Warrior Cats: Speckledstar's Daughter

Cats Of The Clans:

Storm Clan:


SpeckledStar - An aging tortoiseshell she-cat, mother of Rowentail. 


Whitestripe - A white, long-haired tom cat.

Medicine Cat:

Bluegaze - A blue-grey she-cat with amazing, brilliant blue eyes. 


Warriors:      (Toms, and she-cats without kits)

Swiftstep - A sleek, slim silver tabby she-cat.                                                          Apprentice - Mudpaw

Rowentail - A tortoiseshell she-cat, currently  mated with Ashheart. Once befriended  pair of two-legs, unbeknown to her fellow  Clan cats. 

Ashheart - A dark, ash-grey colored tom, rather stocky and muscular.      Apprentice - Snowpaw

Crowpelt - A tom with a distinctive, black, shiny pelt. 

Sharpclaw - A brown, particularly ferocious she-cat, known for her razor sharp claws.                                                                                                                                          Apprentice - Starpaw 

Duststorm - A sandy, dust-coloured tom, with long legs and large paws.                           Apprentice - Viperpaw 

Oaklegs - A brown tabby tom with thick legs, hence the name.                                               Apprentice - Cloudpaw 

Liontail - A large, yellowy-pelted she-cat with a lion-like brown tip to her tail. 

Raineyes  -  A grey-white she-cat with grey eyes that look like rain clouds.                     Apprentice - Lightpaw

Nettlefang - A black tom who is particularly snappy and moody, but none the less an amazing fighter.                                                                                                                                      

Nightheart - A blacky-blue tom, with long fur, rather dark and mysterious. 

Apprentices:             (More than six moons old, training to become warriors.) 

Mudpaw - A brown tabby tom.

Snowpaw - A bright white she-cat.

Starpaw - A she-cat with yellow eyes that shine like stars. 

Viperpaw - A grey tom, son of Rowentail and Ashheart, grandson of SpeckledStar.

Cloudpaw - A grey-white tom, son of Rowentail and Ashheart, grandson of SpeckledStar. 

Lightpaw - A tiny yellowish she-cat. 

Queens:    (She cats either expecting or nursing kits) 

Mistpelt - Grey coat, first-time Queen                                                                                                Kits: Greykit, Thornkit. 

Blueflower - Silver-blue coat, an experienced mother.                                                               Kits: Sparrowkit, Minnowkit, Flowerkit. 

Elders:           (Former Warriors and Queens, now retired.) 

Goldpelt - Golden tabby tom, with a torn ear and gammy leg. 

Dawncloud - Beautiful, reddy-gold she-cat. 

Brokentail - A tall grey tom with a crooked tail. 


Earth Clan:


BrightStar - A bright, golden-ginger colored tom. 


Sorrelheart - coppery, brown-red pelted she-cat. 

Medicine Cat:

Barkfur - Brown tom.


Leafypelt - A white she-cat with brown patches that look like dead leaves.                       Apprentice - Brownpaw

Shadowheart - Black tom.

Patchpelt - A black and white tom, with a distinctive long tail.                                               Apprentice - Stonepaw

Boulderheart - A massive, mottled grey-black tom. 

Icefur - White she-cat. 


Tallflower - A long-legged pretty white-and-ginger she-cat

Longnose - A she-cat with a long nose


Poppyfoot - A pretty reddish she-cat. Deaf in one ear. 

Mouseheart - An extremely timid tom cat, which is silly, as he is very big and muscular. Now blind. 

Rain Clan:  


TalonStar - A Brindled brown and black tom. 


Razorclaw - A tom with long, sharp claws and a deadly scratch, capable of matching Sharpclaw.                       

Medicine cat:

Pebblepelt - A pale grey tom cat, very small in stature.                                                              Apprentice -Windypaw


Galestorm - A grey and white striped tom.                                                                                       Apprentice - Shadepaw

Bramblefoot - A pale brown tom, with legs wrapped in darker brown stripes.

Moonflower - White-and-tan she cat.

Kindlepelt - Flame-colored tom.                                                                                                           Apprentice - Hazelpaw

Willowreach - A tall, tan colored she cat with long legs.                                                             Apprentice - Wanderpaw


Flowingpelt - A dapple grey she-cat with a long flowing coat. 


Darkwing - a dark brown, nearly black tom, blind, with a short tail. 

Mountain Clan: 


Bearstar - A dark brown, giant tom with small ears and long claws.


Cinderblossom - A orangey-colored she-cat. 

Medicine Cat:

Gemeyes - A she-cat with beautiful green eyes that look like gems. 


Reedfoot - A slim, slinky brown tom.

Gravelheart - A brown tom, speckled with different shades of brown and browny-orange. 

Sootwing - A grey-with-darker-grey-spots she-cat.                                                                      Apprentice - Patchpaw

Mossfur - A tom with a dark, black pelt, that almost looks green in some lights.            Apprentice - Birchpaw


Sorrelleaf - A white cat, with black and brown patches. 


Duskpelt - A dark black tom, with a white stripe down his face, a white muzzle and one white paw. 

Petalfoot - A pretty, white, tan and dark brown patched she-cat. Oldest cat in all the clans. 

The End

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