstar, the new leader of Lavaclan would be. The other clans gathered as well. Stormstar, Whirlstar and Mountainstar jumped on as well. Spottedstar told them the news. “W-What! H-he’s dead! I don’t know whether to be pleased or shocked!” Stormstar gasped. The others nodded. Then two Lavaclan cats came reeling in. Dragonclaw and…Lightstar! Lightstar jumped on the rock. “I am here to show you my new clan leader!” She screeched. She jumped off. “That would be either you or Dragonclaw?” Whirlstar pointed out. “Yes..its me.” Dragonclaw sneered. More Lavaclan cats reeled in. At the front…Rosepaw!

Dragonstar jumped on the rock. “Meh heh heh! I am your new Lavaclan leader! I shall not steal young like Emberstar, nor make evil like Burningstar, I shall be great!” Dragonstar announced. The cats nodded. “My new deputy is Lightpelt! Also, we have a new warrior Rosethorn!” Rosethorn stepped forward. Holepaw gasped, how quick could his training have gone! “He learned quickly.” Sneered Dragonstar. Next Spottedstar spoke. “Right, have we all brought the sons and daughters of the dead Stormclan queen Vixenpelt! Holepaw, Honeypaw, Silverpaw, and Rosethorn!” The leaders and the named cats nodded. Now Rockstar spoke. “And have they all agreed that they will be able to fight in battle!” They all nodded. “Good. We have recently lost Thistlestar and Blazeheart! So my new deputy is Scarsky!” Meowed Spottedstar. The cats nodded. As they went to talk she saw Holepaw and his family gather, talking. Rosethorn was there too. Suddenly Dragonstar prodded her with his paw. “Spottedstar, Starclan told me at the moonstone…a great danger shall come to the forest. A great danger. They told me this prophecy: The storm warriors meet in battle, their blood spilt over a great rock. The rose rules over.” Dragonstar muttered. Spottedstar gasped then nodded, and led her clan out of the fourtrees.


Holepaw pounced easily on the vole squishing it between his teeth. “Good.” Spottedstar praised. It was too morning rises since the gathering. She was taking Holepaw training. He looked happy at the praise. Suddenly Holepaw frowned. “I wanna be a warrior…” He sighed. “Beepaw, Icepaw, Mosspaw and Lilypaw are first Holepaw.” She answered. “Oh! Make them warriors today! Please! Oh! And Hedgekits 6 moons old now!” He added. Spottedstar nodded, and the two cats headed home.


Spottedstar called the meeting. “Beepaw, Icepaw, Lilypaw and Mosspaw, jump up.” They nodded and jumped up. “Beepaw, your new name shall be….Beesting!” Beesting stepped forward, his bee striped pelt glowing. “Icepaw, your new name shall be Icewing.” Icewing smiled and stood beside Beesting. “Lilypaw, you shall now be known as Lilytail.” Lilytail looked so happy as she skipped forward she looked like she would burst! “Mosspaw, you shall now be known as Mossfur!” Mossfur stepped forward. “Hedgekit!” Hedgekit jumped up on the log. “You shall now be called Hedgepaw. Your mentor shall be…Mudface!” The two cats touched noses. Spottedstar crawled into her den as the other cats went. Her dream was strange, she was at a high cliff looking over a river. In the river, a sleek brown body was gliding through the waves to another cat, it was white with silver spots and was going under. As Spottedstar tried to move, she noticed her feet were not letting her. Moontail jumped beside her. “Spottedstar.” He purred. “Holepaw…I sense something about him.” Spottedstar turned to him, her eyes panicking about the drowning cat. When she remembered Holepaw was Moontails Step son. “He is the storm warrior.” He pointed to the brown pelt. “Him.” Next he pointed to the she-cat. “Hedgepaw.” “What…” Spottedstars head spun. It was too late for Moontail to answer, she’d already woken. She smelt something different about the clan. Jumping from her den, she saw it was dawn. The only cat awake apart from her was Loudlegs, laying awake in his den. She figured out what the scent was immediately. A motionless body lay in the clearing. Tinypaw! She ran up to him. He wasn’t dead yet. His yellow eyes glazed with panic. “R-Rosethorn! D-Dragonstar tried to stop him…I was hunting!! R-Rosethorn, Dragonstar, and another warrior were patroling…R-Rosethorn..he attacked me…killed the other warrior…Dragonstar was furious..he launched at Rosethorn…Rosethorn..did…Holepaws mothers manouvre…took one of Dragonstars lives…then Lightpelt came…and killed Dragonstar…she slashed his belly…and said…Rosethorn shall be leader! I wish to stay deputy!…” Tinypaw had breathed his last breath. He flumped down. Spottedstar could barely take it in. When she did her heart blazed with anger. Stupid Lightpelt! Stupid Rosethorn! Then it came to her. She and Moontail were kinless. There was no-one. Who shared there blood. The clan had gathered, even though she no longer cared. Her tears spilt on Tinypaws body. Holepaw and Midnightpelt stepped forward and licked Tinypaws body. “No-one…” Muttered Spottedstar. She told the clan what Tinypaw had told them, and they were filled with anger and grief. “Rosethorn! You wait! Lightpelt! You wait!” They called. Spottedstar joined chorus the loudest and lay there. Holepaw and Midnightpelt curled up by her. The rest of the clan decided to launch an attack tomorrow dawn, and carry on normally today. Spottedstar fell asleep. She sat in darkness in her dream, Moontail by her. “Why him….we’re alone Spottedstar….totally alone…..” He mutterd. Spottedstar didn’t answer. Then Moontail fluttered, receiving a sign. “Spottedstar! Your having kits! We won’t be alone!” He mewed. Spottedstar suddenly realised the pain she had had in her tummy for awhile. She sighed. “Lets hope these live…hey, got any names?” “Apprently they’re gonna be a boy and a girl…. Sorrowkit and Joykit.” He announced.


Following On

It was a moon since the death of Tinypaw and Dragonstar. They found out the warrior that was killed was called Scartalon. Spottedmask had given up her position so she could kit. Scarstar had taken over, and the new deputy was Swiftalon. Spottedmask was in the nursery when Scarstar came up to her. “Rosestar…was there.” She sighed. Finaly Spottedmasks kits came. One was a tabby tom. The other was a ginger she-cat. They looked strong and healthy. Her clan came to gather and see them. “Sorrowkit, is the tabby. Joykit, is the ginger.” She mewed. The whole clan mewed agreement. Holepaw was now Holeheart, and Hedgepaw was now Hedgefur.

The End

 (Actually, this isnt the end. If you want to find out more, please check out my next story, Warriors: Star and Moon!)

The End

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