A holiday camp specially designed for people who've been taken ill.
This holiday camp is in Ailing Island, so - called because of the large number of sick people who live there, people who will never get better, people who are ill for life and so on.
You wouldn't expect a healthy person to live there nor go on holiday there.
Only sick people are allowed on Ailing Island.
If a strong healthy person dare set foot on this sick man's paradise he would be guilty of trespassing.

Ailing Island is in Spamshire, Hampshire's cousin.

At Sick Bay Holiday Village each chalet has a hospital bed and resembles a hospital side room ward.
There are nurses on standby at this Holiday Camp in case someone falls ill.
There's also the holiday camp's operating theatre in case a holidaymaker need's an operation whilst on holiday inside a sick man's holiday camp.

The End

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