Branch 1

Caleb Smith sat in his Math class idly writing on a piece of paper. Mr. Grund thought he was a model student, his neighbors found his frantic scribbling annoying.

As the battle reached it's climax he froze. For a moment he could see the glorious victory and as he returned the pencil to the paper it vanished.

Leiya watched intently as the small boy frowned and then slid the paper into his binder. That had been too close, the master would not be pleased. She would tell him of course, she didn't have a choice.

Mr. Grund announced a pop quiz for the last fifteen minutes of class and Leiya grinned. There would be no more thoughts except fractions and multiples for Caleb until her replacement showed up.

She tucked her legs up under her and sat on the ledge of the window. No one paid her any notice, because they couldn't see her. Her kind was never seen except in the most unusual circumstances.

Her wings lazily brushed the floor as she surveyed the class and checked the clock. Ten more minutes, she could make it.


Pellis reformed in another room of the library next to another Muse. The elderly man walked slowly among the aisles with a box in his hand. The shelves that lined this room were nearly empty but the one which the man stopped in front of was noticeably fuller. He mumbled a few words and placed the box and a card which had mysteriously appeared on the shelf and turned to face Pellis.

"Greetings! And what would bring the Muse of Half Formed Thought to my sacred halls?" Anor was the Muse of Finished Thought, he carefully guarded the completed stories, logical conclusions, and finality that was his domain.

"There is a matter I wish to bring to your attention and perhaps discuss with you, if this is a convenient time."

The air around the two muses rippled and folded until they were no longer in the library but standing in a small courtyard.

"Well go on, unless you yourself have fallen victim to your own domain."

The End

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