Warriors: Spottedmask Part 3

Chapter 3

It was a 3 moons since the gathering and Spottedmask was in a patrol with Scarsky, Rainfire, Dirtpaw and Snowpaw. They were walking by the border of Mossclan and Stormclan when she heard an anxious mew! “Huh? What was-” Scarsky was cut of as they all gasped in horror at a kit that could only be 5 moons old! It was skinny, brown and weak. “I-I’m… Holekit…..I was a Stormclan kit…uhh….long story…” The kit panted. “Tell us now. Or we drive you off our territory!” Spat Rainfire. “Okay…look our camp..puff puff…its being attacked by Lavaclan…were outnumbered…. most of my clan is dead….puff puff….my mother…and my littermates…..she told us to run, run as far as we could…..leave our own territory and join another….puff puff… clan…she said we weren’t going to live if we stayed…puff….after she finsished… Burningstar…killed her. We ran….” Holekit puffed. The patrol was horrified! This poor kit, its mother was killed and so was most of its clan. “You can live in Mossclan. The rest of us are going to go to your old camp. Right Holekit. I want you to…. run all the way back to my camp. Dirtpaw show him the way. Tell them your story and tell them to go the camp…were going to help out!” Anoucned Spottedmask. The other cats nodded and did as they were told. Then Spottedmask remembered something, Thistlestar was on his last life. If he was killed..he would not return. Spottedmask gasped at the thought but she knew everyone had to come. When they arrived at the camp, all they saw were lifeless bodies all over the place. A few elders were protecting the nursery. The queens who would of guarded it were over in a clump of moss stained with blood. She saw a brown pelt just like Holekits. His mother! Thought Spottedmask. She looked around some more. The few cats remaining were tossling at the Lavaclan cats. They didn’t look like they had a scartch on them! Stormstar was known to be the strongest cat in the forest. He had only recently become leader, but he was fiercely battling Burningstar who Spottedmask knew had 5 lives left. Spottedmask flew herself at Lavaclans deputy Lightpelt. She gasped under the wait as another cat jumped on her aswell. She swiqueld out. Gasping for breath she saw her clan had arrived. Thistlestar was helping Stormstar with Burningstar. In her daze she hadn’t noticed the deputy, Blazeheart was liying on the floor. Dead! She ran over to his body. When Thistlestar noticed he nodded and padded over to talk to his dead deputy. “I say this before Blazehearts body so he may approve my choice! The new deputy shall be… Spottedmask!” Spottedmask nodded her thanks and padded over to a Stormclan cat who was about to be slashed at the throat by Stonepelt. He had Blazehearts fur in his claws…that meant… Spottedmask flung himself at the grey warrior and nodded to the victim to run. She let go when she heard a cry for help…no not…. Thistlestar! He lay motionless on the floor. “No! This was his last life…he’s dead!” Howled Spottedmask. Cats licked his dead body. Even Stormclan did. But not Lavaclan. They laughed! Burningstar looked very pleased. Spottedmask dug her teeth into his shoulder. He meowed his pain and ran. They had retreated. The cats around the clearing were either dead, shocked or petrified. “N-No….No!” Scarsky mewed. “No..he’s dead…there both dead!” Howled Rainfire. Thistlestars apprentice Dirtpaw was licking his mentors body. “I’m leader now….” Mewed Spottedmask. The cats mewed there happiness mixed with grief. “Thank you. I noticed two cats were paticurly good fighters today. Dirtpaw…sure you haven’t trained for long…but your performance was remarkable. From now on, you shall be a warrior. Your warrior name… Dirtpelt!” Meowed Spottedmask. Dirtpelt and Scarsky looked pleased as they touched noses. “Also! I noticed that Snowpaw did well. From now on you shall be known as Snowpath!” Meowed Spottedmask. She was please her daughter was now a warrior.


They arrived at camp.

This had all happened so quick…. Spottedmask ran over to the fallen oak. “Um….may all cats old enough to gather there own prey gather around this log!” Spottedmask mewed. The cats gathered. “Um…right. I shall make the journey to….mother mouth today. As soon as possible. Holekit, I know what your all thinking. But I shall indeed keep you in this clan. How many moons old are you?” Spottedmask asked. “5 so I’ll be a apprentice in a moon….” Holekit sighed. “Ok. Then for now…. Midnightpelt, you lost most of your and Moontails kits when Lavaclan invaded a long time ago correct? Tinykit will have a brother now. Holekit, you can be fostered by Midnightpelt. That also means you’re my….nephew.” Spottedmask smiled.

Chapter 4

Midnightpelt nodded happily. Holekit stared up, amazed. “Thank…you…T-thank you!” Holekit mewed. “Also! Since my apprentice has become a warrior, Holekit when you become a apprentice, I shall mentor you.” Spottedmask added. Holekit jumped fot joy. “I want three cats to follow me to highstones. Scarsky, Rainfire, and Dirtpelt. You shall come. Also! I must appoint a new deputy…Scarsky!” Meowed Spottedmask. They all nodded and the chosen cats gathered at the medicine cats tree to be given there herbs. Flowerpath wrapped them up in bundles and was handing them out.


