War of the WolvesMature

     She ran she had no choice, really; it was the only thing to do.  Run.  Run with the rain pelting her bare skin, run with her breath heaving in and out in great gasps.  Run with her heart pounding painfully in her chest and her head.  No matter how fast, or how hard she ran she could still hear them.  The crashing of the underbrush the snarls so close she could practically feel their filthy jaws crushing around her leg.

     With a great cry she forced her tired limbs on.  She was not going to be some monster's dinner.  Suddenly her chasers stopped but she kept on running.  She ran till her lungs felt ready to explode then she fell forward onto the rain soaked ground, every breath was like a thousand pins in her lungs.  She lay on the ground gasping waiting for her heart to stop wanting to burst from her chest and the blood to stop pounding in her ears.

     When she could sit up again she noticed the silence.  It was an eerie sort of silence, she could hear no birds or animals, even the wind seemed to stay away from this place.  She could see clouds passing swiftly overhead but none of the tall trees around her moved.

"This can't be good," she mumbled to herself.

She longed for her sword the feel of the cool steel in her hand but she had no weapon, nothing in which to defend herself with.  She had been cast out from her people, cast out by those she loved and trusted.  She had been taken from her home in the dead of the night and chased like criminal into the dense forest that surround Lowerwood.  Why becasue of the rantings of a fool.  A fool who stated that she would bring destruction on them all, a fool who stated she would bring back the old ways and the wolves, a fool who stated she would make the sky bleed with the blood of the gods.

The End

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