The Bounty Hunter

A little girl named Parker Abney desperately wants to find her parents and she gets help from an unexpected individual, Alastair, who has a special ability. Alastair does his best to escort Parker to her mother but they run into some unanticipated visitors. W.A.R.P.D. or Wormhole Access Restriction Protection Department is trying to stop Parker from knowing the truth about why her mother left her so many years ago. Alastair is the only one who can show Parker the true reason why she and her moth

There was once a child of fifteen who wished she could meet her parents. She longed to find them and see their faces. She wanted to meet the ones who created her. She decided to embark on a journey to find them.

That would have been easier if she actually had a way to get there, which she didn’t. She had a ratty hoodie and a baseball bat to call her own. Not exactly enough to go on some big adventure. But that was a minor detail.

She had no money, no support from her adopted mother, and no friends to guide or assist her. She needed to find someone to help. As she was thinking this, she glanced down at the newspaper and noticed an ad, involving a bounty hunter. She began to think...what if…

“Bounty hunters are a bad idea, you know?” She jumped nearly a foot in the air. Behind her stood a tall, good looking, man with short, spiked, blue hair and golden eyes. 

“I did not ask your opinion. I don’t even know you.”
I am said bounty hunter.”

“Well, can you help me-Wait, how did you? Where did you come from? How’d you get in here?”

“I’m not just the ordinary bounty hunter. I only appear to those who are...let’s say...desperate.”

“I’m not desperate. Okay, that’s a lie. I want to find my parents so bad. Can you help me?”

“I could, yes, but do you really want to take this chance? For all you know, your parents hate you or they aren’t together anymore or well, a lot of things-”

“I have thought about the risks, okay! I want to find them.”

“Alright, I will help you. Let’s begin our search. Take my hand.”

“Okay,” she says with an outstretched hand.

“Um, this isn’t really working?”
“Why-oh, yeah. One moment, please.”
“Okay? Wait where the heck are we going? No, no, no, this isn’t possible. I’m dreaming.”

----Explain Travel----

“What just happened? Where are we?”

“Calm down child, we are beginning our search. This is the hospital you were born in. I’m going to go look through the records.”

“What? That’s illegal. Wait, why are people...she just walked through me! What is happening?”

“Again, calm down child. This is the day you were born October 31, 2000. You want to see your own birth? The nurse is going to enter the records after you are born, which will be in five minutes, and then I can get your mother’s name.”

“What? How did you…? Why do you know so much about me?”

“Ask questions later. Follow me. Let’s go watch the nurse type in your information.”


“Just come on, child.”

The child followed the man behind the counter. She was so astonished that the man walked through people and sat on the nurse’s lap. The nurse never acted like he was even there. He turned to her and asked, “Jolene Abney is your mother’s name. Wait, I thought your first name was Parker?”

“It is.”

“That’s not what your mother named you. She named you Alexandria Parker Abney. What’s your middle name now?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Oh, well you do now. Well, looks like we got to go.”


“I’ll explain later. We are about to have some issues. W.A.R.P.D. is coming.”

A loud, echoing boom sounded. “Alastair! I have found you again! You will not fool me this time!”

“Take my hand Parker. We need to leave now.”


“Very important places. Now, let’s see, October? I need about...February.”
“February? February of when?”

“February 14, 2001.”

“Valentine’s Day?”
“The day your mother left you at the first house.”
“Valentine’s Day? Seriously?”
“Yes, now quiet, she’ll be here in...3...2...1, right on time.”

“Is that really her? What is she doing? Where is she leaving me?”

“You ask a lot of questions. Just hold on.”

They stood, watching, as the woman set the child down on the doorstep. Parker let a tear roll down her cheek as she watched her mother leave her helpless and crying. “She just left me there? But why?”

“Just keep watching.”

The door to the home opened, revealing a young girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

“I remember her. Why do I remember her?”

“She's the one who took care of you until you were 5.”

“She looks like she's twelve. How could she take care of me?”

“She's fourteen, actually. She took care of you and her little brother until…That doesn't matter. Okay, so now do you want to follow your mother or keep watching this girl?”

“What? I want to...I don't know. What happened when I was five? Is that girl okay? What was her name? What was her brother’s name? Wha-”

“Do you want to follow your mother or this girl? Pick one.”

“Will you answer all my questions about the girl if I follow my mother?”

“Pick one.”


“I can't answer until you pick one.”

“Why? Why can't you just-”

“You are going to get us caught in time! Just pick one! Or I'll choose for you.”

“I don’t...Fine. I want to know what happened to the girl.”

“Okay, take my hand. Off we go.”

“Where are we going? I really don’t like doing this it makes me sick.”

“Suck it up buttercup. Your body is just turning into air and transporting to another time and place.”

