the dream

Up above, high in the sky, a person was floating around. Watching the humans destroy her planet. The person done all she could to save the planet but the humans her father had created kept destroying it. She decided to go against her fathers will and created a human for herself.  The female was tall, strong and capable. She stood her ground and held firm. Her hair was as golden as the sun in the early morning. her eyes as blue as the early morning sky.  The male was strong and forceful. He was well respected and was loyal. His hair was black as night and his eyes as brown as new mud.  The child was just as strong as her father and stood her ground like her father. Her hair was an exact replica of her mothers and her eyes a mixture of both. Her right eye her mothers blue and her left her fathers brown. On this child's sixteenth birthday the person entered the child. The person was Mother earth The child was Pearl Fortunes. Pearl woke with a start and the memories override her common sense.
The End

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