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Reminiscences 1

Corporal Rouelle was just in the middle of describing at length what he'd like to do to the new field medic's ass when the burst of shard fire took him centre mass, turning him into red pulp above the abdomen, luckily the gory explosion was remarkably self contained so none of them had to further dishonour their dead comrade by having to scrape him off themselves.

And then the barrage began… and the world dissolved into metal, heat and noise

'SHARD BATTERIES!' he just about heard himself shout ...'HIT THE FUCKING DIRT!'  as he proceeded to follow his own instructions he still had enough sense to look around as he did

He wished he hadn't...

Guiterez, her head  and shoulders turning into crimson mist as her left arm went spinning off, McAnley, hooting and screeching as he fell backwards, both his hands buried in the sticky wet hole where his guts used to be before a second burst spread him all over the ridge, and over all of this, a sound like a thousand steel violins being played off-key, dirt rained over his head as he heard his squad being torn apart...'

Sweat, thirst, blackness...a moment of claustrophobic panic, he felt like he was drowning...suffocating...

'Do you require assistance?'

A light flickering on above him and a sudden rush of cool air blowing onto the exposed parts of his body, cooling the sweat slicking his skin

'What do y'all want'  he muttered, at this point he still wasn't exactly sure who he was let alone where he was...

‘This is the medical monitoring system for passenger capsule seventeen…I have detected elevated stress levels and abnormal brain wave patterns…do you require assistance?’

Self awareness came flooding back then, closely followed by self doubt and finally the slim dirty knife between the ribs that was his customary self loathing..

'Do you req..'

'No...but I'd like it if you could dispense me twenty migs of choraxin and a large blanq number seven

'Unfortunately I am unable to comply with your request'

'Why the hell not?'

He already knew the answer but asked the question anyway, this was as close to human interaction he was going to get for the next few hours and it was better than nothing...but only just.

'Both those substances are currently on my list of prohibited stimulants...I can offer you a standard dose of MoliCalm and a shot of Basodine?'

'No thanks, I'd rather chew my own feet off at this point, y'all are sure you got nothing stronger?

'Not for your current passenger status no'

He may have been imagining it but he was sure he heard a whiff of malicious joy in the synthesised voice...

The End

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