Ron Accepts

 "Maybe this is just a dream...dreeam..sure why not, i'm in a hospital all doped up right?" he tries to give a laugh but instead begins to choke up blood.

"He's getting disillusional, too bad, looks like The Sisters of Fate were wrong", sounding alittle too pleased,"aww his eyes are getting glassy, almost timeup. Whats that  line they use?"

"Would you be quiet for change!", Adam snapped, he kneels down on one knee next to Ron. The lines of concentration forming upon his brow. He doesnt want to lose this one. He quickly checks the hour glass to his left, time is running out.

"Soldier you have heard my words, i implore you to heed them. Its within your grasp to fight on."

Sporadic gun fire could be heard in the distance, followed by some motar rounds exploding. And if you listen further, you can hear the bombing runs far far away.

"Have you got anything to drink?" Aristo yawned. Boredom was one of her pet peeves and she had alot of them. Another reason she prefers being alone on the field, so she could do as she pleased. She wondered if she should dye her hair again, to perhaps purple.

Suddenly half a dozen enemy soldiers came over the top with bullet tracers whizzing overhead, some troops dropping into the trench and others leaped across and slid down the slope that was really a large bomb crater where the three were in the very center surrounded by the recently departed.

The soldiers all gaped their mouths wide open in surprise, Aristo gave them a glaring glance at the unwelcomed guests through the strands of her hair she was studying. Adam who seemed so out of place in the roman armour, didn't even pay them attention. Although he had heard them coming hundreds of metres away.

The platoon leader reacted first, spun his MZ90R around to bear upon Adam.

Rons life was ebbing away, if he could turn his head he would see, averting his eyes to an object sailing, falling overhead of the platoon. The object being a Nade4, which is slightly smaller than a standard grenade, but twice as deadly.

Adam had no time for these small distractions and with a small gesture of his open palm as if stopping traffic, time suddenly came to a halt. Everything froze, of course except for Adam and Aristo who went back to split-ends she just noticed.

"Hello" Adam spoke coldly turning his head a little.

"He'ss mine. You know the rules." the shadow spoke with a hiss. As it rose and grew out of a shadow cast by a nearby corspe to full height. A wraith. Blacker than a dark shadow at twilight.

"Why didn't i smell you from a mile away?" Aristo spoke alittle too quickly, betraying that confidence that was there moments ago.

Its red eyes seem to bore into hers as it turned its head,"You ought to pay attention."

Adam stood to face the shadow, a hint of a smirk spread across his face at the rare sign  of fear in Aristo's voice. It would be good for her to be put down a peg or two, for this business is not without consequences even for immortals. Wraiths are worthy foes, especially this one who has a high ranking symbol emblazen on its forehead. Why was he here? the battle front has long since moved on.

"The hour glass yet has some grains left, the human is not yet totally dead. The choice is still before him." Adam defended.

"Come now, you knows its futile. Whats do you say i have this one and you can have the nexts?" the Wraith hissed with certainty.

Their eyes locked onto one another like prize fighters in a ring. Although it has hard to tell, Adam was sure the shadow was breaking into a smile.

"Oh you brought friends, my, am i so slipping today!" Aristo almost commented to herself. She took just a little step closer to Adam as more shadows rose and took form behind their leader. Red eyes glowering with lust for blood and death.

The nearby enemy soldiers still frozen in time with their mouths appropriately wide open, for the Nade4 now was the least of their worries nor the enemy biting at their heals.

"Shall we let the hour glass decide then?" Adam finally spoke. Now knowing their numbers.

The shadow wraith looked down at the well worn hour glass, oblivious to its purpose, to life and death.

A couple of jet fighters flew low overhead and passed at mach 1 speed making their way to targets over the horizon. Adams ability to freezing time is limited, according to his rank and experience. But it still served its usefulness in situations like this, where unnecessary distractions only made things alittle harder.

"...Alright." the shadow spoke after a reluctant pause, its eyes fixed upon the glass.

Adam using the palm of his hand again, resized the area of effect of time.

Ron blinked his eyes a couple of times, drawing in a breath as if he was about to go under and drown in a sea of his own blood.

"What say you, soldier? Do you want to return to the battle field and fight for me? answer now or die."

"!" Ron forced out the word just as the hour glass gave up its last granule to the bottom.


The End

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