“It feels weird. Where are we now? What year is it?” Parker looked around as snow fell slowly. She noticed the same little, brick house that she was in front of just a moment ago, but it looked slightly different. There was a sense of sadness. She could feel the pain inside the home.

“Are you coming, Parker?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I noticed. You were in your own little world there. What were you thinking about?”

“I just...the feels sad. That sounds crazy.”

“No it doesn’t. You’ve lived this already. You know what is going on in that house right now. You probably don’t remember what happened, but you remember the pain you felt. That feeling can never go away. You will always remember. “ Alastair stood there waiting for the young girl to say something. He took her hand and kissed her cheek. “You can call me Ali, by the way.”

“What? Um, okay. Sorry, I was thinking about what you said. The pain-I can feel it. I don’t want to feel it anymore. What’s happening in there that would make me hurt this much?”

“Watch.” Ali pointed to the open window next to the front door.

Parker looked to see her five-year-old self crying by the window. “Why am I crying?”

“Keep watching.”

A tall, brown-haired man picked five-year-old Parker up and brought her outside and set her on the doorstep. He went back inside, returning with something wrapped in a blanket and left it in front of young Parker. A scrawny, blonde-haired, twelve-year-old boy ran out of the house yelling at the man. “What did you do? That was my sister! Why did you hurt her?!?!” The man picked the boy up by his hair and tossed him over by little Parker. “Your sister deserved it. You’re lucky I didn’t kill you too. No get away from here before I kill your little Parker too.”

The boy grabbed little Parker and started to run down the street. They ran through Parker and Ali and continued down the street, turning the corner to the right. Parker stood there, astonished and crying. “What just...Why? Who was that man? Why did he kill her? Who was she? Where am I going? Who is that little boy?”

Ali pulled her close and let her cry in his chest. “It’s alright. I’ll answer your questions in a minute. We have to get going before we get stuck in time. We can’t stay in a place longer than thirty minutes or W.A.R.P.D. will track us down. We are going forward a year. Take my hand.”

Parker took his hand, her head still pressed against his chest. When she looked up, the bright sunlight blinded her for a moment, afterwards revealing a park that looked familiar to her. Ali sat her down on a nearby bench and began to explain. “The man you saw was Daniel Mills. He was an alcoholic and unfortunately, the girl’s brother. The girl’s name was Katelyn. The little boy, also Katelyn’s brother, was Chase and he took you somewhere safe.”

“What happened to Katelyn’s body? Did Daniel get arrested? Where did Chase take me?”

“Katelyn was buried by some distant family and Daniel was murdered in prison. An inmate heard what he did to Katelyn and killed him for it.’

“Really, why? Did the inmate know her or something?”

“The inmate used to be Katelyn’s teacher. He was accused of beating his wife. He was later found innocent but right as his trial was ending, he killed Daniel for murdering Katelyn. He saw so much potential and kindness in Katelyn that he couldn’t let Daniel get away with it.”

“How do you know so much about this? It’s like you lived it or something.”

“Um, it’s my job. I’m supposed to get you the information you want.”

“Oh, yeah. I suppose that makes sense. Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah. I’m just thinking to see if I missed any essential parts of that story. I think I got it all.”

“Where did Chase take me?”

“That’s a whole new story. We have to travel for that one. I need to rest awhile though. We are back in our correct time so we don’t have to rush anywhere. I need sleep before I can travel again. We are down the street from my house. We can rest there.”

“Okay.” They walked down the street to a small, blue house. The shutters were hanging, broken and the paint was badly chipped. “This looks abandoned.”

“It isn’t. It’s home. Looks a lot better on the inside. Come on in.”

Parker followed Ali inside. He pointed out the couch and handed her a blanket and pillow. “You can sleep there. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“Do you not have a bed or something.”

“No, I just sleep on that couch.”

“Is no one ever here with you?”

“No, you’re the only one that’s ever been in here.”

“Oh, you can have the couch if you want want. I can-”

“It’s fine. I like the floor. Now get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow.”

Ali lay his blanket down next to the couch, kissed Parker on the forehead, and lay down on the floor. Parker curled up and wondered why Ali was being so kind to her. Why was she treating her older brother would? She felt safe around him and that she used to know someone like him but she couldn’t remember who. She finally drifted to sleep and started dreaming. Her pleasant dream turned into a nightmare when the vision of her mother’s face is destroyed by the image of Katelyn’s bloody body laying at her feet. Parker woke up abruptly, shaking. She gets up and decides to explore the house to keep her mind off Katelyn. She walks up to a closed door, opening it slowly. Inside the room is  …..idk im tired.


If y'all find this story interesting, then let me know and I will keep writing it. There are some places where there are side notes and it's just where I need to add detail. If you would like to make comments or ideas to where the story goes, let me know.

Happy Writing. :)




The End

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