Warrior Cats: Water And Land

I dont own Warrior Cats, it belongs to Erin Hunter. This is only Fanfiction, the only thing i own is the cats!

A she cat jumped from behind a bush. It was black and white. It had a black back, tail and forehead and head with white legs, muzzle, one black spot on her shoulder, and emraled eyes. It had 5 kits behind her. The first kit was greyish black with amber eyes, the second pure white with icy blue eyes, third had yellow stripes on its back, and on its forehead while the rest of it was ginger. The fourth was light brown with darker brown stripes, the last was white with yellow splotches. “Mum, are you sure…..Scarsky warned us…” The 3rd kit began. “Hush Cherrykit…” The mother soothed. “Mum, Cherrykits right….what if the cats…” The 2nd kit mewed. “Didn’t I tell you I know these cats well? They may be from a different clan Snowkit, but they are my friends. Espesialy Rockstar. When Rockstar was only Rockclaw, I saved her from drowning.” The mother snapped. “Oh! Mum! I smell Mountinclan now!” The first kit puured. “Good Smokekit.” The mother nudged the kit. “What? I also smell….Lavaclan!” The 4th kit hissed. “What Dewkit? Where?” The mother panicked. “I smell it too ma!” The 5th kit mewed. “Oh! Songkit you too? Now I smell it!” The mother hissed. “Yes that’s right Spottedmask. Time for your kits…to join Starclan. A cat hissed. “Run kits run!” Spottedmask urged. 
Leader: Thistlestar-Long haired black tom.
Deputy: Blazeheart-Ginger tom.
Medicine cat: Flowerpath-Small white she-cat.
Thornhead-Jet black she-cat with a white spot.
Clawnose-Tabby tom with a scared nose.
Rainfire-Small ginger tom with a silver tail.
Mudface-Brown she-cat.
Sandbelly-White she-cat with a ginger belly.
Woodclaw-Brown tom.
Darkpelt-Black she-cat.
Quickclaw-Silver she-cat.
Stingpool-Small grey tabby tom.
Nightclaw-Mystrious black tom.
Swifttalon-Pale ginger tom.
Icepaw-Silver she-cat.
Mosspaw-White tom.
Beepaw-Small golden tom with black stripes.
Lilypaw-White she-cat.
Holepaw-Young brown tom, formally of Stormclan and best friend to Scarsky and Spottedmask.
Spottedmask-Black and white she-cat.
Twilightpool-Pure white she-cat.
Midnightpelt-Black she-cat with silver paws and tail tip and Twilightpools sister.
Scarsky- Golden tabby she-cat.
Barrelheart-Small brown she-cat with a darker brown head.
Cherrykit-yellow stripes on  back, and on its forehead while the rest ginger. A she-cat.(Spottedmask)
Snowkit-pure white with icy blue eyes. A she-cat. (Spottedmask)
Smokekit-greyish black with amber eyes. Tom. (Spottedmask)
Dewkit-light brown with darker brown stripes. Tom. (Spottedmask)
Songkit-white with yellow splotches. She-cat. (Spottedmask)
Hedgekit-Small white she-cat with silver spots.(Twilightpool)
Tinykit-Small tortoiseshell. (Midnightpelt)
Dirtkit-Very light brown tom with darker brown tabby stripes.(Scarsky)
Freshkit-White she-cat with ginger spots. (Scarsky)
Shadowkit-Black tom. (Scarsky)
Meadowkit-Dark brown she-cat with a yellow splodge on her back. (Scarsky)
Treekit-Golden she-cat. (Scarsky)
Loudlegs-Black tom. Very bad hunter.
Rumble-eye-Brown she-cat with a eye that dosen’t stop blinking.
Chaffichpelt-White and brown tom who in his younger days ate only Chaffichs.
Riverscar-Blind ginger tom.
Batfur-Black half death she-cat.
Growlbelly-Huge white she-cat.

Leader: Rockstar- Strong light brown she-cat with a hint of white on her ears.
Deputy: Raggedheart- Huge grey tom.
Medicine Cat: Violetleaf-Small white cat.

Leader: Stormstar-Black tom.
Deputy-Honeypelt-Golden she-cat.
Medicine cat-Silverleaf-Sleek grey she-cat.

Leader: Burningstar-Dark brownish redish tom.
Deputy: Dragonclaw-Golden tom.
Also deputy- Lightpelt-Golden she-cat.
Medicine cat: Veggieleaf-Black she-cat.

Leader: Whilstar-Grey she-cat.
Deputy: Mythpelt- Tortoiseshell tom.
Medicine cat: Cottonleaf-White tom.

