Storm Clan

"Mother! Mother!"  The little tortoiseshell kit ran into the Storm clan camp without a second thought. It was in a hidden clearing, through a tunnel of thickly woven ferns, but she had followed some other cats in. "Mother! Mother! Rowentail! Rowentail!" 

Rowentail emerged from the fern patch in which she had been dozing. "Yes... Viperpaw? No, Cloudpaw?" She murmured sleepily. 

"No, mother, its me!" The little kit mewed. 

"Spottedkit!" Rowentail exclaimed. "But I left you with the twolegs!"

"I'm a Clan Cat at heart. They shut me out of their nest. I had no choice." Spottedkit mewed angrily. 

"What's all this commotion?" An aged tortoiseshell she-cat padded up slowly, a beefy white tom on her tail. "Rowentail? Is this... my granddaughter?" 

"Mother... I... Those twolegs looked after me when Razorclaw ripped my stomach to shreds.. I had to repay them somehow.." Rowentail meowed dejectedly. Two grey kits had padded up. 

"Hey, mother, who's this?" The darker one said. 

"Yeah, who?" The lighter one mimicked. Before Rowentail could reply, the tortoiseshell she-cat interjected. 

"Viperpaw, Cloudpaw, this is your sister, soon to be Spottedpaw. I," She said to the kit, "Am SpeckledStar. Clan leader of Storm Clan and your mother's mother. We will make a fine apprentice of you yet." 


Later that night, Speckled star leaped up onto the large, moss covered boulder that sat directly in the middle of the camp, and meowed loudly:

"Cats of Storm Clan! Let all those old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the highrock, for a clan meeting." Cats gathered, including a restless Spottedkit. All day cats had been shooting her odd glances, but had not said anything, knowing that SpeckledStar would speak, in time. 

"We have here a new Kit. Daughter of Rowentail and Ashheart, ready to begin her training. But, I must interrupt the traditional ceremony to say that this kit is not an ordinary kit. Her mother gave her up to a pair of twolegs when she was born, as payment for their helping her. But now. this young kit has decided she wants to be a member of Storm Clan. And readily, we accept her." There were a few agitated mews, and Spottedkit could feel many eyes on her. "Now. On with the ceremony. Spottedkit, do you promise to train hard, work hard, fight hard, until one day, Star Clan blessed, you will become a  Warrior of Storm Clan?"

"I do." Spottedkit mewed. 

"And you, Rowentail, Ashheart, are you satisfied that this kit  is ready to become an Apprentice of Storm Clan?" 

"We do. Her brothers already are, of course she should be." Rowentail mewed for them both. 

"Then by the Powers of StarClan, I name you: Spottedpaw! Spottedpaw, now your journey begins. It will not be short, nor easy, but you will learn much, and you will, I am sure, become a good, faithful Warrior one day." 

"Spottedpaw! Spottedpaw!" A few cats mewed, mainly SpeckledStar, Rowentail, Ashheart and Spottedpaw's brothers. 

No, this journey won't be easy...  Spottedpaw thought to herself. No it most certainly won't...

The End

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