They had returned. Spottedmask now had 9 lives, and was to be called Spottedstar. She curled up in the leaders tree. It still smells like Thistlestar… Spottedstar sighed. Her dream was the usual. “Moontail! Guess what-” Spottedstar was cut off. “Yes I know about Holekit and…you cannot become leader.” Spat Moontail. “Huh? What why?” Spottedstar mewed. “Starclan says….they do not wish for you to become leader. Yet. The cat they have chosen is…” Moontail stopped. “No. I will ignore it. You shall be leader! I’m sorry, I’m sorry…..” Moontail mewed. “Um its ok.” Spottedstar was very confused. “Holekit….has a destiny like no other. He shall save..your..no you’re waking up! He will save your!” Moontail was stopped mid speech as Rainfire nudged Spottedstar awake. “I-its….. I cannot find Snowpath or any of your or Scarskys kin!” Hissed Rainfire. “What? Where….” Spottedstar panicked. “I took them hunting, well me and Swiftalon did. But..when we reached the river…Rockstar and a few other Mountinclan cats were there…they………ran for it….then Burningstar appeared…and then he…..” Rainfire stopped. “He grabbed a bird of a tree and ran…we turned around and they weren’t there!” Mewed Rainfire. “NO! Send out every….warrior to find them!”


They reached the river. “No…no…no…!” Swiftalon was fighting side by side with all her and Scarskys kin against Lavaclan! Swiftalon was hit across the cheek and ran for it. The cats were fighting alone! That’s when it happened. Holekit jumped on to a fierce warrior who was attacking Snowpath. The warrior flinched and…ran! Holekit jumped on to the next warrior as Snowpath ran as well. This warrior was….Burningstar! The kit bit his tail hard. Dirtpelt was running from a tall slender she-cat. Burningstar ran and Holekit jumped on the she-cat. It ran away and Dirtpelt ran off too. Spottedstar stopped, horrified. Not one of the cats left in battle in Mossclan, were moving. Her and Scarskys kin, were dead. Spottedstar was full of rage. Then she remeberd! 10 will fight, the rest shall not attend..Lava burns Moss! She finally understood. “10 cats of my and Scarskys kin shall fight. The rest of the clan shall not attend. Lavaclan burns Mossclan.” She whispered. Suddenly Moontails voice came into her head. “You have only one kin left. Snowpath. So does Scarsky, you should have jumped in, but you couldn’t…a prophecy I have just been given is this: A good Storm has come. It had dowsed the Lava. The warrior of the Storm will save the destruction of the Moss.” Moontail announced. Spottedstar felt more sorrow then ever before. Her kits had been killed. Her clan in a shocked mode, and the only two from the battle left scarred. How could she cope?

Chapter 5

Suddenly two shrill wails came from behind. No…not! Spottedstar didn’t have to think twice. She ran up the slope to where the wail came from. There, just as she thought, two lifeless bodies were sprawled across the floor. Spottedstar looked up. She didn’t see Burningstar, but she saw a small black apprentice cowering over them. He had red eyes, he also stunk of Lavaclan. He had fur between his paws. Spottedstar stared at the bodies. Dirtpelt and Snowpath of course. That’s when it hit her. Now I have no-one left…no-one related to me…. I’m alone…. Spottedstar thought sadly. Suddenly Burningstar and 8 other cats jumped beside the cat. “Hurt him and your dead.” Hissed a Lavaclan Queen. “Hush Seapool. This Spottedstar, is my son Rosepaw. Yes it is a boy!” He spat at a small cat about to speak. “What? Burningstar, this cat has black fur. While your all ginger-” Spottedstar was cut off. “I look like my mother mouse-brain!” Rosepaw spat. Spottedstar hissed and saw a black queen step forward. “My name is Seapool.” She mewed softly. The Lavaclan cats fled. Spottedstar nudged Snowpath. Her clan burst from the bushes. “Oh…no…no!” Scarsky ran up to Dirtpelt. “No…no!” She reapeted. Rainfire hopped up to them. “No…” He mewed softly. The whole clans eyes filled with tears. “Scarsky, carry your daughter on your back. Beepaw, carry Snowpath, he is smaller than you.” Spottedstar meowed. The cats nodded and picked the lifeless bodys up. “Icepaw, Flowerpath, Swiftalon, Thornhead, Rainfire, Scarnose, Mudface, I want you to grab a kit each. I will take Cherrykit. Go now.” Spottedstar mewed. The cats named nodded and ran after Spottedstar


They were on the way home now. The cats carrying the dead kits walked in a line first. Spottedstar overheard Thornhead talking to Swiftalon. “No-one blames you for running Swiftalon. Look at you, you have a scar across your left eye and more injuries than these dead kits.” Thornhead mewed. “Its my fault they died…I should have killed Burningstar when I had the chance…..” Swiftalon meowed slowly. “No! Its not your fault at all!” Thornhead comforted. Spottedstar didn’t blame Swiftalon either. It was not his fault, it was Burningstars. Scarsky interupted her thoughts. “Were not alone…we have there fathers don’t we? I mean Rainfire and-” “I don’t want anyone knowing the father.” Spottedstar interupted running ahead. When they got back the cats buried the kits. “Loudlegs, could you bury Cherrykit?” She gave the kit to the elder. The elder nodded and scampered off. Spottedstar called for Holekit. “Holekit. How on earth did you scare Burningstar and the warriors away like that? Your only a kit!” Spottedstar mewed cooly. “My mother taught me it. Its simple. You just try and bite where its not that boney.” Holekit answered. “Oh. Also do you know where your brothers and sisters went?” She asked. “Yep. Honeykit joined Mountinclan, Silverkit joined Whirpoolclan, I joined Mossclan…but the last. Rosekit. He joined Lavaclan..the ones who killed mother. He said he would make Burningstar pretend he was his kit to everyone. I hate him now.” The kit hissed. Spottedstar was shocked, but she would not tell Holekit what she had seen. “Will you be prepared to attack if any of these clans fight you? What if you have to attack your littermates? Or worse, what if you end up fighting Stormclan?” Spottedstar mewed. “My loyalty lies here now. It’ll be as if I never was born anywhere else!” Mewed Holekit confedintly.

The End

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