Chapter 1
The scent of mouse was strong in the air, and Spottedmask and her kits were downwind of it. “Catch it Mum! Were hungry!” Mewed Dewkit. “Hmm? Okay, don’t go anywhere!” Spottedmask meowed hopping off. She caught the mouse and killed it in one bite. She carried it over to her kits. “Yum..nom nom nom…cruch crunch crunch.” Came the kits muffled mews as they swallowed the delicate meal. “Time to go back now.” Spottedmask puured getting up. “Awww…fine.” Snowkit mewed. The cats ran up to the clearing outside the mixture of trees that was the camp. “Mum….its about tommorow…we’ll be apprentices…and you’ll be a warrior again…but….what happens if…you die in a fight…” Cherrykit mewed. “Ridiculous Cherrykit! Mums the best fighter in the world!” Smokekit hissed. Spottedmask mewed her agreement and pushed them onward. Standing before the tree holding up the nursery and the leaders den, was Scarsky. Scarsky was Spottedmask’s best friend. She also had 5 kits. “Hiya Spottedmask. Hi gang.” She puured. “Hello Scarsky.” Spottedmask mewed. “The kits are inside.There dinners in there. I’m happy there off milk. All of our kits will be apprentcies tommorow. We get to be warriors again!” An exiting meow escaped from Scarsky. “I know I can’t wait. I fed these rascals.”Spottedleaf pointed her head to her kits as they scrambled inside. “Yeah.” Mewed Scarsky as they dipped inside to fall asleep. “Wake up Scarsky!” Spottedmask nudged her friend awaked. The cats grabbed there kits and scarmbled outside. The sky was clear, and cats were gathering under the fallen oak tree where Thistlestar was sitting. He nodded to the queens as they lined there kits along the tree and hopped on too. “Cats of Mossclan. These kits you see before you have now reached 6 moons old, and are ready to become apprentices. I shall give them there warrior names. Dewkit, you shall now be Dewpaw. Step forward.” Thistlestar anoucned as Dewpaw stepped forward. “Your mentor shall be…your mother Spottedmask!” Thistlestar countinued. “Spottedmask, you a cat of great skill and power, I hope you shall pass this on to Dewpaw.” Spottedmask stepped forward and nuzzled the cat as they jumped off. “Smokekit, you shall now be Smokepaw! Your mentor shall be…Rainfire!”  The two cats nuzzled as they met as the apprentice jumped down. “Songkit shall be Songpaw! Mentor…..Clawnose!” The next two nuzzled and sat down. “Snowkit shall now be Snowpaw! Your mentor shall be….Thornhead!” The next two nuzzled and sat down. “Cherrykit…you shall now be Cherrypaw! Mentor…Blazeheart!” The next two nuzzled and pushed there way to the back. “Meadowkit! You shall now be Meadowpaw! Mentor…your mother Scarsky!” The next two nuzzled and jumped down. “Dirtkit shall be Dirtpaw…..mentor…me…!” Thistlestar nudged Dirtpaw to jump down. “Freshkit…shall now be Freshpaw….mentor..Mudface!” The next two nuzzled and sat down. “Shadowkit Shall be Shadowpaw..mentor…Sandbelly!” The next two nuzzled and sat down.
“Treekit shall be Treepaw…mentor….Woodclaw!” The next two nuzzled and sat down. “That is all. Thank you.” Thistlestar looked exausted as he jumped down to nuzzle his apprentice.

Chapter 2
Spottedmask’s dream was very real. Her dead brother Moontail was sitting on a rock nearby. He had died in a fierce battle againt Lavaclan. He had died loyaly, killing its old leader Emberstar. His son Burningheart had taken over. Moontail was with Starclan now, and talked to Spottedmask often in dreams. “Spottedmask!” Moontail mewed. “Moontail! How’s life in Starclan?” She asked. “Peaceful as always. I see your kits are all grown up? My nephews and nieces….hmm.” Moontail sighed. “Yes. There very grown up now…um…and Tinykits fine.” Tinykit was Midnightpelt and Moontails only kit, the rest had died after being stolen and killed by Emberstar. “That’s good to hear. When will he be a apprentice?” Moontail asked. “A moon I think.” Repied Spottedmask. Suddenly a shudder ran threw Moontail. “A..message from Starclan! 10 will fight….the rest will not attend…Lava burns Moss!” Moontail hissed. “What does that mean? Lava burns Moss….Mossclan and Lavaclan…but the rest…10 will fight….the rest will not attend? Moontail?” Spottedmask panicked. “That’s all they told me….your waking up…goodbye.” Moontail mewed. Spottedmasks dream was interupted by a mew from next to her. “Spottedmask! it’s a gathering today! Were going! You’ve been asleep for ages wake up!” Scarsky mewed. “Huh? I’m up.” Spottedmask strecthed and ran outside. Thistlestar walked over to them. “The ones going to the gathering, shall be me, you, Scarsky, Dirtpaw, Snowpaw, Mudface and Sandbelly.” Thistlestar mewed. As evening fell the chosen cats arrived at Fourtrees. The other clans were all there. They jumped down onto the plains. Thistlestar jumped on the highrock with the other leaders. “Let the meeting begin!” He mewed. All the cats stared up at there leaders. “Can Lavaclan speak first?” Hissed Burningstar. Not waiting for an answer he jumped forward. “Cats of all Clans! Lavaclan has news! We are waring you all about Twolegs who have built a house on the other side of the river! There Twoleg kits jump in to the river! One of our warriors, Nutpelt, was drowned as a young one grabbed her and jumped into the water. When she struggled the twoleg let go of her and got out, leaving her to drown!” Burningstar mewed. Shocked gasps came from the clearing. “We thank your warning Burningstar. We all knew Nutpelt, a brave warrior. She shall be missed.” Nodded Rockstar. “We also have news. Mossclan, Whirpoolclan. You have a river running threw your territories correct? Well… our pond has dried up, and we have nothing to drink. Mountinclan asks you both if we can venture to the river in your territories for water?” Rockstar mewed. “Of course you can.”  Whirstar mewed. “We will allow you as far as the river.” Thistlestar nodded. “We have news. A fallen tree has blocked the entrence to our clan. It takes us a while to jump over or climb, so we must take longer to get here. We are sorry about this.” Mewed Thistlestar. “Thank you. Stormclan also have news. A rouge cat has been hanging around our terriotory. It is stealing prey. Mountinclan, may we have your help to drive out this rouge?” Asked Stormstar. “Yes.” Mewed Rockstar. Stormstar mewed and nodded to Whirstar to speak. “We have noticed a rise in Foxes, and they are a danger to kits. We saw a group heading into Mossclan territory. So beware.”Whirstar meowed. “Thanks.” Thistlestar mewed signaling to the other cats now was the time to talk. Spottedmask went over to a group of elders who were chatting and listened.

The End

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