A sleek, tortoiseshell kitten was slinking through the grass. She had spotted her prey. A robin, perched on the grass a few meters away. It was just sitting there, chirruping away, oblivious of her advances. She snuck a few meters closer... then she pounced. She pinned it with a paw, letting her claws curl around it. 

But then, the yowl of her two-leg owner caught her off guard. She jumped, her head snapping around, her green-eyed gaze instantly finding the tall, fur-less legs of the twoleg. The twoleg was yowling at her angrily, then it picked up the robin and stomped back into it's nest, shutting the entrance behind it. The kitten ran after it, meowing her best pity-me-meow. She pushed against the little, see-through entrance she usually went in by with her nose, but it didn't budge. She meowed a little louder, shoving the entrance with her paws. Then the two leg appeared through the see-through bit of the two-leg entry way. She banged on the see-through, yowling. The kitten jumped back, surprised and upset. Why would her twoleg, her very own twoleg, the twoleg who fed her, loved her, cared for her, do something like that? 

After a second of thought, the tortoiseshell kitten turned her back and ran full tilt towards the wall. For beyond the wall... Beyond the wall was the forest. The place where cats ruled, not twolegs. And her true home, for she was the granddaughter of the great Clan leader, SpeckledStar. 

The End

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