WARNING! (extract one)Mature

Oh-Rang and Oo-Tan wanted to HURT - without rhyme or reason, without provocation - other than - they just wanted to hurt someome REAL BAD!Both were albinos with a touch of Down's in the brain and face department. The lads - both thirteen - had been earmarked as a right couple of 'bruisers' on their local council estate. Neighbours - mostly old age pensioners - 'gurned' their disfavour, with false teeth yo-yoing up and down on elastic strands of blood clotted catarrh. And cats, on seeing them, would scoop their claws into tarmac - concertina-ing themselves into hissing fur balls of aversion. The pair were shockingly stocky - built like calfdozers and had fists as hard as sledge-hammers...

The End

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